Soros, Democracy Alliance Rallying The Troops Against Trump

Democrats are reeling after Hilary Clinton’s historic Presidential election loss to Donald Trump. Many on the left are pointing fingers, unable to resist the urge to blame. Those in the Democratic establishment are calling for unity in the face of what they see as an authoritarian President-elect.

The Democracy Alliance is meeting for a three-day summit in Washington this weekend in order to discuss plans for resisting a Trump Presidency. They see Trump as a direct threat to the legacy of Obama and to many Democratic initiatives that have been put into place under his Presidency. Trump has stumped on the promise of repealing Obamacare, Obama’s historic Iran deal and the Paris climate accords. In fact, Democrats see Trump’s denial of climate change as a threat to the entire planet.

The Democracy Alliance is a group of 100 mega-donors on the left. The group was spearheaded by George Soros, an 85-year-old billionaire hedge fund manager. The group was started back in 2004 in support of John Kerry’s failed bid for the Presidency against George W. Bush. The first efforts of the DA failed, but George Soros kept the group together in order to advance progressive policies.

Each of the 100 donors must fund left-leaning advocacy groups and think tanks with at least $200,000 per year. Members like George Soros are also charged a $30,000 membership fee to pay for the DA staff. Part of the membership fee also funds meetings like the summit happening this weekend. The meet ups are swanky, complete with catered food and entertainment.

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The DA is inviting a variety of Democratic leaders to the summit, including Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren and Keith Ellison. Pelosi is a longtime Democratic leader in the House, Warren holds a financial leadership role in the Senate, and Ellison is the favorite to be the new leader of the DNC.

Together, the donors and Democratic politicians will discuss strategies to stymie Trump’s Presidency. First on the agenda is stopping his plans for his first 100 days in office. Meetings will also be held to discuss longer term strategies to obstruct future policies of a Trump administration.

Some on the far left are criticizing the summit, calling it frivolous. They say that it looks like a bunch of rich white people getting together to flaunt their wealth while working people suffer. Far-left progressives think this is exactly why Hilary Clinton lost the working class vote to Trump through the middle of the country. They want the party to embrace Bernie Sanders-style politics that eschew big money donors like the ones in the DA.

The DA is taking this meeting very seriously. The seriousness can be seen in the schedule of the summit, where Soros himself is penned in for a speech. Soros, despite founding the Democracy Alliance, is usually absent from the group’s meetings. His active participation in the meeting displays urgency on the billionaire’s part. George Soros has called Trump a threat to the United States and democracy. A holocaust survivor, Soros is leery of an authoritarian ruler in the United States.

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The Best Holiday Wines For The UK

When it comes to acquiring and selling the best wines available on the global market, UK Vintners is at the top of the game. They recently released their selections for the top wines of the 2016 holidays. Their top in-house consultants listed their top five picks for the public to view.

– Beychevelle (2008)

Originating from Saint-Julien appellation, this wine is soft and features notes of cranberry and raspberry. It is advised that this wine is better consumed within fifteen years of the bottling date.

– D’Yquem (2009)

This is a wine that will compliment your Christmas dessert. It features flavors of honey, pear, and apricot. It is from Greaves, France at the Chateau d’Yquem Winery. The winery has been making superior wine for over four hundred years.

-Montrose (1998)

This wine hails from the St. Estephe region. It is a great selection for any holiday party. It features black cherry and plum notes and is made from Merlot grapes.

-Ducru Beaucaillou (2005)

This wine comes from Bordeaux, France’s Saint-Julien appellation. Is is a deep and dark colored wine that has a full bodied and aged flavor. The wine is made at Ducru Beaucailou winery which is one of the oldest in the region.

UK Vintners is an independent wine company located in the U.K., so it has various sources with which to do business. That means that they are not limited to the resources that they can use to obtain fine wines. They are also able to obtain orders for private individuals. They offer a brokerage service for people wishing to sell high-quality investment wines. Qualified representatives offer face to face meetings to discuss your personal needs and help you to find the perfect wines for your needs.

They have the knowledge and resources to find the appropriate wine or champagne for all occasions. They can even come to you if you cannot go to their location. If you need to buy bonded fine wine for either an investment or for your own personal enjoyment then UK Vintners is the company that you want to do business with. They can get what you need and deliver with excellent service.

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Understanding Your Auto Loan With Ignition Financial

In the financial world there are certain things which may be set up to deliberately be confusing to some people. This is often the case when the person behind the curtain is attempting to make more money on those who are taking on loans or similar products. One of the financial products that is often shrouded in mystery for the average person is an auto loan. Fortunately, there are options that can help those who find themselves confused by their auto loans.


Ignition Financial is a provider of auto refinancing options which are highly useful to those who are serious about understanding their loans and working on getting better rates. The company does what it can to provide people with a rate that is more appropriate to their personal credit situation. Also, they look to lower the interest rate that one is paying and help them lower the payment at the same time.


