Academy of Art University – Shaping the Fashion Culture

“The next best thing” is the most popular phrase used during New York Fashion Week! Designers long to create the trends that shape culture; while consumers crave style that defines their uniqueness. It’s no surprise that when it comes to exhibiting both things, nobody does it better than: The Academy of Art University! For the 21st time on the runway, recent graduates of the Academy of Art University showed their prestige by launching five womenswear and two menswear collections!

The sky may be the limit, but creativity has none when it comes to liberating style for these designers. Hailun Zhou, MFA Fashion Design, from Qing Dao, China, was one of many that took New York Fashion Week into a new dimension with her galactic design made mainly from Vinyl and PVC.

From the 1950’s to present times, denim fabrics has never lost their momentum! Eden Slezin, MFA Fashion Design, from the Bay Area floored the runway with his organic denim collection. Slezin found a way to keep the momentum going, by creating a contemporary fashion spin on a vintage fabric.

The saying “beauty is pain” is no longer the vice for fashion. Consumers want to wear clothes that are not only stylish, but are comfortable too! Nobody delivered it better than Dina Marie Lam, MFA Fashion Design, from Los Angeles, CA. The passing of her beloved aunt, triggered Lam’s womenswear collection. Through her emotions, she was able to produce clothes that are warm, fashion-forward, and operative.

The impressive list of Academy of Art University designers didn’t stop with these three! Many more new aspiring icons, such as: Carlos Rodriguez from Mexico City, Mexico, Saya Shen from Beijing, China, Joanna Jadallah from Chicago, Illinois, Jelly Shan, born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, Cana Klebanoff, from in Queens, NY, and Ryan Yu, from Shenyang, Liaoning, China gave all attendees a taste of their personalities and perspective of the world through clothing.

All things considered, it makes sense that since 1929 the Academy of Art University has stood firm in their mission: to help students develop their own style to serve the cultural wealth. The work of students continually proves to be exemplary throughout the years! As the university was the first art school to be invited to New York Fashion Week! It can’t be denied that the Academy of Art University has been the frontrunner in shaping the fashion culture!

José Auriemo Neto Achievements

José Auriemo Neto is a Brazilian executive who currently serves as the chairman and CEO of JHSF Participacoes SA. This is a real estate company that focuses on the development of residential and commercial properties in Brazil. He manages the groups’ retail portfolio, extensive shopping, office buildings, public and hotels development together with Cidade Jardim shopping complex in Säo Paulo.

José Auriemo oversaw the group’s initial project in the retail business in 2009 by signing a partnership agreement with Pacci, Hermes and Jimmy Choo and launching of luxury brands that were the first of kind at the famous Cidade Jardim shopping complex. In 2012, under Jose Auriemo leadership, the group also entered into a partnership with Valentino and opened the first R.E.D valentine shops in Brazil.

Jose Auriemo attended the Fundacao Armando Álvares Penteado in Sao Paulo. He started working at JHSF in 1993. Jose Auriemo has greatly contributed to the success of JHSJ. The company has spread beyond Brazil to Uruguay, USA and in major cities such as Miami, Manaus, Salvador,New York and other cities. JHSF focused on growing its business as a shopping center in the competitive market. The company has been able to negotiate major real estate operations and contracts. The company most recognized project under construction is the 518 building in New York on Fifth Avenue and major development of residential buildings in Piedras in Uruguay.

Currently, Jose Auriemo is running big projects as a businessman and as CEO of JHSJ. He has been able to overcome challenges in the real estate business and inspired other upcoming business people around the globe. He has been able to penetrate the competitive markets by negotiating deals and winning major contracts that have made his career to shine. He has mastered the skills and the art of real estate and shopping business earning him a high reputation in the society.

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Glen Wakeman and Launchpad Holdings Help Entrepreneurs Realize Success

Glen Wakeman has worn many hats throughout his distinguished career and some of them are investor, writer, global business executive, and entrepreneur. He’s also spent time mentoring others and teaching the mindset associated with success and productive business habits that elevate performance and careers. Glen Wakeman current endeavor, Launchpad Holdings, is all about increasing the success rate of startups which is often woeful despite innovative ideas.

Wakeman finds that many startups do indeed have a great idea as their basis, but other crucial foundational items may be lacking which ultimately leads to failure ( What he noticed is that the great idea is fleshed out and has been contemplated thoroughly, but other important factors are missing that becomes inimical to the outcome.

Launchpad Holdings is a software program that makes planning a new startup far easier and allows entrepreneurs to have a firm grasp on the business. This helps entrepreneurs develop a solid structure for their ideas and a definite plan to move ahead. The early stages of a new business are critical for the endeavor to take flight and this software can increase the chances of success.

A global vision is something that Wakeman has developed in his career and he has lived in six different countries and been responsible for operations in 30 regions across the world. This international bent has uniquely positioned him to share his insights about transformational business practices, global issues that confront business, and emerging markets to name several.

It is estimated that Glen Wakeman has helped develop over 17,000 staff members and over $15 billion in assets throughout his career. His time spent with GE Capital has enabled him to cultivate an array of skills and knowledge regarding business development and his unique insights are in demand. He has also mentored C-level executives on various business specialties that can help their careers flourish. He has a great passion for business and in particular about innovation and executive development.

