Equities First Holdings: World’s Best Source Of Stocks-Based Loans

Equities First Holdings is one of the surprises of the twenty-first century, turning in spectacular performance just in 14 years of existence. Not many took the company serious when it came up with innovative and viable financing solutions to the problems created by global economic meltdown. The founder, Al Christy, Jr., was quick to see the good that will be done by introducing stocks-based loans to business persons and organization world over.

It is now obvious that the conventional credit-based loans from banks and other lending institutions have failed to arrest the financial hazards facing the business world. Organizations operating with this type of loans are finding it difficult making ends meet as the interest rates are simply outrageous leaving them with little or nothing as profits. Even the loans, most times, are not forthcoming. The banks keep tightening the lending criteria demanding for huge collateral that are beyond most business men and women.

The coming of Equities First Holdings was thus a blessing in every way. The company operates as a global entity with little or no respect for national boundaries. Anybody from any country can transact business with EFH. Individuals and organizations that are in dire need of working capitals now have a viable alternative. With some amount of stocks you become qualify for the loans. The interest rates are negligible, in the region of 3 to 4 percent, something that will not post any challenge. The fixed nature of the interest rate will in no small measure provide some level of certainty all through the period of the loans.

Stocks-based loans from Equities First Holdings are generally non-recourse in nature. This is good for the borrower because business returns may nose-dive, leaving the owner disappointed and unable to pay back. EFH has decided to take the larger share of the risk in such a case by allowing the borrower walk away only forfeiting the stocks use as collateral.Equities First Holdings has proven to be the best source of loans by demanding minimal and fixed interest rates and bearing much of the risk in the event the borrower default in paying back.

Online Reputation Management – The Statistics

Google is rapidly becoming a vital step in the hiring process. Employers and recruiters are now using Google as hiring research tool more than ever before. If you Google search your name, would the information that you find provide valid proof that you are a valuable prospect to the company you are applying to? Hopefully it is considering an online name search is much like a first impression to any company.

Companies actually use online search techniques statistically more than most employees believe. For example, 75% of HR departments must conduct an online research of the candidate applying for hire. Out of the large majority of employers that use Google in the hiring process, 70% have reported rejecting applicants due to information found in the search. On the other hand, 85% say that favorable information found online has led to a hire.

Aside from Google, social media is also a large factor when deciding whether to hire an employee or not. The estimated 60% of employers that do utilize social media in the hiring process report that they scan profiles in search of inappropriate or illegal content and even analyze the applicant’s communication skills presented on the profiles.

If you search your name online and get results that may not be favorable when applying for a job, you are not alone. In fact, nearly 48% of adults who have searched their name online claim that the information found is negative.

The times of passive reputation management are over. Nearly every employer and employee is online which makes the internet a key factor of your reputation. Information founnow being used to make large decisions more than ever and scoring that next big opportunity lies in the hands of your online reputation.

Securus Technologies – Changing Lives Of The Prisoners For Good By Using Advanced Telecommunications Technology

Securus Technologies is the name to reckon with in the field of prison telecommunications, and have won many awards in the area due to its cutting edge technology and highly attentive and responsive customer service. Recently, the company also won the Gold Stevie Awards for the best customer service training team, which showcases the commitment and dedication of the firm towards providing unmatched customer service to its vast clientele. Over the years, the company has expanded its products and service portfolio by adding many valuable services.

On an average, Securus Technologies develops and launches one new service each week, which is mind-blowing regarding the speed and effort put into research and development. Securus Technologies continues to spend millions in research and development to ensure it stays ahead of the curve and provides only the finest of services in the prison telecommunication and criminal safety to its broad clientele. It has 600 patents to its name and serves millions of customers as well as the 3,450 law enforcement agencies that use its products and services.

Securus Technologies is one of the most famous names in the field of prison telecommunications and has helped many of the prisoners revive their life by getting to stay in touch with their loved ones outside. The services provided by the company are affordable and priced keeping the situation of the prisoners in mind, so as to not add to their troubles any further.

