Capital Group Appoints A New Executive

Timothy Armour is the Principal, Director, and Chairman at Capital Research and Management Company. He began working with the company in 1983 through the Associates Program. He began working as a portfolio analyst and eventually worked his way up to Equity Portfolio Manager. He also served as equity Investment Analyst at Capital and was responsible for global telecommunications.

Timothy Armour has been with Capital Group for thirty-three years and has added a wealth of investment experience to the companies resources. He was named as Chairman of the money manager. Timothy Armour’s appointment to chairman comes after the passing of his predecessor James Rothenberg.His new position is of great importance and the company felt that he was the perfect choice for the job because of his extensive inside knowledge of the company. Capital Group oversees $1.25 trillion for their clients.

In recent years, especially after the financial crisis that took place in 2008, investors have been pulling their funds from stock funds to index funds as means of trying to create more stability. The company has, however, maintained its staff in the same capacity as it had previously whereas other companies were getting rid of managers and hiring more sales personnel. Timothy Armour felt that it was important to carry on with business as usual rather than flinching at the changes in the market.

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The firm has been around since 1931 and was founded by Jonathan Bell Lovelace. The company has a unique structure which takes a multi-manager approach to be able to give all aspects of the business the attention that they need. Although this is an unconventional approach it has worked extremely well for them and has led them to incredible growth. In fact. Capital Group is one of the largest financial management firms in the world. They have been trusted by investors for decades to increase their portfolio values and help steer them in the right direction when it comes to creating wealth. Timothy Armour’s appointment to CEO is expected to push the company in the right direction to help create growth and direction for this highly respected company and its clients.

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