Rocketship Education Options for Schooling

Sending your children to a better school is one of the best things that you can do for yourself and for them. The reason a lot of parents do not send their children to a private school is because of the cost that is often involved. You might have tried to send your child to a private school only to find that it was simply too expensive for your current budget. In order for your children to get a better quality education without having to spend a lot of money, you might want to consider a charter school system.

One of the best charter schools in the country is known as Rocketship Education. Rocketship Education has totally transformed the world of charter schools for many kids. They are located in many low-income and impoverished areas, and they are based out of California. Despite the fact that they are based out of California, you can find their facilities all throughout the country. This makes it effortless for you to find a facility for your child to be able to send them to and get the education that they so desperately need. These charter schools are funded by the public, allowing you to send your child there without having to pay a small fortune and still getting them the private school education that they need.

If you would like to learn more about Rocketship Education and how they are able to educate your child, you can visit their website and learn more about what they have available to you. If you would like to homeschool your child, you can also make use of their homeschooling options that your child can do from the comfort of your own home. This allows them to talk with a teacher and get the education that they need using a laptop or tablet device. In order for you to get a better education for your child, you might want to consider a charter school system that is going to provide this to them. There is none better than Rocketship Education, so consider this for your child the next time you want to switch their schooling.

The Contribution of David G McDonald to the Development of OSI Group

David G McDonald career at OSI Group began immediately after graduation. He holds a degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University. Originally, OSI belonged to a German immigrant called Otto Kolschowsky. He was a butcher and had a meat market in Chicago. In 1995, his grandson took over the business and signed a deal to supply McDonald restaurant with fresh hamburgers. Two decades later, the US plant opened as Otto & Sons. During this time, David G McDonald was learning the business operations. David wanted the OSI Group to act as his link to a permanent career in the food industry. It was never easy, but he worked his way up to become the project manager of OSI. Since then, he has scaled up to become the president and CEO of the Group of companies.

Today, OSI Group operates in 17 countries and has over 50 operations. David’s contribution towards making OSI sustainable began in 2008. It was at this time that he helped the company in the acquisition of a Dutch Food Manufacturing company, Baho Foods. David realized that it was necessary for the enterprise to expand to keep up with upcoming competition. As a result, it was essential to partner, seek support, or expand. David’s determination to see the institution remain sustainable led him to contribute to the acquisition of Flagship Europe. The addition of the UK institution broadened OSI presence in Europe. According to David G. McDonald, the company’s portfolios complemented their processing strengths and expanded their capabilities in serving Europe.

Global companies begin as local enterprises. There so many regulations, culture, and talent pool that affect the smooth running of an institution. Additionally, in the food industry, it’s much more complicated as you have to factor in the customer’s taste buds. According to David G McDonald, OSI Group is a global company. However, they operate with local management teams that are well versed in the cultures and tastes of the community. OSI has seen its expansion in China flourish. They have opened eight factories, and it’s expected to become the largest producer of poultry after the launch of an additional two facilities. According to McDonald, the population of China provides a large consumer market. On the other hand, the growing population creates room for expansion. Besides its penetration into the Chinese market, OSI launched seven production facilities across the globe last year alone. Increasing their production capacity enables them to meet their customer’s needs. McDonald values the expertise of the technical team as it’s responsible for turning concepts into actual products.

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Standing Out is Important Even For Whitney Wolfe’s Online Dating Platform

Many people have to struggle when it comes to dating. Even with online dating, they have to put in a lot of work in order to get people interested. Men have to work very hard on getting some kind of response while women have to work on making themselves as appealing as possible. Fortunately, there is one way for people to have an easier time getting a date. The best way to get a date with little difficulty is to stand out. There are many ways to stand out even with Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Bumble app so that people will get interested.

One of the most important ways to stand out is by being true to oneself. One thing that people find unremarkable is the type of person who tries to blend in with everyone. These are the people who try to tell others what they think they want to hear so that they can be accepted. While this may gain them access to the group, it may fall apart for them because they reveal who they really are. People who are honest and authentic about who they are will more likely find the type of people they are better matched to.

