Osteo Relief Institute; Leading the Way in Providing Viable Treatment Solutions for Arthritis Patients

In the present world, Arthritis is one of the diseases that have gained prevalence in the medical industry with over 50 million diagnosed adults in the US. However, people have little to no knowledge about it and frequently misconceive it for a single disease. The truth is that arthritis is not just a disease; it is a general term that is used to identify joint disease or joint pain. Furthermore, there are over 100 distinct forms of arthritis and has been recorded as one of the topmost cause of disability.


Arthritis frequently occurs in women and in people at a certain age group. Osteoarthritis features as the standard type of arthritis characterized by the deterioration of the soft tissue that is found between the joints also known as cartilage (LinkedIn). Dr. Matthew CiRullo explains that when the cartilage disintegrates, the bones rub against each other and the result is swelling, stiffness, and pain. Over a long period of time, the pain becomes chronic as the joints continue losing strength.


Osteoarthritis is incurable and it is mainly triggered by previous injuries, excessive weight, family history and age as the most common factor. Owing to its incurable status, it is prudent for a patient to take up self-management measures that will allow them to control the disease. Adapting to a healthy lifestyle characterized by light exercises or stretches and stringent weight management will help to reduce the scope of the disease. Low-impact muscle building activities will especially make the joint stronger without necessarily putting any stress on them. Medical options will work in tandem with the lifestyle choices to minimize the impact of the disease. At the last resort, a person may be inclined to go for surgical options with an aim of repairing or replacing the joint.

About Osteo Relief Institute


Founded in 2012, Osteo Relief Institute has risen in the medical industry owing to its commitment to quality treatment and service delivery. The institution offers nonsurgical relief for patients diagnosed with arthritis.


Osteo Relief Institute combines the prowess of board-certified physical therapists and physicians to deliver solutions for osteoarthritis patients. The team advocates proper treatment of their patients and aim to make each one feel like they are a part of the institute’s family (https://thenewsversion.com/2017/09/osteo-relief-institute/).


Osteo Relief Institute works by implementing non-invasive treatment procedures that are safe and effective for their extensive client pool. They are FDA approved and use advanced and innovative technology to inspire long lasting results during treatment.


The staff at Osteo Relief Institute is exceptionally trained to provide the highest level of patient care. The institute has clinics in various locations that are accessible by a large demographic.