The American Institute of Architects the champions of architects

The American Institute of Architects has been the champions of the architecture field. They have protected the licenses of the architects through the provision of various resources. The American Institute of Architects was established in 1857 by 13 architects has grown to be the home of hundreds of architects. Presently, it has more than 90,000 architects who are certified and licensed. The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is based in Washington, USA.

AIA provides various services to members and allied partners. They provide education, government advocacy, public outreach as well as community development practices in their area of focus. AIA works jointly with the qualified team of design and construction in shaping and adding value to the construction sector. The company has a strategic market scheme that they use to market their member architects.

Moreover, they have been providing members and associate architects with web-based resources. The company believes in the future of the architecture industry, and it is committed to protecting its professionals. They have annual conference meeting for the architects, a forum that they use to discuss and share new ideas and address problems they are facing in their field. The company has come up with an excellence design where the most performing professionals get rewarded through award program. The aspect of establishing the plan is to motivate the developing architects. AIA has been sponsoring education systems teaching architecture and design.

The American Institute of Architects has created a top-notch record in handling the clients in their line of duty. The professions stick to the company`s code of ethics and ensure they perform their roles diligently. The success of every business requires a workforce behind it. Therefore AIA has over 200 board of directors who relentlessly are committed to their work. Robert Ivy serves as the CEO of the American Institute of Architects. He is the voice of the architects and the future of the architecture.

After the investigation, he initiated on the future of architecture and the role of the professional architects to the society he made the company realize the economic, social and political challenges facing them. Robert Ivy advice his friends and architects to think beyond their professional life. Ivy believes that architecture affects the public health. He has set up a design to improve public health which includes digital programs and community planning. Robert has been in the architectural field for years, and he is aiming at helping architects meet their dreams. Watch on

Meet Todd Lubar, An Avid Businessman and Entrepreneur from New Jersey

Todd Lubar recently unveiled details about his career and life on IdeaMensch. He cited that the idea to launch TDL stemmed from his 20 years’ experience in the credit and finance sector. His desire to help others in their pursuit of success led him to create a product and program called RELIEF. This program has allowed him to eliminate the barrier that stops people from becoming homeowners.

Lubar is excited by the technology involved in home remote functions. In fact, he is excited by the fact that he can control various home functions such as controlling lights, fans and a/c through the touch of a button. He also monitors his home comfortably through his phone, which is connected to security cameras.

As a successful entrepreneur, Lubar believes that it is important for one to surround yourself with people who not only challenge but also help you grow personally and professionally. He also suggested The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz as an ideal book.

Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar has proven to be one of the top businessmen in New Jersey. Over the years, he has engaged in numerous business. Todd kickstarted his career at Crestar Mortgage Corporation after graduating from Syracuse University with a BA in speech communication. He left Crestar in 1999 to join Legacy Financial group, which is situated outside Arlington Texas. As a testament to Todd’s work ethic, he transformed the company’s Maryland office into a production division with a couple of 100 million dollars in yearly loan volume.

Todd left Legacy Financial in 2005 when he decided to accept a job at Charter Funding as the senior vice president. Nonetheless, he held the position until 2007. This is due to various changes that affected the mortgage industry at the time. Todd has had a successful career in the mortgage industry to the point that he has featured among the top 25 mortgage originators in the nation for several years. Todd has also ventured into other industries throughout his career such as the demolition, recycling, night club and real estate. Currently, he serves as the president of TDL Global Ventures and the senior VP of Legendary Investments. More details can be found on Yelp.

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Brazil’s Startup Market Is Hot According To Eucatex CEO Flavio Maluf

Brazil’s economy may be contracting, but the Startup industry is expanding at an incredible rate. More than 50 percent of Brazil’s population is connected to the Internet. There are 80 million users, and 43 million of them use a mobile connection. In 2014, 51 million Brazilians did their shopping online, and 10 million of those shoppers were first time buyers. According to Flavio Maluf, the CEO of the international building supply company, Eucatex, more than 4,000 new Startups opened for business in Brazil, and many of them are Internet companies. The Startup, Hotel Urbano is a good example of a company that is taking advantage of the Internet explosion in Brazil, according to Maluf on

Rio-based Hotel Urbano provides tourism information to Internet users who want to know about Brazil and other Latin American countries. The 2011 Startup has 12 million fans on Facebook, 500 employees, and a 2014 net profit of $400 million. Maluf thinks Sao Paulo-based Evobooks is another Startup that is taking the Brazilian Internet market by storm at,veja-com-o-empresario-flavio-maluf-os-melhores-setores-para-empreender-em-2017,70001657806. Evobooks specializes in the publication of digital educational content. Evobooks is used by more than 500,000 students in Brazil, and the company was named the best Startup in 2014.