If you have been asking yourself “how can I slash my payments?” then you need to look to Ignition Financial and what they are able to do for you. Your payment can be lowered, your interest rate can drop, and Ignition will always make sure to include all of the taxes, fees, and extras that play a role in the loan itself. That is something that is often not done by other lenders.


Many get loans from the dealers that they purchase the cars from. Have you ever wondered why those auto dealers offer such loans in the first place? The reason is because they can make such a large profit margin off of them in the first place. Given this, they can sell the customers on the idea of walking out with that car right that very second and that is what they want to do.


All of that being said, it is entirely possible to get a refinanced loan and therefore eliminate the issues that came with the original loan in the first place. It is a valuable service that does not take much of your time at all to get done. Just a little of your time and you could literally save potentially hundreds or even thousands of dollars in interest and other fees. All of this while lowering your payments.


It is about time to reduce the stress in your life that is caused by the auto loan in your life. If you are ready to do that, call Ignition Casino and see what they can do to help you.

Tips and Benefits of the Kabbalah

Going To The Kabbalah Centre

If you want to be sure that you are able to enhance your life in a way that makes the most sense to you, you’ll want to enhance your spirituality. There are a number of religious practices and area of faith that can enhance your life in so many different ways. One of the most practical forms of spirituality is the Kabbalah. This is an area of faith that has grown like wild fire in recent years for this reason. If you would like to learn more about the Kabbalah and how it can benefit your life, consider these points below and stop by the Kabbalah Centre in your area.

#1: The Kabbalah Quiets Your Mind Through Meditation

Meditation is a huge part of this process, due to the fact that requires your ego, quiets your mind and allows you to have supreme focus. This area of focus plays a role in every facet of your life, whether you would like to get rid of anxiety or simply destress. This is an excellent way to go about it and you will be led through several intense meditations.

#2: You Will Learn About The Oneness of God and the Universe

By understanding the oneness of God and the universe, it will make the meaning of life makes a much more sense. This will become clearer the more you were on a journey in your life and in this area of spirituality, life is treated as an adventure that you are to learn from. These lessons will shape the way that use of the world and will help you every step of the way.

#3: It Takes A Different Approach to the Old Testament

One of the reasons that people gravitate toward this area of spirituality is that it is built on the Old Testament. People in the Western world are very familiar with the Old Testament, so this is not a huge stretch and will instantly resonate with people when they decided to take part in its teachings.

This form of understanding the world is incredibly beneficial. If you would like to learn more about it, you can stop by this Center in order to begin learning the ins and outs of the ancient wisdom that is taught on a regular basis. This can be used in a practical manner throughout the course of your entire life.


EOS and the Evolution of Lip Balm

Is EOS’ lip balm the Chapstick of the millennial generation? According to  this start-up report from Fast Company it just might be. Selling over 1 million units every week, EOS, started just over 7 years ago, has risen to become the second most popular brand of lip balm in the United States, outranking both Chapstick and Blistex in research done for Kline’s Cosmetics and Toiletries USA report.

So why is this product so appealing in today’s Target market? Ingredients and the way the product utilizes all five senses are what sets this lip brand apart from it’s competitors. Most lip care products come in a cylindrical tube with a stick on label. EOS lip balm is packaged in an orb shaped container with an engraved label and is sold at Target stores and Ulta in a variety of pastel colors. The container makes a different sound when open and shut as well, it pops instead of clicks. The balm itself comes in tasty flavors. Instead of being made with hard to pronounce chemicals the brand uses organic ingredients that meet the increasing demand of safe beauty regimens for today’s environmentally conscious generation.

Aside from the typical standard ads in fashion and beauty magazines, the company has used unique marketing tactics to attract the attention of millennial women. In a social media obsessed culture, the best place to market a product is through social channels and platforms and they’ve done just that. EOS has become a popular brand with the aide of online influencers on YouTube, and through their social channels on Instagram, and Facebook. They’ve partnered with key brands such as KEDS and Disney’s Alice in Wonderland to release exclusive collections and have used big-name celebrity endorsers like Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift to successfully reach their target audience. With new flavors hitting the shelves on a regular basis and increasing demand in foreign markets, it’s safe to say that EOS lip balm is here to stay.

Geoff Cone Helps to Prove that New Zealand is not a Tax Haven

An area or nation termed as a tax haven is bound to attract a lot of people, especially the wealthy. This is because people residing in such locations do not pay high taxes. In the past, New Zealand has been viewed as a tax haven due to misleading media coverage. However, individuals such as Geoff Cone have come out to address the confusion by proving that tax related issues in New Zealand are mundane. The only significant difference between New Zealand and other nations is its high tax transparency standards.