Whitney Wolfe Herd has shown many different ways to stand out. Among the ways that she stands out is in her sense of style. She dresses so that she can express her individual style. She is very classy in her outfit. One thing she believes in is showing a prosperous and elegant image to go with her business. As a matter of fact, this is a very important thing for people to think about when they are trying to stand out. They have to think about the image they want to present to people so that they will be liked for who they are as opposed to the act that they try to put up.One of the reasons that it is important to stand out and try to be as authentic as possible is that some people can actually see through the act. This is especially true of some of the more actualized people.

The transformation of Mike Baur from banking to entrepreneurship

The transformation of Mike Baur from banking to entrepreneurship.

Mike Baur the managing director and co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory is an entrepreneur and businessman from Switzerland. He obtained his degrees in business at the Bern University and Rochester University. According to the WallStreet Journal, he began his banking career at a tender age of 16 years.Mr. Baur for over 20 years, worked in the banking sector. These included the Clariden Leu and the Union Bank of Switzerland.

He had a lucrative and promising career as a banker. However, following his passion for helping upcoming Tech entrepreneurs, Mike Baur quit and began investing in startup companies. In 2014 together with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister, who was also a graduate from Bern University, he co-founded Swiss Startup Factory. Through the incubator program, the company helps Swiss entrepreneurs by providing training and mentoring services. The program also aids in funding promising startups. According to CrunchBase, these startups benefit from using rent-free offices in one of the largest cities in Switzerland. Every new startup enterprise gets the assistance of worth three months worth. The startup owners participating usually learn global marketing of their products and services. There is also an opportunity to establish a helpful network with other tech entrepreneurs. Through an educational program, it helps them learn ways of obtaining funding from investors. These opportunities and services significantly increase the possibility of success for the startups.


The Swiss Startup Factory also challenges the tech entrepreneurs to get into pitching contests.This competition is referred to as START Summiteer. In the event, each of 30 new enterprises is required to speak publicly concerning their business models, plans, and products. The firm that requires funding of less than $1 million is the one accepted. The startups are evaluated by financial experts who look at a number of aspects of the plans before it is decided who wins. Companies that are most promising regularly attract investments that are substantial. Mr. Baur took part as a member of the jury at a start-up pitching contest, the START Summiteer, in the University of St Gallen. Through Mike Baur’s taking part in the contest, it has helped in establishing the Swiss Startup Factory as a well-known and credible incubator of new businesses.


In the same year, he also created a new firm called Think Reloaded. This company mainly functions to advise clients about their finances. Swiss Startup Factory’s partnered with CTI and Mike Baur became the deputy managing director. These two organizations and arrange for the event called Swiss Startup Day and also provide training. Swiss Startup Factory’s formed an alliance with a company called BV4 in July 2016. BV4 mainly functions to estimate the monetary value of intellectual property, ideas, and inventions. These services can help entrepreneurs acquire financing. As a result of this partnership, Meister and Baur are both involved in the directing of BV4.


Eric Lefkofsky: Focusing on Eradicating Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky is recognized by the scientific community as an innovator because of the inventions that he created. He is a man of science who is also working as a businessman and an entrepreneur. He is also known for his charitable works, which includes supporting families who cannot afford to bring their child to school. Eric Lefkofsky has been focusing on his tech business named Tempus, and it is currently known as one of the first companies to research and consider biotechnology. According to the staff of Eric Lefkofsky, he is one of the most sought-after scientists, and more people are trying to get the attention of Eric Lefkofsky when he goes to public places and they will ask him questions regarding the condition of the project that he did initiate.

Tempus is one of the businesses owned by Eric Lefkofsky, and it is focusing on creating a brighter future for the scientists who are fighting endlessly against the disease. He stated that the reason why he created a database at Tempus is that of the potential that it can be one of the most used computer systems in the whole world. With Tempus, scientists from the other part of the planet will be able to speak with one of their counterparts in the United States. According to Eric Lefkofsky, one of the reasons why he built the Tempus database is because he wanted his wife to be cured of cancer. He knew that most people diagnosed with the disease would die, but he believes that with the thing he created, the life of his wife can be saved.

The creation of Eric Lefkofsky is instrumental in assisting cancer patients. The clinical and molecular data of each patient are stored within the machine, and in just a matter of seconds, the database from Tempus has initiated several responses that would help the scientists in searching for a treatment option for cancer patients. Aside from developing the Tempus database, Eric Lefkofsky also caused the lowering of the price for genome sequencing, making it more affordable to the public. It is now priced at $5,000, far from its original price when it was recently introduced.