Flavio Maluf is one of Brazil’s top executives. He has an eye for identifying successful Startups. Eucatex was a small Sao Paulo Startup in 1951. Flavio’s grandfather owned a sawmill, and he wanted to get rid of the excess eucalyptus wood sitting around the mill. The elder Maluf made a eucalyptus wood ceiling tile from the excess wood. His sawmill customers like the concept and sales poured into the mill. Flavio Maluf started Eucatex to handle the domestic demand for the ceiling tiles. By 1955, Eucatex ceiling tiles were in demand in several Brazilian cities, and Argentina wanted to import the tiles for their domestic market. By the time Flavio Maluf went to work for Eucatex in 1987, the company was shipping ceiling tiles and other building products to Germany and the United States. Today, Eucatex products are sold in home improvement stores in North and South America on LinkedIn. Maluf is known as an environmentally conscious executive who cares about his company, his country, and the world.

Tony Petrello: Communication Is Key To Leadership Success

Tony Petrello is leader of the world-class gas and oil company of Nabors Industries, Ltd. He holds many leadership roles, quite frankly, within the organization. The company remains “second-to-none,” within the oil and gas industry.

Mr. Petrello, began life, with an inherent knowledge and skill, as it pertains to math. He is and has always been quite proficient in the subject of Mathematics. Considering his talent–it is right to state that persons that provide leadership, as it pertains to the well drilling, oil and gas industry, should, undeniably, possess much in the way of Mathematical skill and talent. Although, Tony Petrello, has been considered a skilled Mathematician, he is very good about communicating precision placement of well-drilling equipment to persons not as fundamentally blessed with Mathematical talent.

Tony Petrello, quite impressively, possesses two degrees in Mathematics: and the degrees come from one of the best Ivy League Colleges, going: Prestigious Yale University. Tony Petrello, during his term at Yale–attained a B.S. Degree in Mathematics; and an M.S. Degree in Mathematics. If that was not enough: the determined spirit of Anthony Petrello, (Tony) went on to attain a J.D. from another very famous University: Harvard Law School.

Tony Petrello has just the right academic background to communicate effectively, as it pertains to providing leadership, to a world-class organization. He is CEO, President and Chairman of the Board of Nabors Industries, Ltd. He communicates with persons all across the globe. He communicates to the public in general, as well as to members of staff, within the well-renowned organization. He leverages resources, by way of effectively, communicating with other viable organizations, within the oil and gas industry. Tony Petrello knows that by working, in teams and forming alliances with other important servicers within the oil and gas industry, he delivers value, and higher levels of efficiencies, to his client base.

He needs to recognize, too, the legalities, associated with world trade. He is required to understand the history of OPEC and what is required in dealing with the organization.

All of the preceding functions are not relative to an average leader. A leader, such as Tony Petrello, wears many leadership hats: however, first and foremost, Tony Petrello demonstrates that he is an effective communicator. He inspires confidence from Nabors Industries, Ltd.’s field operators, the internal operational staff and other oil and gas companies and regulators.

Penelope Kokkinides Is An Expert At Getting Things Done

The Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare Health is Penelope Kokkinides. There is something about her leadership style that made her join the company once again in 2015. She had previously worked here as the COO. She was also the Vice President and looked after Clinical Operations in InnovaCare Health.

Penelope Kokkinides believes in prioritizing her work. This is her mantra for getting things done. Her extensive knowledge, as well as experience in developing various health care processes, has led her to manage operations in an efficient manner.

Penelope Kokkinides has worked as Executive Vice President and COO for Centerlight HealthCare, and also at Touchstone Health. Her other job appointments include being the Corporate Vice President at AmeriChoice, which is a part of the UnitedHealth Group.

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She has an impressive educational background. Her bachelor’s degree is in biological sciences as well as classical languages. This is from the Binghamton University. She has earned her master’s degree from New York University. This is in social work. She has qualifications in alcohol and substance abuse, besides public health. This was from the Columbia University School of Public Health.

Penelope Kokkinides believes that each day is different. This is something that she enjoys as it keeps her alert, active and full of life. She travels a lot and makes sure that she is productive while traveling. After all, she finds a lot of peace and solitude while traveling and hence likes to get a lot done during that time. This indicates the attitude of Penelope Kokkinides which has made her an exceptional leader.

Penelope Kokkinides believes in staying connected at all times. Hence she relies a lot on portable chargers. She embraces technology by using her phone and tablet at all times. These are also responsible for keeping her productive while she is on the road.

