How Eric Pulier Has Supported Technological And Entrepreneurial Growth

Eric Pulier is among entrepreneurs across the world who have invested most of their energy to seeing the growth of technology and merging the two to form great businesses. He has also been working with philanthropic foundations and passionately supporting the growth of support for the needy across different parts of the world. As part of his mission to support different individuals to embrace growth, Eric Pulier was able to come up with inventions that saw young entrepreneurs get the much needed support to fuel the growth of their businesses.


Having spent many years in Teaneck, New Jersey, where he was born, Eric Pulier came across many technological features that motivated him to also work as a technologist to help build the world. This passion saw him invest more time into research and learning about technology and when he joined the Teaneck High School, he managed to establish a database company. The success of this company motivated him to further push his career to reach higher heights. He graduated from Teaneck in 1984 and without delays proceeded to the Harvard University, where he picked American Literature and English. Additionally, Eric Pulier joined MIT College, where he enrolled for a course in Computer Science.

At the Harvard University, Eric Pulier was given a column in the Harvard Crimson Weekly, a magazine that addressed many issues among them student life. On his column, Eric shared ideas on managing business and technology and was able to come up with great solutions to problems submitted by some readers. In 1988, Eric Pulier completed both courses and graduated magna cum laude.


Eric Pulier has been actively involved in the development of several philanthropic communities, notably offering solutions that use technology to solve intractable problems among economically disadvantaged communities. During his early years, Pulier created his first multimedia educational program, which was used to teach people with Multiple Sclerosis on how to cope with their disease. Pulier is also an active member and donor to the Campaign for Free College Tuition, which seeks to offer free college education to every American interested in learning.


Securus Technologies Headlines Again

Securus Technologies wants people to know what they are all about, and they have offered to have them visit their headquarters in Dallas, TX. This invitation goes out to all of their clients and customers, as well as investors, and to their competitor’s too. With this offer, people can see what they are working on at any given time at Securus Technologies.


They also published quite a few of the comments that people have sent to them. In their efforts to make the world a safer place, they are creating more ways every week to induce the safety of the public. Many people are interested in what this company does, and the visit to their headquarters is a way to have their questions answered. They are planning to make an excellent presentation that will be both educational and impressive, allowing people to see the technology up close.


The company, Securus Technologies is known for their excellence in the public safety field. They are the leader, and they are in demand all the time. The government contracts them for help too. Since the company deals with over 1,000,000 prisoner throughout the year, they are always seeking even better ways to handle the safety issues. It is their goal to make the world an even better place for all people to live.



Waiakea Water Experiences Miraculous Success

Even though bottled water is one of the world’s most consumed beverages, it is also one of the most hated. With consumers becoming more environmentally conscious, they are moving towards refillable bottles for their water.

Ryan Emmons saw an opportunity in the market however. There was a giant hole in the bottled water market and he was ready to fill it with an environmentally and socially conscious company.

He founded the Waiakea water company in 2012 on a triple-bottom platform of sustainability, health, and social initiatives. Waiakea water has tremendous health benefits, comes in environmentally friendly packaging, and gives back to the world through charity.

Emmons admits that it is hard to break into the premium water scene, as most of the industry is run by older men. Creating Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water made him gravitate towards other young beverage entrepreneurs out of necessity.

As a young entrepreneur, not many people in the industry took him seriously. But now three years later, no one can deny the company’s success.

In just three years, Waiakea water grew 4000 percent, with an annual growth rate of 170 percent. Waiakea’s miraculous journey started with selling only 2,304 cases per year to selling 122,400 cases.

This climb in sales and profitability came from the sensational quality of the product itself and the many distributors and accounts that signed on quickly, wanting to get involved with Waiakea’s amazing product. Now the company is valued at over $10 million. Learn more about more Waiakea Water:

The company’s volcanic water springs from one of the purest, most sustainable sources on the planet. This source also provides the water with its naturally-alkaline, electrolyte-packed, mineral-rich properties. Waiakea water comes straight from the snowmelt and rain from the peak of the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii.

This rain and snow passes through more than 14,000 feet of the volcano, purifying it and giving its mineral content of potassium, magnesium, and calcium. This source only takes 30 days to regenerate, a rate of 1.4 billion gallons per day.

PR News Wire has it that Waiakea water even keeps the environment in mind when it comes to their packaging. The packaging is made entirely from recycled bottles and it takes 85 percent less energy to create these bottles.

Emmons and his company aren’t afraid to share the wealth. For every bottle of water they sell, Waiakea water donates 650 liters of clean water to underserved communities in Africa through their partnership with the charity, PumpAid.

In three years, Waiakea has donated more than 500 liters through the help of PumpAid, staying committed to their founding principles of charitable initiatives.

Martin Lustgarten & Investment Banking

Investment banking is an area of finance that consists of helping large companies accomplish a number of tasks such as issuing new stock and raising capital. There are a number of departments in investment banking firms that help companies reach their goals. These departments include corporate finance, research and trading. Each of these departments helps companies get the assistance they need in order to complete deals. Whenever a company is looking for the services of an investment banking firm, they will often work with the corporate finance department to complete a merger and acquisition. They will also work with research to get information on industry trends and also trading to manage its capital. As a result, investment banking is one of the most valuable areas of finance due to its ability to help companies reach important goals more easily.

While there are a number of investment banking firms that specialize in assisting large companies, there are a number of others that help smaller companies and individuals. One of these firms is one based in Florida which is currently managed by Martin Lustgarten. He is a longtime finance professionals who has a track record of helping both small companies and individuals reach a number of their financial goals. When working with small companies, Martin provides advice on how to manage debt, increase profits and also by providing referrals for funding sources.

As well as working with small businesses, Martin also works with individuals. On a regular basis he provides advice on how his clients can reach their financial goals. He also researches a number of stocks and other investment options so that he can find things that will allow his clients to reach their financial goals. With his assistance, Martin has been able to help a number of people attain financial security.

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Customers Relying on Free Services From Freedompop

A large percentage of individuals are financially strapped. They are unable to afford to pay the high costs of having a cell phone so they do without. These people are also the ones that have a difficult time affording things like internet or wifi. Some of these people are using their friend’s phones when they need to make a call. This makes the person difficult to get in touch with if there was an emergency. Freedompop Review, in the PT Money, did an article on this very subject. They show how Freedompop is helping people get the cell phone they are needing.


Freedom Pop has plans that are starting at “FREE“. These plans offer customers 200 minutes that they can use to talk on the phone. This amount is enough to get the average phone user through a whole month. The person that texts usually can go a whole month, comfortably, having 500 texts. If 500 text and 200 in voice is not enough, Freedompop offers customers the ability to purchase unlimited talk and text for $19.99 per month.


Freedompop uses the Sprint towers. Most of the time the tower is a 4G tower but sometimes it may be less. This gives the customers great coverage and internet on the go. The customer can also get the internet on the go with a 30-day money back guarantee. If not satisfied, the customer can return their devices for a full refund. One of the best features is the free shipping. Free shipping can save a customer a bundle on their orders of iPhones, Blackberries, Apple phones, Motorola, and HTC LG phone. Tablets are also available online with no contract.


If you are living on a budget but need a telephone or internet service, you should check out freedom pop. The devices are ready to hook up with your own personal phone number. Set up your email on your phone and you will be able to do most of your business online from your new phone. The wifi hotspot is available for $5 dollars per month. This can help if you are trying to work from home or do homework. Facebook time or facetime is possible with the unlimited service and data. As long as the customer is close to a tower, their service will be remarkable.


Check out the freedom pop services online at or / The service will help your budget and give you the freedom to know you always have cell service when you need it.