Customers Relying on Free Services From Freedompop

A large percentage of individuals are financially strapped. They are unable to afford to pay the high costs of having a cell phone so they do without. These people are also the ones that have a difficult time affording things like internet or wifi. Some of these people are using their friend’s phones when they need to make a call. This makes the person difficult to get in touch with if there was an emergency. Freedompop Review, in the PT Money, did an article on this very subject. They show how Freedompop is helping people get the cell phone they are needing.


Freedom Pop has plans that are starting at “FREE“. These plans offer customers 200 minutes that they can use to talk on the phone. This amount is enough to get the average phone user through a whole month. The person that texts usually can go a whole month, comfortably, having 500 texts. If 500 text and 200 in voice is not enough, Freedompop offers customers the ability to purchase unlimited talk and text for $19.99 per month.


Freedompop uses the Sprint towers. Most of the time the tower is a 4G tower but sometimes it may be less. This gives the customers great coverage and internet on the go. The customer can also get the internet on the go with a 30-day money back guarantee. If not satisfied, the customer can return their devices for a full refund. One of the best features is the free shipping. Free shipping can save a customer a bundle on their orders of iPhones, Blackberries, Apple phones, Motorola, and HTC LG phone. Tablets are also available online with no contract.


If you are living on a budget but need a telephone or internet service, you should check out freedom pop. The devices are ready to hook up with your own personal phone number. Set up your email on your phone and you will be able to do most of your business online from your new phone. The wifi hotspot is available for $5 dollars per month. This can help if you are trying to work from home or do homework. Facebook time or facetime is possible with the unlimited service and data. As long as the customer is close to a tower, their service will be remarkable.


Check out the freedom pop services online at or / The service will help your budget and give you the freedom to know you always have cell service when you need it.