Why is New Zealand is not a Tax Haven


In Geoff Cone’s attempts to disapprove New Zealand as a tax haven, he mentioned qualities of tax havens. According to him, they lack tax transparency and only impose zero or only nominal taxes. They also operate laws that inhibit the sharing of information with other governments. By using such features as a benchmark for tax havens, Cone argued that New Zealand did not only qualify but also has minimal chances of ever being listed as a tax haven. This was in addition to New Zealand’s name missing from OECD’s list of tax havens.


New Zealand was among the first nations to be listed on OECD’s white list because of implementing the globally agreed tax standard. The gold standard for transparency is OECD’s Model Agreement on Exchange of Information on Tax issues, which was initiated in 2002. It supports the global sharing of information aimed at administering or enforcing domestic tax laws.


An In-depth Focus on Geoff Cone


Geoff Cone is one of the primary brains behinds the successful New Zealand-based law firm in international tax and trust laws, Cone Marshall. Together with Karen Marshall, they have propelled the law firm into global heights. Geoff Cone is certified attorney on matters pertaining to international tax and trust laws. He attained LLB honors from the University of Otago situated in New Zealand and later got his post-graduate diploma in both trust and tax law.


After completing his studies, he began legal practice in 1980 in Auckland before shifting to Christchurch. In Christchurch, Geoff became not only a partner but also a chairperson of partners in a leading legal firm. At the law firm, he handled all advisory matters involving tax and trust as well as commercial litigation. Cone also made court appearances at all levels as the primary counsel. Armed with vast experience in handling tax and trust law matters in his arsenal, Geoff began his own practice after returning to Auckland in 1999. This endeavor gave birth to what is now known as Cone Marshall Limited, which is renowned as the only law firm to focus exclusively on trust and tax planning. Additionally, the law firm offers trust and trustee management services via its allied companies.


Online Reputation Management Strategies Investors In The Hospitality Industry Should Master

Online reputation management is a concept that many businesses in the competitive arena understand quite well. This is not a new concept and its origin can be traced back to times when the internet can into existence. Many of the websites dealing in products online want to maintain a positive reputation, but there are always challenges along the way that bring about complaints and losses.

However, as this Forbes publication states, most businesses take this as a crisis management strategy and hence not a reputable way to handle reputation. This also depends on how one views the concept and when the strategies are applied. For the hospitality industry, there are specific strategies that have proved effective as highlighted below.

Better competitive intelligence

According to Hospitalitynet, for successful businesses it is highly likely they are being monitored by their competitors on their every move and from the weaknesses they note on your side, they make steps that will help to overcome your position in the market. To remain relevant in the hospitality management industry, you should implement strategies that help your business to remain competitive and most importantly stronger than competitors.

Use technology to improve reputation management

The rate at which people are adding information to online channels is astounding, so for a business to be considered competitive enough it is necessary to keep up with this explosion. You need to hire a skilled team that will be tasked with addressing current questions in the industry.

Through keyword research tools, you can learn which phrases are searched most in a span of few days then concentrate on them when creating a marketing campaign. Showing understanding of the current issues in the market proves that a business is knowledgeable in its area of operation, so guests will feel secure choosing your service.

Engage informed operations planning

One of the ways to be unique while offering guests a great choice is to monitor the feedback they share on various platforms. Use this information to either improve some areas or to come up with new working strategies that will impress the guests.

The Manse on Marsh Bags the 2015 Caring Stars Award

The Manse on Marsh recently received the Caring Stars award for its excellence in memory care and assisted living services. The assisted living facility also bagged the award because of its high customer ratings published by the Senior Care Directory. Requirements for an assisted living facility to receive a nomination for the Caring Stars award include having at least three customer reviews, an average of four-star review ratings, positive online reputation, and no negative customer reviews.

Since 2011, the Caring Stars awards have been playing a crucial role in the assisted living sector. In 2013, the National Mature Media Awards recognized the award program for aiding customers in choosing good assisted living facilities and for sharing accurate information about customer preferences with operators of these facilities. The website publicizes facilities whose services are beneficial to the assisted living community. More information about assisted living facilities is available on

About The Manse on Marsh

The Manse excels in assisted living care services because its services meet industrial standards. Headquartered in San Luis Obispo, CA, the facility uses an assisted living care planning system that combines services such as meal reminders, bathing and grooming, and medication management. The system relies on the patient’s care situation. It ensures that all patients receive and register for the help and care service that they need. The facility’s comprehensive planning system stands out because no other assisted living facility in the Central Coast uses such a system.

Basic amenities provided by the Manse, a renowned assisted living facility, include transportation, laundry services, personal help, quality dining, and spacious homes. The facility takes pride in providing older adults with quality care and state of the art residential amenities. Chris Skiff founded the Manse on Marsh with the goal of serving the assisted living sector. Chris is a UCLA graduate who started developing affordable residential units for older adults when he was 23 years old. His facility relies on the leadership of executives such as Helena Berardi, the network development director, Juan Busby, the facilities director, Kathy Hermosillo, the wellness director, and Oscar Buenrostro, the activities director.