Academy of Art University – Shaping the Fashion Culture

“The next best thing” is the most popular phrase used during New York Fashion Week! Designers long to create the trends that shape culture; while consumers crave style that defines their uniqueness. It’s no surprise that when it comes to exhibiting both things, nobody does it better than: The Academy of Art University! For the 21st time on the runway, recent graduates of the Academy of Art University showed their prestige by launching five womenswear and two menswear collections!

The sky may be the limit, but creativity has none when it comes to liberating style for these designers. Hailun Zhou, MFA Fashion Design, from Qing Dao, China, was one of many that took New York Fashion Week into a new dimension with her galactic design made mainly from Vinyl and PVC.

From the 1950’s to present times, denim fabrics has never lost their momentum! Eden Slezin, MFA Fashion Design, from the Bay Area floored the runway with his organic denim collection. Slezin found a way to keep the momentum going, by creating a contemporary fashion spin on a vintage fabric.

The saying “beauty is pain” is no longer the vice for fashion. Consumers want to wear clothes that are not only stylish, but are comfortable too! Nobody delivered it better than Dina Marie Lam, MFA Fashion Design, from Los Angeles, CA. The passing of her beloved aunt, triggered Lam’s womenswear collection. Through her emotions, she was able to produce clothes that are warm, fashion-forward, and operative.

The impressive list of Academy of Art University designers didn’t stop with these three! Many more new aspiring icons, such as: Carlos Rodriguez from Mexico City, Mexico, Saya Shen from Beijing, China, Joanna Jadallah from Chicago, Illinois, Jelly Shan, born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, Cana Klebanoff, from in Queens, NY, and Ryan Yu, from Shenyang, Liaoning, China gave all attendees a taste of their personalities and perspective of the world through clothing.

All things considered, it makes sense that since 1929 the Academy of Art University has stood firm in their mission: to help students develop their own style to serve the cultural wealth. The work of students continually proves to be exemplary throughout the years! As the university was the first art school to be invited to New York Fashion Week! It can’t be denied that the Academy of Art University has been the frontrunner in shaping the fashion culture!

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