Securus Technologies Efforts in Developing Technological Ways of Preventing Crimes

When it comes to the provision of civil and criminal justice technology, Securus Technologies emerges as one of the best companies that have specialized their skills on this. It particularly provides solutions aimed at improving public safety and quality of investigations. Notable success can be seen in the way it has created systems that are able to solve and prevent different types of crimes together with inmate-on-inmate crimes. Over time, Securus Technologies has received much appreciation from clients who have reaped the benefits of the technologies they provide.


The headquarters of Securus Technologies is situated in Dallas, Texas, and this ideal position enables it to serve above 3,450 corrections, public safety, and law enforcement agencies. The number of inmates served is a huge number of over 1.2 million across North America. On the whole, the services of this company are designed in a manner that tends to ensure that we live in a better world that is safer than before. Other services it provides in line with this include biometric analysis, investigation, incident management, and emergency response.


In 2015, Securus Technologies expanded its operations by signing a definitive Stock Purchase Agreement that saw it acquire JPay Inc. Having a similar line of work as Securus Technologies, JPay is a technology company that is recognized for introducing electronic payments, emails, and other systems that operate in a number of state prisons. The combined effort of the teams from both companies led to the development of high-quality products that are also useful in transitioning the lives of inmates to becoming viable citizens after release.


Since contraband cellphones had a lot of negative impacts, Securus Technologies stands out at the company that managed to control them successfully. Following the release of that service, Securus Managed Access Solutions received more approval from various facilities. Other companies it has partnered with include Harris corporation whereby they came up with Cell Defender Technology.


Dr. Mark McKenna’s Journey to Success

Early Life

When hurricane Katrina struck on August 29th, 2005, it swept away the business interests of Dr. McKenna. A graduate of Tulane University Medical School, Dr. McKenna started working with his father upon completion of his studies and in the process launched a successful real estate development firm known as McKenna Venture Investments and a couple of other businesses but Hurricane Katrina put a stop to them.


A licensed doctor in medicine and surgery by the Georgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners, Dr. McKenna relocated to Atlanta in November 2009 where he launched a medical practice based on wellness and aesthetic known as ShapeMed. It became successful and on November 1st, 2014 he sold it to Life Time Fitness Inc. and became the company’s National Medical Director until July 2016. One year later on July 2017, Dr. McKenna founded OVME, a medical aesthetic company that is technology enabled and consumer-facing that is changing elective healthcare.

Dr. McKenna has set rules and guidelines that he adheres to in order for him to continue his success in business and according to him practicing visualization and setting goals is his way of bringing ideas to reality. The fact that he meditates at least once a day is also helpful to him. He sets himself apart from his peers by being an avid reader of books and he recommends that every entrepreneur whether aspiring or established should read ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill.

Dr. Mark McKenna says that the idea of setting up OVME came from over ten years of his working experience in the medical aesthetic industry. He also has a very simple strategy that he implements for the growth of his businesses, he surrounds himself with smarter people than him and he is able to learn something new from them continuously.

His Life’s Role Models

Dr. McKenna also looks up to successful leaders in business and politics for inspiration like President Barack Obama, Space X founder Elon Musk, and former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg. Dr. Mark is married to Gianine McKenna and has a beautiful daughter.

Trabuco: The Ancient War Machine

A Trabuco is one of the most antique siege weapons used by militia to crash walls during wars. The weapon was most prominent during the Middle Ages as it was one of the crudest war weapons every army could fear. This is a machine that had the capability of crashing a wall with one thrust. For this reason, anyone who had the best Trabuco would signal the other to submit. If the other war zone had the capability of withstanding the Trabuco, they could achieve their unparalleled solutions by working with militia agents. This is perhaps the reason why they ended up assimilating better war values.

The Trabuco has the capability of projecting objects to crash masonry walls over to their enemy. The principle of the Trabuco is similar to the catapult. Sometimes, it is called the balancing Trabuco because it has to weigh scale before it projects the object towards the enemy. Moreover, you must also calculate the distance you are going to throw your object before you achieve the thrust. You also need to note that there are two types of Trabuco. The traction Trabuco and the balancing Trabuco all emanate from the same triangle. However, we are talking about the balancing Trabuco used in the ancient times.

The popular way of referring to shotguns and revolvers in Trabuco is using the term Trabuco. The blunderbuss counterweight also appeared in the Muslim and Christian countries that are surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. The Trabuco has the capability of thrusting or throwing a projectile more than 200 pounds of weight. This ancient war machine also has the capability of thrusting a distance of more than 800 meters. In the past, the Trabuco was also used to project dead bodies into the city so that the people could evade seeking refuge as the war was waged between the two enemies.

