Fagali’i Airport: The Gateway to Samoa

Fagali’I is a scenic village in the Upolu Island in Samoa, which is located five kilometers east of Apia, the capital of Samoa, an island nation in the Pacific Ocean. The island is known for its cultural identity, and that is completely visible in Fagali’I. The village has a population nearly 1,571 per the 2006 census, and it offers excellent climate due to the proximity to the Pacific Ocean. Not only the village, but the entire Samoan islands are known for natural vegetation, and tourism revenue is the major income of the entire Islanders – as much as 25% of the GDP is contributed by tourism, and the number goes up year after year.

Fagali’I Airport, an international airport, is acting as the gateway to Samoa and its capital city. The public airport is operated by Samoa Airport Authority. Currently, a number of airlines including Polynesian Airlines, South Pacific Island Airways, Samoa Air, and Talofa Airways operate from here. Both Talofa Airways and Samoa Air operate from here to Pago Pago, American Samoa. The airport has a runway with a length of 670 meters, and it is made of asphalt. The airport is also serving as the primary destination for internal flights and considered as a major landmark on the island.

People who travel to the airport can find an excellent range of accommodation options especially targeting the international travelers and tourists. Since Apia is just five kilometers from the airport, people get numerous options of hotels and island resorts that are nominally rated. While choosing the rooms, the tourists also get chances to explore the natural vegetation of Fagali’I and enjoy the purity of the Pacific Ocean. Most of the resorts and hotels offer excellent water sports options, and many of them are built near seashore and beaches. It amplifies the experience of travelers further, and the pure water of the ocean attract everyone to explore it.

The people are highly courteous and welcome wholeheartedly everyone, who are visiting their country and the beautiful villages. The not-so-crowded Fagali’I and the island is an ideal choice for people who want to enjoy the music of the ocean and a lovely indigenous island. Check more:https://www.lonelyplanet.com/samoa/upolu/transportation/fagalii-airport/a/poi-tra/1483125/362914