Talk Fusion Is Making Business Faster And More Accessible For Everybody


Recently, the CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina posted a You Tube video explaining the new moves the company is taking and what that means for your business. If you’re still using the traditional emailing system, you’re being left in the dust as far as time constraints. This goes for delivery of the information as well. How much easier is it to get your point across in a video? As it turns out, it’s much easier and cost effective. It’s also a great way for any company to retain a sterling image of professionalism.

The video emailing service is also compatible with any of your mobile devices, making it even easier to deliver the information necessary in the least amount of time. This is a dream come true for anybody in business who uses emails to communicate. This day and age, it’s basically a given. Whether you’re a big business, a small private company, charity cause or just getting started, Talk Fusion has got your needs in mind.

The drive and passion necessary for a project like this is largely thanks to Reina himself. After proposing the idea to America Online and being rejected, he set out to do it with the help of his good friend and IT wizard of sorts. Together the team effort went from attempting to embed 10 seconds of video into the emails to 5-10 minutes being the norm. Talk about a success in what was said ‘not to be possible’ at the time.

After completing his studies in the University of South Florida, Reina became involved in law enforcement. He attended the Tampa Police Academy, where he graduated at the top of his class and was chosen for the Award of Merit from the academy. Bob has been quoted saying “In order to be successful, it takes commitment over a period of years and I mean a lot of them.” This level of commitment shines through in all of the innovations from the company’s efforts. For the whole You Tube video, click the link in this article.


George Gascon Implicated By Former POA President In Racism Allegations

During his service as Police Chief, current San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon had developed a tight relationship with the police union that he now criticizes for lacking concern about diversity in the Police Department and describes the union as obstructionist. Gascon even made some racially charged remarks during an alcohol-fueled night out with union leaders. These are just a few of the assertions made by Gary Delagnes, the former President of the Police Officers Association, in a sworn declaration he made.


Delagnes made this submission to a blue-ribbon task force that was put to task to investigate allegations of racism and homophobia in the police department. The task force was put together by Gascon. Delagnes’ submission came just eight days after the testimony by Gascon. Gascon testimony included an allegation that the police union had influence on the ability of a police chief or even police commission to bring reforms into effect.


Delagnes served in the force for two and a half decades and also served as the POA president for nine years. He went on his retirement in 2013. Delagnes is well known for throwing verbal punches and he saves the haymaker for the end in his declaration. He recounts the happenings of a 2010 dinner attended by the current POA President Martin Halloran, Gascon, a union representative from Cambridge and himself. This was at a time the group was attending a forum organized by Harvard Business School on Police Union Leadership.


According to Delagnes, then Police Chief Gascon was drinking heavily and started recalling his time of service in the Los Angeles Police Department. During the reminiscence, Gascon proceeded to make statements that clearly disparaged minorities. He became loud and animated that he offended the family of an African-American patron who approached him with the request for Gascon to restrain himself.


Upon receiving the sworn declaration, the DA’s office spokesman Alex Bastian failed to respond directly to the charge that had been presented by Delagnes. He went on to state that Delagnes’ imagination made up for what he lacked in credibility. According to a statement by Delagnes, he spoke up after reading Gascon’s testimony to the blue-ribbon panel. In his opinion, Gascon had a number of issues with the union leaders or rank and file when he was in charge of running the department.

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San Francisco Attorney Helane Morrison Is Leading The Charge To Put Women In Executive Roles

Equality is a driving force in Helane Morrison’s life. She learned about equality while working for Supreme Court Justice, Harry A, Blackmun from 1985-1986. Blackmun was known as a liberal judge that made changes to abortion laws, and he was committed to correcting the harmful and discriminatory practices that were common during the 20th century. Morrison went to work for Blackmun after graduating from the University of California at Berkeley’s Law School. Morrison already had a degree in journalism from Northwestern University, but law and finance were the two topics that interested her most.

Working for Blackmun was the start of a rewarding career in law for Morrison. She was asked to join the San Francisco law firm, Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, and she eventually became a partner in that firm. But when she joined the Securities and Exchange Commission, her life changed dramatically. Morrison got a taste of corporate fraud and financial tampering, and she realized that most of the companies that were violating government regulations and were non-compliant were run by men. There were a few women executives, but those women were in departments like personnel and public relations.

Morrison spent 11 years working with the Securities and Exchange Commission. But when the President of Hall Capital, Sarah Stein, and Co-Chief Investment Officer, Kathryn Hall asked Morrison to be the Managing Director, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer for the firm she couldn’t turn their offer down. In her role as Managing Director, Morrison works with some high-profile corporations and individuals. She understands the world of investing and she spends a great of time working on equality in the workplace. In fact, giving women the respect they deserve in the corporate world is her main mission in life.

