Bridget Scarr: the Colibri Studios’ Executive Producer

Bridge Scarr is a woman of epic proportion in writing and producing content. Her production has no limit because it’s diversity. The content covers all fields and can be featured on many platforms. Her project echoes across all areas including augmented reality, virtual reality, interactive exhibition and digital television. Her projects have recorded a large number of audiences, influenced both emotionally and intellectually.


Bridget Scarr has an excellent career experience and is now a staunch executive producer. She has been working in the advertisement, animation, and television for more the fifteen years. She has been responsible for the creative development to oversee all the on-going activities as well as heading the technical production output. As the head, she has been responsible for coordinating the team of members ranging from 5 to 200, in numerous productions such as spanning drama, lifestyle, kid’s animation, entertainment and the factual entertainment programming.


Bridget Scarr is currently a staff at the Colibri Studio. She heads the content development, strategy, and partnership in the Studio. Her chief work is to conduct the daily development while conducting collaborations with international broadcasters, creative talents and project partners in realizing projects.


Bridget Scarr joined the Colibri studio when she realized that her ideation needed a safe place. She was formally working to bring the people’s ideas into reality. She later decided to shift her career and enter into the production of her creative ideas. This transition raised the need for a place where to house all her ideation including exhibition, augmented reality, digital productions and all the traditional television projects.


In the augmented reality that she is currently working on, Bridget Scarr is required to create a connection between the user and the history by way of using people’s day to day activities of the people living in it. In developing this, the app uses factual information and the scripted using landmarks or monuments in giving the user the real information of the happening. In addition to that, it can sink the user into the narratives thereby allowing the user to get the feeling of what people underwent during that period.


The start formed come from real people and coming from various backgrounds and diverse culture that at the end of it all, the story becomes relatable. Such projects feature how well technology be used to create reality to the user. She moreover needs to cooperate with right partners and team.


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