Brad Reifler’s Investment Advice for the Rest of Us

Brad Reifler is an investment advisor. He is also founder and CEO of ForeFront Capital.  A few years ago, he was troubled by a couple of incidents. First, Reifler discovered his daughters’ 529 college savings plan had lost money. Second, he learned that his father -in-law was barred from some investment opportunities by Securities and Exchange Commission rules intended to protect small investors. The world of investing and finance is dominated by institutions and large investors, and often there is little room left for the middle class investor.

In an interview published by Reuters, Brad Reifler offers five investment tips designed to help the middle-class individual make money investing. The first tip is to be careful or prudent. You should always know how much you pay in fees for an investment and what the risks are. Be clear about your investment goals. keep an inventory of assets you have to work with. Second, pay attention to risk. Some investments are very safe, but Brad points out some like Bitcoin are not as safe. Others offer much greater returns, bot only with correspondingly greater risk. Third, don’t put all your money into one investment type like stocks. Create a diversified portfolio to reduce risk. Next, establish a relationship with the person who manages your investments so you can develop trust in her and her expertise. Finally, make sure investment objectives are constant wit achieving long-term goals. When an investment does well, increase your financial committment in that area.

Reifler’s tips aren’t rocket science, most is about the importance of diversification. They summarize what he knows works for the middle-class investor, based on what he has learned since founding Forefront Management Group in 2009. This investment company is geared to and specifically designed for individuals of average means who want help managing investments and building wealth.  Check out Brad’s Wikipedia to really see the path this famous investor took.

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