A Torontoans Take on Donald Trump’s Messy Run

It’s no secret that Donald J. Trump’s presidential campaign has been rather contentious. Indeed, even now, when the Republican presidential nomination seems ripe for his picking, there are people that say his campaign either, “Is just not serious,” or, “has no chance.” But the number of people who have regularly said this (especially in the mainstream media) is shrinking rapidly. This is, in many ways, due to the steady shift in general public opinion about Trump himself and how he’s branded himself. Take for instance the fact that when Mr. Trump first entered the race, for some time then, only a scant 9 % of registered republican voters thought that that they he was “Very Likely” to win the GOP nomination. However, that changed very quickly, jumping up to 25 % of all GOP voters who thought he was very likely to win, in addition, 17 % of all voters thought that he could win. But this was just in the very early months of his campaign.

Presently, a potent 93 % of GOP voters say they strongly believe that Mr. Trump is very likely to win the nomination with a additional 82 % of all voters across political lines believe similarly. Only five percent of all registered GOP voters believe that is not very likely for Mr. Trump to get elected, with a similar 14 % of bipartisan voters taking up this same position. He;s

All of this being said, this appears to be Mr. Trump’s path to victory, simply: defending his public perception. Due to the fact that the overwhelming majority of the public thinks he can win exponentially increases the possibility that he will win. Though nothing is set in stone, as many have previously said, “America likes winners.”

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