In a recent move to further strengthen the position of the company among its target audience, it released a press release in which it published many of the positive comments and feedback from its customers. The press release also served as a medium to give an invitation for the clients and the investors to check out the company’s facility in Dallas, Texas. I am jubilant that the company made this move as it helps in increasing transparency and building trust. As a loyal customer, I hope more people know about how this company is transforming lives of millions of prisoners.

Adam Goldenberg And His Attitude Towards Advertising In Fashion

The fashion industry is actually a tricky industry to navigate. For one thing, it is important to be unique while at the same time, offering clothes that people want to buy. There are a lot of challenges that people have to overcome. This is where Adam Goldenberg comes in. He is one of the people that deals with the technological aspects of business. He handles he analysis of what is selling and what needs to be taken care of. He is someone that looks carefully at the data so that he can improve the business of the company.


One thing that Adam Goldenberg notices about other fashion companies is that they spend too much time advertising. While it is somewhat effective to advertise something when it comes to bringing in the sales, the real selling factor is the product according to Adam Goldenberg. Some companies try to sell the items by lowering the prices. Adam realizes with his company if the product is good, then people are going to buy it regardless of the price. This is why he is always looking closely at the products that are selling. If he sees that the products are not selling, then he is going to reduce the amount of those products being made.


Adam Goldenberg has gone on interviews where he has talked about his company being seen as a unicorn. One thing Adam Goldenberg talks about is that there are a lot of aspects to business that make the company a unicorn as well as the different types of business that make the company a dinosaur. When he talks about dinosaurs, he looks at fast fashion companies. One thing that makes them dinosaurs is their business model.


Adam states that the key to his success is the ability to use the internet as a means to gain and keep customers. The companies that are primarily offline have to take the time to adapt to the times because the number of people that are shifting their attention to the online world are increasing. Therefore, the company has to adapt to take advantage of the shift.

How Securus Technologies Headed by CEO Richard Smith Has Transformed American Prisons

Behind every great and successful company and venture, there must be an even more exceptional CEO. Most of the times, it’s easy for us to overlook the critical role the CEO plays in business. People get blinded by the amazing services and products they get to enjoy dealing with the fantastic company. Only a few select CEO’s can rise above this. The Steve Jobs and the Bill Gates, you name them. This feature presentation is a business leader who drives a company which touches on the lives of 3 out of 5 inmates in the US. Richard Smith or Rick if you so prefer, the accomplished CEO running the for-profit prison technologies providing services provider, Securus Technologies.

About Securus Technologies

The company has continued to grow at an impressive steady rate since it got started back in 1986. Starting out with a solo office operated in Austin, Texas, the firm has now expanded to have permanent offices in Carrolton and Georgia, Atlanta. Today, the establishments have formal contracts to serve close to 3,400 prison facilities. Securus presence can be felt in 48 leading correctional facilities in the country. The company currently employs up to 1300 professionals from various fields like software engineering, marketing executives, legal experts and other vital ground support crew. The organization is 100% compliant rules and regulation enacted by the SAS 70 and in the Sarbanes-Oxley Acts. The outfit boasts of one of the best-funded R&D department in the entire prison technologies industry. Their reported financial statements show them having spent well over $160 in acquiring new technologies and patents to facilitate their set objectives as a business.

Know more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Securus_Technologies

Services and Products offered

Securus has significantly eased the communication process between inmates and their loved ones outside. The firm makes it possible for inmates behind bars to keep constant tabs with their attorneys and business partners in the free world. To achieve this daunting task the company came up with a solution which works as follows. The family of the prisoner signs up for an account on the official web page of the for-profit prison calling firm. They fill in their details, and they top up with funds. There are various packages which all cost differently. The premium package allows either party, the inmate or their contacts on the outside, to place video calls, audio calls, leave voicemail’s when unavailable and even texting. Check out the site to learn more about the program they currently offer to customers.  Read more on PRNewsWire.com.

About Rick Smith

Rick Smith has stayed at the helm of Securus for the last nine years and still counting. He was the replacement for the then outgoing CEO and Chairman of the Securus Technologies board, Richard Falcone. Mr. Smith is the holder of an MBA from the University of Rochester, and he also holds an Engineering degree from the esteemed State University of New York at Buffalo. Rick Smith pursued his engineering degree Master’s program at the same institute.

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