That mission is a challenge. Corporate America is still an all-boys club. Men are afraid of women in executive roles, according to Morrison. That fear is well-founded. Women CEOs tend to be more honest, more focused, and much more attentive than their male counterparts. Even though the number of women CEOs is relatively small, women are gaining some ground. More corporations are hiring women executives as finance officers, chief operating officers, and even compliance officers. Morrison has played an important role in expanding the role of women in the compliance field. Helane broke the glass ceiling in the compliance field, and women around the country are becoming compliant officers because of her inspiration.

Sam Tabar Named Chief Operating Officer of FullCycle Energy Fund

It was recently announce that Sam Tabar will assume the role of Chief Operating Officer of FullCycle Energy Fund. All of the company’s management strategy will be provided by Tabar, who is honored to assume this prestigious position. Tabar is diving into the mission of FullCycle Energy Fund to move away from the use of high cost fuels that pollute the environment towards lower costing fuels that are environmentally friendly. It is through a partnership with existing senior management that he will be able to bring this dream into reality, as was reported in a release from PRNewswire.

Much of Taber’s career has been spent managing the financial and budgetary strategies for a number of financial institutions. At Merrill Lynch he was in charge of Capital Strategy. He provided successful introductions of people institutions and willing investors to create successful partnerships. This occurred in foundations, pension funds, endowments and family offices. Tabar was responsible for creating successful teams in the front and back office of the company. He also worked at the Sparx Group, the Asian Pacific’s largest independent fund. Through managing every aspect of the business he was able to steer the company toward success and become one of the most connected business people in Asia.

Tabar is a well rounded individual, who has accumulated a wealth of other experiences outside the realm of financial management. He is a member of the New York State Bar, a graduate of Columbia law School and a Bachelor of Arts from Oxford University, where he graduated with honors. He then worked as an attorney for a time at several different firms before leaving to pursue his love of finance. Tabar has been a private venture capitalist as well. He was in on the ground floor of a company called SheThinx. This is a company that has reinvented the industry for feminine hygiene while simultaneously promoting a social mission to empower women all over the world.  This also inspired Sam to create a GoFundMe that donates all of it’s funds towards AWI.

It seems that FullCycle Energy Fund has found the right man for their job as COO. Since they were founded in 2013, they have owned and financed projects around the world that have completely changed the relationship that humans have with waste. They purchase relevant power plants all over the world and convert them from using traditional fuel sources to MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) based Syngas. This allows the process of power plant operation to be done more efficiently, saving money as well as the environment as well.

Sam Tabor is the type of new age leader that will be able to pull FullCycle Energy Fund into the future of energy. This process is going to be in high demand in both the United States and China and a company with good leadership that can communicate and build connections is going to be able to thrive over the next 5-10 years. FullCycle has made an excellent choice.

Investment Banking the Laidlaw and Company Way

A recent PR Newswire feature reveals that investment banks keep redefining the growth of the global economy in many ways. Multinationals need to raise adequate capital to facilitate expansion drives. Even countries have to acquire financing for development projects within international credit markets.

All these transactions and much more are made possible by the input of investment banks. The Laidlaw and Company firm has made a name for itself in the scene for its operations in the US and the UK. Interestingly, these two countries became the starting point of the earliest investment banks in the world through their cities like New York and London.

Laidlaw offer wealth and asset management solutions, private equity, capital raising and restructuring as well as stock exchange listing for some institutional and individual clients. In their wealth management portfolio, they represent the interest of wealthy clients through advisory, acquisitions, mergers, and takeovers.

The growth of the firm has been facilitated by a forward thinking administration comprising of some of the industry’s most experienced as well as upcoming professionals. Matthew Eitner serves as the Chief Executive Officer stationed in New York City offices. James Ahern holds the Managing Partner docket besides doubling up as Head of Capital Markets. The Senior Managing Directors include Craig Bonn and Hugh Marasa.

Also, the most experienced professional, Hugh Regan operates as the Executive Director of Investment Banking and heads the firm’s private equity portfolio. This talented team has shaped the image of Laidlaw as a differentiated investment banking company. They safeguard and protect traditional investment banking relationships while offering modernized services.

The employees at this SEC governed firm are also trained to come up with result oriented market solutions that guarantee the financial success of their clients. Their flexibility also makes Laidlaw perform exceptionally well in both private and public sectors.