Wakeman credits a course in the Spanish language as opening his mind to cultural diversity and helping him understand how others across the globe think. It also whetted his appetite to see more of the world and has contributed to his global success.

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Anthony Petrello and his Position at Narbors Industries Ltd

Nabors Industries Ltd will be acquiring Tesco Corp which is based in Houston during an all-stock transaction. Nabors Industries is based in Bermuda has its headquarters located in Houston. The deal between the two companies is set to close during the 4th quarter of 2017and the Tesco common stock will be valued at $4.62 for each share. This will be based on Nabors shares closing price on August 11th. Every outstanding share at the Tesco common stock is set to be exchanged for 0.68 Nabors common shares. After closing of the deal, the shareholders at Tesco will own approximately 10% of the shares of Nabors.

In case the deal fails to close by February 14th, 2018, Tesco Corp will pay $8 million to Nabors Industries. This was according to a filling made with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Tesco specializes in designing, manufacturing and servicing technology based solutions for the industry of upstream energy. Narbors Industries Ltd operates and also owns the largest land-based drilling rig fleet in the world. The company also offers offshore platform rigs, performance tools and directional drilling services. The deal is set to combine Nabors’ rig equipment subsidiary, Canrig with the rig equipment manufacturing of Tesco, aftermarket and rental services business.

In the first year, the operating synergies are set to be approximately $20 million after which it will be followed by the full run-rate synergies worth $30 million-$35 million. This was stated by Anthony Petrello who is the President, Chairman and CEO at Nabors Industries.

Anthony Petrello is known as one of the most important people in the United States. He was once among the highest paid CEO in the US with earnings of $68.2 million in 2014. Anthony Petrello has led Nabors Industries to become the top firm when it comes to drilling of oil and natural gas. He went to study Mathematics at Yale University after being awarded with a full scholarship to the university. He also went to Harvard Law School for his graduate studies and pursued Human Sciences. Anthony Petrello worked with Nabors Industries Ltd for almost 30 years before he was finally appointed as the CEO.

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The success of Marc Sparks and his philanthropic nature

Marc Sparks is the owner, founder, and CEO of Timber Creek. Sparks is also an entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist. He is continually transforming the new ideas into businesses. He has written a book known as ‘They Can’t Eat You.‘ The book talks about the way Marc gained success so that he can also help others become successful. The other works that he has done include the philanthropies with Habitat for Humanity. The organization has helped construct some affordable houses for families. He also has a non-profit organization, Sparky’s Kids, where he donated one thousand laptop computers. The computers went to at-risk children with American Can! Academy. Since the late 80’s, Marc has been involved with the Samaritan Inn. This is a homeless shelter found in Texas.


Mark Sparks did not open a single business and stop there. He went on to open a series of firms to become a serial entrepreneur. He is actively involved in the business of telecommunication. In addition to this, he also several other businesses. He is a venture capitalist. He has been able to provide capital to several other businesses that seem that they may be successful. This is something that requires accurate speculation, and he has been good at that. Learn more:


Sparks did not just become instantly successful. He has been involved in several businesses and companies in his career. He has been involved in real estate, telecommunication, and capital investment. He has been with Timber Creek Firm from 2000 to now. The company is a private equity that offers entrepreneurial assistance. He has also worked with Global Tec Solutions from 2001 to 2005. Here, he made decisions and analyzed the products. Splash Media has also had him from the year 2004 to currently. The company is among the largest providers of the services of marketing in the world. From the year 2006 to 2011, he worked with Reliant Healthcare, a healthcare management company that is physician sponsored. He is also working with the Cobalt Real Estate Services found in Texas. The firm deals with sales and management of the multi-family residential and commercial property. The Cardinal Telecom LCC, a distributor of cell phones nationally, has also been one of the firms that he is involved with. Learn more:


Sparks has continually been referred to as, the entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. He is an expert in business. He has used hard work to not only become successful but also to help others become successful. He has helped numerous of business to rise and become successful. Learn more:


Adam Goldenberg And His Attitude Towards Advertising In Fashion

The fashion industry is actually a tricky industry to navigate. For one thing, it is important to be unique while at the same time, offering clothes that people want to buy. There are a lot of challenges that people have to overcome. This is where Adam Goldenberg comes in. He is one of the people that deals with the technological aspects of business. He handles he analysis of what is selling and what needs to be taken care of. He is someone that looks carefully at the data so that he can improve the business of the company.


One thing that Adam Goldenberg notices about other fashion companies is that they spend too much time advertising. While it is somewhat effective to advertise something when it comes to bringing in the sales, the real selling factor is the product according to Adam Goldenberg. Some companies try to sell the items by lowering the prices. Adam realizes with his company if the product is good, then people are going to buy it regardless of the price. This is why he is always looking closely at the products that are selling. If he sees that the products are not selling, then he is going to reduce the amount of those products being made.


Adam Goldenberg has gone on interviews where he has talked about his company being seen as a unicorn. One thing Adam Goldenberg talks about is that there are a lot of aspects to business that make the company a unicorn as well as the different types of business that make the company a dinosaur. When he talks about dinosaurs, he looks at fast fashion companies. One thing that makes them dinosaurs is their business model.


Adam states that the key to his success is the ability to use the internet as a means to gain and keep customers. The companies that are primarily offline have to take the time to adapt to the times because the number of people that are shifting their attention to the online world are increasing. Therefore, the company has to adapt to take advantage of the shift.