How Glen Wakeman has Become a Leader in Business

Glen Wakeman has enjoyed a very profitable career. The businessman is respected by the young and old due to his numerous accomplishments when it comes to mentoring and business. His entrepreneurial skills have assisted him to become one of the top leaders in the business industry. The businessman wakes up every day with the aim of transforming the society. His greatest responsibilities include guiding startup companies, development of M&As and the creation of performance methodologies. Glen Wakeman is the founder of an institution that has done so well in the competitive market, known as LaunchPad Holdings LCC (


In the year 2005, Glen Wakeman realized that he had been in the business world for a long time, and he was ready to make an impact in the lives of the people in the society. Glen realized that he had all the expertise needed to mentor and at the same time support the new business in the market. His company, LaunchPad Holdings was born in 2005 (News.Sky). His passion for mentoring the people in the community has played a leading role in making sure that the organization remains focused.


Running a company in the complicated market is not a walk in the park. For an individual to lead a company, they must prove to the consumers that they are experienced and well educated. Glen Wakeman has a lot of expertise in the market, and he is highly educated. According to his resume, the businessman went for his education at some of the leading colleges in the world. Glen acquired his MBA in finance from a leading university. He also has a BS in economics, making him the best financial expert.


After completing his education, the businessman decided to work for various companies. His dedication and hard work, especially in the leadership positions have assisted him in becoming an influential figure in the society. Glen Wakeman has gained a lot of popularity in the recent times because of the methodologies he offers his clients. The five performance techniques have assisted people from all over the world. The individuals who have used the advice he has offered have become very successful.

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Dr. Mark Holterman: Pediatric Surgeon and Philanthropist

Dr. Mark Holterman is a well-respected pediatric surgeon, educator and medical research scientist. He is also a philanthropist. His main focus is the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam. IPSAC-VIN grew out of a visit to Vietnam in 2007 by Holterman and his wife, Ai-Xuan. The trip was a visit to her homeland, which her family was forced to leave in 1975 when the North Vietnamese took over.


While in Vietnam, they visited a children’s hospital in Ho Chi Minh City. They discovered that the facility was so overcrowded that some patients had to sleep three to a bed. The overcrowded conditions resulted in frequent infections ( The situation stemmed from a severe shortage of medical facilities and doctors in the country. IPSAC-VIN was created in 2009 to tackle these problems. The organization attempts to link American doctors to their Vietnamese counterparts, and it works to improve sanitary conditions in existing hospitals. In addition, the nonprofit helps find children who need medical treatment and get them the help they need. Future projects include opening rural clinics in the country.


Mark Holterman is also a co-founder of the Hannah Sunshine Foundation. This nonprofit works to improve access to advanced regenerative treatment for children who suffer from rare diseases.


Holterman earned a bachelor’s degree in biology from Yale University in 1980. He then studied medicine at the University of Virginia, focusing on pediatric surgery. Holterman later did his residency at the University of Virginal Medical School, where he trained at the University of Virginia Medical Scientist Center. Holterman then moved To Seattle to join the staff of the University of Washington Children’s Hospital as a research associate and practicing pediatric surgeon.


Dr. Holterman now lives in Illinois where he is a full professor and faculty advocate at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. His research concentrates on the use of ethically secured fetal stem cells to develop regenerative techniques. Specifically, he has contributed to the use of regenerative therapies to treat injuries, cancer, and diabetes. He was honored by the American Diabetes Association with its Innovative Research Award. Dr. Holterman is also the author of a number of scientific papers and textbooks.

Perry Mandera Explains Why Bills Of Lading Are Essential In The Transportation Industry

For over three decades Perry Mandera has been in the logistics and transportation industry. He founded The Custom Companies, Inc. which is headquartered just outside of Chicago, Illinois. He says that one of the most important things in the industry is a bill of lading (BoL) for customers. His company offers his clients and electronic version which cuts down on unnecessary and wasteful paperwork.

Perry Mandera says that there are three very important purposes for a bill of lading. The first is that it is evidence that there is a contract in place for carriage. Second, it serves as a receipt of goods, and third it is also a document title to the goods that are being transported. They are legally significant, he says, since if there is litigation about the shipping of the goods. He cautions that all BoL absolutely have to be filled out correctly because if they are not the carrier of the goods could be criminally prosecuted.