When you look into the history of the Trabuco, it emanated from China. During that time, the European nations saw the use of the Trabuco and decided to bring it home to wage war against the Kingdoms. This is the reason why they were known in all parts of the world.  For more information on Trabuco visit:


How Boraie Development Stands Outs in New Jersey’s Real Estate Development Sector

In the past few years, New Jersey and many other cities across the United States have been experiencing a rapid population growth. According to a statement that was issued by Yahoo, the high number of people in the area has triggered a housing problem. Residents of New Jersey pay relatively high mortgage rates compared to other cities across the country. This is an indicator that the city’s real estate sector needs tremendous transformation. A couple of New Jersey-based real estate development firms have started outstanding projects that are devoted to bettering the state of the housing sector. An example of such enterprises is Boraie Development. The company has been in the business for almost four decades and has established many state-of-the-art buildings in the city. It acquires funding to complete its projects from both commercial banks and private investors. Boraie Development has a remarkable management team that understands how to deal with architects, contractors, financial institutions, and many other stakeholders in the industry.


Boraie Development has specialized in various sections of the real estate business, and they include construction of modern residential and commercial properties, sales and marketing, as well as property management. Its staff is well trained and strives to provide excellent the housing and customer service. The firm’s real estate projects have been a success since it uses strategies such as reliability, capitalism, and vision.


The real estate development company is dedicated to providing remarkable residential and commercial properties that match the taste of New Jersey’s residents, tenants, and financiers. Its outstanding reputation has enabled it to develop healthy relationships with industry stakeholders. Boraie Development has excellent marketing strategies that have helped it to increase the demand for its houses. To date, it has completed a variety of projects that include hotel assets, residential homes, hostels, and commercial buildings. The firm currently employs top-notch management strategies to ensure that the value of the properties that it develops does not depreciate. Boraie has become one of New Jersey’s most sought-after real estate development enterprises. It has a staff that is highly skilled in maintenance, customer service, leasing, marketing, accounting, and administration.


Since inception, Borai Development has managed to develop and sell buildings that are worth about $150 million. The firm’s creativity has enabled it to meet the standards that have been set by the industry and also fulfill the varying needs of the clients. Anyone who needs top-notch housing can contact Boraie Development.


One on One with Dr. David Samadi at Interview.Net

David Samadi is a prominent medical practitioner who has operated patients in about 40 countries around the world. On November 13, 2017, he shared his experience with When asked what he does for a living, Dr. Samadi said he had developed a unique robotic procedure he uses to diagnose and treat prostate cancer. He said the process is essential because it not only improves the results but also prevents various adverse effects.Dr. David Samadi said that since he was a small boy, he aspired to be a doctor to help other people. However, the development of robotic surgery equipment played an important role in influencing him to join the profession. He made tremendous career advancements after learning about the laparoscopic technology in France.

Challenges and How He Overcomes Them

Dr. David Samadi added that in his early years, he was frustrated as he worked in a hospital that employed slow processes in the management of patients. He only overcame this by accepting the process and discovering that it produced desirable results. While working at hospital and university, he said the positive results help him overcome the existing challenges in those occupations.

How He Remains Productive

To enhance his productivity, Dr. David Samadi has a daily schedule that he follows throughout the year. His typical day starts at 5 a.m. when he wakes up. He gets to his office at around 6 a.m. and performs medical operations until in the afternoon when he spends the rest of the time talking with patients. His advice to fellow professionals is that they should be proud of their potential, success, and positive traits.

Who is Dr. David Samadi?

Dr. David Samadi is a medical practitioner who specializes in using robotic surgery in the treatment of prostate cancer. He does not only treat the prostate like what most of the other doctors do but help the patients have a future that is cancer free.

Education Background

Upon leaving Iran after the 1979 Revolution, Dr. David Samadi continued his education in London and Belgium. When he went to the United States, he joined Roslyn High School. He joined Stony Brook University where he graduated with a degree in biochemistry and M.D. He continued with his urological training at Montefiore Medical Center.


Dr. David Samadi worked at Columbia Presbyterian in New York between 2002 and 2007 as the director of laparoscopic surgery. He then joined Mount Sinai Medical Center as the Chief of Robotic Surgery and then as the Vice Chair of Urology until 2013. Besides, he has worked with Fox News Channel.

