Thor Halvorssen Advocates Human Rights All Over The World

The Oslo Freedom Forum takes place every year in Oslo. The Grand Hotel in the Christian Theatre post these events for 3 Days Every May. Thor Halvorssen is a human rights activists that run the exposition. Attendance on May 14th he was overheard conversing with Chang Guangchen, who is an exiled Chinese dissident. Along with his wife Yuan Weijien, they had a conversation in which Thor Halvorssen gave a bit of advice to the couple.The contents of the conversation revolved around Thor Halvorssen trying to cultivate a relationship with Christian Bale, who had earlier visited China to try to negotiate the release of 10. He believes that because Christian Bale went out on a limb to help friction that that will Spotlight the actor who in turn will help Thor 2 do his job advocating right and helping to free political prisoners. 4 over time has been the subject of many International conflicts regarding Global human rights. It is made him a recognized face in the plight of Human Rights. Or is the head of the human rights Foundation based in New York. Its goal is to defend those that are embroiled in the politics of oppressive regimes all over the world and two retrieve activist from the countries and free political prisoners. Every year journalists and dissidents from around the world are invited to the Forum, which is taking place for five years.Halvorssen is a mix of Norwegian and Venezuelan descent. He had the unfortunate circumstances of being part of Venezuela’s Elite and in the course of time his family became embroiled in political controversy, and they became political prisoners.

Thor Halvorssen and his family have been embroiled in political controversy their entire lives. His father became a political prisoner which sparked his desire to free him. He accomplished the feat of freeing his father which was the catalyst to spark his desire to be the voice of Human Rights for others all over the world. The Chavez’s men killed Thor’s mother during political strife, and his cousin was also a prisoner of the Venezuelan Government.

Thor travels all over the world negotiating with regimes and dictators for the release of political prisoners and advocating human rights in countries all over the world. Thor can be seen publicly speaking on television and a conferneces. He spends the vast majority of the time unifying key players in the Human Rights Movement.

Source: Buzzfeed