Because of a bill of lading is a receipt, Perry Mandera says that it serves as proof for the seller of goods that their product is, in fact, being shipped and also that when it was received it was in good condition (BlogWebpedia). The reason this is important is that if a buyer reports that when they received the product it was damaged it can then be traced back to whose fault it is, either the manufactures of the product or the carrier.

Outside of running his business and his family, Perry Mandera is also very interest in giving back to the broader community. He served the citizens of the United States by joining the Marine Corps Reserves in 1975. He served for four years, starting in 1984, as a Republican Ward Committeeman. He now gives back to many charities, particularly those focused on veterans and children.

In addition to providing money to various nonprofits, Perry Mandera has also provided his business experience and leadership abilities ( He has served on the board for a number of nonprofits such as The Walter & Connie Payton Foundation as well as The Jesse White Tumblers, for instance.


Stream Energy’s Bid To Take Over The World’s Energy Market

Recently Stream Energy announced that David Faranetta will be joining their team as the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Stream Energy is basically a retail electricity provider spanning its branches across America and slowly taking over the entire global market.

Mr. Faranetta roles will include overseeing Stream energy’s Financial planning, tax, accounting and treasury functions. The reasons for his appointment are quite clear, David Faranetta is a mastermind in organizing resources and people to achieve the set goals. He also has an impeccable track record in executive leadership. Furthermore, he has vast experience in finance, treasury, performance and risk management and operations management. In a statement, Mr. Faranetta stated that he has had a keen eye for Stream energy and is excited to be joining the firm. Truly, Faranetta is going to perform and scale Stream Energy to the next level (YouTube).

A global leader in providing energy and home services, Stream energy has come a long way to get to its current stature today. Stream Energy was founded in 2004 after the Texas electricity market was deregulated. The two men behind the establishment of this mega enterprise were Pierre Koshajki and Rob Synder. It was until 2005 that Stream Energy fully started its operations. That was after the company was fully licensed by Texas’ Public Utilities Commission as a retail electricity provider.

On 7th March 2005, Stream Energy started providing electricity services to the people of Texas and slowly expanded to other areas ( 5 years later Stream Energy expanded into Pennsylvania and in 2011 the firm entered into the New Jersey and Maryland market. From there it grew into a global leader and has even employed over 250 people. With its headquarters located at Tollway Centre, Dallas, United States of America the company is led by Larry Mondry, the Chief Executive Officer.

It is no doubt that Stream Energy has revolutionized the energy sector. This is through the use of the direct selling method which it uses to boost its sales and grow immensely. With this and other factors put together, Stream Energy has been able to generate over $8 billion in terms of revenue since its inception. For sure, the firm will continue to grow and dominate the market.


Jorge Moll Takes a Poll and Finds Altruism Inside Us All

To be generous or to be greedy? That is the question that has plagued the minds of philosophers and general thinkers from as far back as the early Grecian plays and on. It turns out benevolence, generosity, or altruism isn’t simply a philosophical debate, yet a biological fact according to neurologist Jorge Moll and his colleagues (ABC).


Neurologist Jorge Moll and his colleague found evidence suggesting human altruism or generosity is biological, based upon a study which scanned brains of volunteers as they were asked to donate money to a charity or withhold it for themselves ( The results showed when the participants elected to donate money, a primitive part of their brains lit up, indicating pleasure. The part of the brain that lit up was the same part that indicates pleasure from food and sex which means humans feel good when displaying altruism.


The evidence from this study has prompted more research investigating human morality as it is linked to our biological make-up. While results are still in progress, studies have shown that aspects of morality are hard-wired in our brains and have been for a very long time; some suggest most likely as a result of the evolutionary process.


Jorge Moll is a neurologist who is President-Director of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He graduated from medical school at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in 1994 and completed his residency there in 1997. He has a Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology and was a post-doctorate research fellow at the National Institutes of Health in the Cognitive Neuroscience section. This is where he conducted his riveting study indicating that humans are hard-wired to be altruistic.


The study implied that morality is about the decisions we make as well as the decision-making process. One may make a bad moral decision because it conflicts with another moral question, yet that does not make them a bad person. How we reach our moral conclusions is more important than ever, now that the study has come to light. Jorge Moll maintains his interest in the biology of morality.