Fagali’i Airport: The Gateway to Samoa

Fagali’I is a scenic village in the Upolu Island in Samoa, which is located five kilometers east of Apia, the capital of Samoa, an island nation in the Pacific Ocean. The island is known for its cultural identity, and that is completely visible in Fagali’I. The village has a population nearly 1,571 per the 2006 census, and it offers excellent climate due to the proximity to the Pacific Ocean. Not only the village, but the entire Samoan islands are known for natural vegetation, and tourism revenue is the major income of the entire Islanders – as much as 25% of the GDP is contributed by tourism, and the number goes up year after year.

Fagali’I Airport, an international airport, is acting as the gateway to Samoa and its capital city. The public airport is operated by Samoa Airport Authority. Currently, a number of airlines including Polynesian Airlines, South Pacific Island Airways, Samoa Air, and Talofa Airways operate from here. Both Talofa Airways and Samoa Air operate from here to Pago Pago, American Samoa. The airport has a runway with a length of 670 meters, and it is made of asphalt. The airport is also serving as the primary destination for internal flights and considered as a major landmark on the island.

People who travel to the airport can find an excellent range of accommodation options especially targeting the international travelers and tourists. Since Apia is just five kilometers from the airport, people get numerous options of hotels and island resorts that are nominally rated. While choosing the rooms, the tourists also get chances to explore the natural vegetation of Fagali’I and enjoy the purity of the Pacific Ocean. Most of the resorts and hotels offer excellent water sports options, and many of them are built near seashore and beaches. It amplifies the experience of travelers further, and the pure water of the ocean attract everyone to explore it.

The people are highly courteous and welcome wholeheartedly everyone, who are visiting their country and the beautiful villages. The not-so-crowded Fagali’I and the island is an ideal choice for people who want to enjoy the music of the ocean and a lovely indigenous island. Check more:


IDLife for a helthy life

We all want to feel good, have more energy and just be healthier. Many of us are overweight, have health related issues, or just tired all the time. We don’t eat the way we should to fuel our bodies for everything we encounter each day. ID life approaches health and nutrition in a very personalized way. They understand that everyone is unique in their nutritional needs. This is why they have developed a line of products that are structured to meet a wide variety of health and wellness issues that we face today. Their supplements were developed over 18 years by Doctors and Scientists to ensure the very best results. The approach they take to personalize and determine what supplements are right for you is through a comprehensive ID assessment.

In addition to their supplements that will provide what our bodies may be missing in our diet, they also offer a full line of products to help us be our healthiest. They have a line of shakes and bars wonderfully designed to provide the nutrition we need and promote weight loss by curbing our appetite. It’s also a great post workout snack. And if you need a bit more assistance keeping hunger at bay while trying to get your healthy body, they also have appetite control chews. Many of us go through our day dehydrated and reach for food when our body is really craving fluids. This is extremely important when you are working out. IDLife has sports powder with vitamins and electrolytes to fuel and hydrate you through the day.

They also offer a full line of Energy products, energy shots, chews and time released energy. Also a non habit forming sleep strip is available for that occasional restlessness at bedtime. So you can see that there really is something for everyone. whether it is lack of sleep, energy, or excess weight, IDLife has a product that can help you improve your health.

As you rebuild your health you can also inspire others and create an income stream from introducing others to the valuable benefits you have received. So whether you are looking to improve your health or and income this just might be the best thing you have found. For more  info about us: click here.

Get started on your healthy life today. There are discounts to help you start your journey to discover what is keeping you from being your very best.

The Competitive Difference With Madison Street Capital

Competition is everything on Wall Street.


With announcing that Madison Street Capital just won the 2017 Debt Financing Deal of the Year, it’s clear where the competitive life of MSC lies.


The biggest and brightest agencies are all competing against each other in what becomes a limited supply of resources and knowledge. The increments of success made by these agencies is evident of their competitive nature. This nature is also why individuals like you and I hope and pray.


The competitive environment of the financial markets makes the knowledge you and I have insufficient. Madison Street Capital reputation is a great example of how significant it is to compete at high levels when you want profitable results.


The competitive difference found with Madison Street Capital is people.


The agency connects to living people more than the financial ambitions they have. Having this approach enables the agency’s clients to achieve their financial goals and to become great successes.



There’s A Big Race That Everyone Is Running


We also face the competitive force of the financial world in our own lives.


Though Wall Street and its trading markets are localized in New York City, the industry establishes the financial definition and expectations that we also live by. The problem is that you and I are a great distance from this professional platform.


There’s a race we’re running, and we’re short of the necessary tools of effective understanding. The entities that become mediators to our shortcomings are agencies like Madison Street Capital. This international investment agency is built by its connections made with the common goals of its clients.


These are goals that you and I have when we don’t have the right means to implement our own financial success.



Catching Up To The Pace With Financial Help


There’s one way to be part of the financial success that exists when investing. The best step to take is to partner with agencies in the financial world. Madison Street Capital is a clear example of how far the help of a professional can go. The lack of entry into the financial markets that we have is bridged by professional agencies.


The MSC firm enables its clients to catch up to the financial pace of this very competitive world. There are tremendous hurdles to jump, and it’s because of the distance we have between elite financial agencies’ understanding and our own. Learn more:


The American Institute of Architects the champions of architects

The American Institute of Architects has been the champions of the architecture field. They have protected the licenses of the architects through the provision of various resources. The American Institute of Architects was established in 1857 by 13 architects has grown to be the home of hundreds of architects. Presently, it has more than 90,000 architects who are certified and licensed. The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is based in Washington, USA.

AIA provides various services to members and allied partners. They provide education, government advocacy, public outreach as well as community development practices in their area of focus. AIA works jointly with the qualified team of design and construction in shaping and adding value to the construction sector. The company has a strategic market scheme that they use to market their member architects.

Moreover, they have been providing members and associate architects with web-based resources. The company believes in the future of the architecture industry, and it is committed to protecting its professionals. They have annual conference meeting for the architects, a forum that they use to discuss and share new ideas and address problems they are facing in their field. The company has come up with an excellence design where the most performing professionals get rewarded through award program. The aspect of establishing the plan is to motivate the developing architects. AIA has been sponsoring education systems teaching architecture and design.

The American Institute of Architects has created a top-notch record in handling the clients in their line of duty. The professions stick to the company`s code of ethics and ensure they perform their roles diligently. The success of every business requires a workforce behind it. Therefore AIA has over 200 board of directors who relentlessly are committed to their work. Robert Ivy serves as the CEO of the American Institute of Architects. He is the voice of the architects and the future of the architecture.

After the investigation, he initiated on the future of architecture and the role of the professional architects to the society he made the company realize the economic, social and political challenges facing them. Robert Ivy advice his friends and architects to think beyond their professional life. Ivy believes that architecture affects the public health. He has set up a design to improve public health which includes digital programs and community planning. Robert has been in the architectural field for years, and he is aiming at helping architects meet their dreams. Watch on

Bridget Scarr: the Colibri Studios’ Executive Producer

Bridge Scarr is a woman of epic proportion in writing and producing content. Her production has no limit because it’s diversity. The content covers all fields and can be featured on many platforms. Her project echoes across all areas including augmented reality, virtual reality, interactive exhibition and digital television. Her projects have recorded a large number of audiences, influenced both emotionally and intellectually.


Bridget Scarr has an excellent career experience and is now a staunch executive producer. She has been working in the advertisement, animation, and television for more the fifteen years. She has been responsible for the creative development to oversee all the on-going activities as well as heading the technical production output. As the head, she has been responsible for coordinating the team of members ranging from 5 to 200, in numerous productions such as spanning drama, lifestyle, kid’s animation, entertainment and the factual entertainment programming.


Bridget Scarr is currently a staff at the Colibri Studio. She heads the content development, strategy, and partnership in the Studio. Her chief work is to conduct the daily development while conducting collaborations with international broadcasters, creative talents and project partners in realizing projects.


Bridget Scarr joined the Colibri studio when she realized that her ideation needed a safe place. She was formally working to bring the people’s ideas into reality. She later decided to shift her career and enter into the production of her creative ideas. This transition raised the need for a place where to house all her ideation including exhibition, augmented reality, digital productions and all the traditional television projects.


In the augmented reality that she is currently working on, Bridget Scarr is required to create a connection between the user and the history by way of using people’s day to day activities of the people living in it. In developing this, the app uses factual information and the scripted using landmarks or monuments in giving the user the real information of the happening. In addition to that, it can sink the user into the narratives thereby allowing the user to get the feeling of what people underwent during that period.


The start formed come from real people and coming from various backgrounds and diverse culture that at the end of it all, the story becomes relatable. Such projects feature how well technology be used to create reality to the user. She moreover needs to cooperate with right partners and team.


Follow Bridget Scarr on twitter.