She is well aware that good ideas are useless until and unless they are implemented. Hence she has handpicked her team so that they are able to identify with each other and turn dreams into reality.

Her leadership style is highly influenced by technology. She recognizes and understands how it has become possible for everyone to be interconnected due to technology. She realizes how she is able to connect with people no matter where they are on the globe. Hence she makes a lot of use of things such as video conferencing, screen sharing audio-conferences, and webinar and so on. She is an inspiration for many!

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The Davos CAP Calculator

The Davos Real Estate Group announced that it was introducing the company’s new mobile application known as the Davos Cap Calculator according to PRNewswire. The announcement was made on 22nd June 2016. The new app is designed to make estimates on the investments of real estate which a client wants. One of the independent firms that create Davos Financial Group is Davos Real Estate Group (REG). It has some of the qualified professionals in the real estate market.


Gerard Gonzales is the Executive Director at Davos Real Estate Group. Gerald played a significant role in designing and developing the Davos Cap Calculator in conjunction with Tecknolution. The new mobile app enables you to estimate the profit of an investment property as soon as the expenses are considered. The latest technology has been used in the development of the mobile app. It can now be found on Android Devices and iPhone. This application is the start of a sequence of complementary apps that will have the ability to recognize properties using a mobile phone. David Osio stated that the development of the Davos Cap Calculator is in line with Davos REG’s business objectives and that there was a need to help guide their clients financially when making real estate investments in the US.


Gerard Gonzales stated that this new app is an innovative tool that will assist investors to have a better financial vision when making a property purchase. He added that customers can now use Davos CAP Calculator to estimate the rent price on the property that goes in line with their projected income. This new mobile app will comprise of a Mortgage Calculator that enables clients of Davos to make estimates of their mortgage depending on the bank’s projections, the associated interest rate, and the funding period.


David Osio is the CEO of Davos Financial Group of Companies. He founded the company in 1993 and has put all his efforts towards the growth and expansion of the enterprise ever since. David worked as the CEO and President of OPED Enterprise in 1981 before moving on to work at LETCO Commercial Enterprises. David joined the Caracas Law Firm, MGO in 1984.

David Osio achieved his graduate degree at the Catholic University Andres Bello, Venezuela. He also holds a degree in International Banking Law which he earned at Estudios Superiores Administration IESA. David Osio has also won several international awards such as the Best Offshore Corporate Service Provider and the Movers and Shakers 2009.


Bob Reina: Committed To Change

When it comes to someone like Bob Reina, he is truly committed to change. That takes full belief and full consistency in what someone does and says, day in and day out. That is how he has always run Talk Fun since he founded it in 2007. Talk Fusion is the all-in-one video communications provider with video chats, video emails, video conferences, and video newsletters. All of these tools are meant for those that want more out of life and know there is more out there in life. Just because something might have started out rocky, that does not mean it is always going to be rocky.


With life, there are a ton of ebbs and flows that come with it and it is important to ride those waves and stay on the right course. That is what Bob Reina has done with Talk Fusion. He has taken a long hard look at his position at Talk Fusion and the importance of it. It is not just any other job, that is for sure. It is a job that means something, stands for something, and is an important one. He knows he has the power to really influence how people live their lives and the happiness they get out of it.


That is why he is committed to the process, through and through. When he gives out thirty day free trials, that is a vote of confidence in the product. He is letting others see what it is all about, what they can expect, and why it is worth their time. They see all of the pros that come with it. They can see how they can start finally living their lives. They can even work from home, which is the dream of just about everyone out there. They want to be able to set their own schedule, stay happy, and spend more time with their family.


That is what life is all about, at the end of the day. It is about being happy. Bob Reina is also focused on saving animal lives based on his record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society.


PR Firm Honored By The PR World Awards

Darius Fisher is the president and co-founder of Status Labs, an online reputation management, digital marketing, and public relations firm. As president, Fisher oversees the strategic vision of the company and establishes partnership with different agencies. Fisher also helps Status Labs build their domestic and international sales, as well as their account management teams. Fisher graduated with honors from Vanderbilt University, and began his career as a copywriter and political consultant.

Recently, Fisher was announced as the recipient of the prestigious PR World Awards Business Development Individual of The Year Award. The PR World Awards Program recognizes the World’s leaders in marketing, corporate communications, investor relations, and public relations. Every major industry in the World is honored. Under the leadership of Fisher, Status Labs has seen record revenue growth.

Fisher improved Status Labs’ position in the market by creating new digital service offerings and helping establish a world-class client base that includes a number of different Fortune 500 Companies from around the World. Fisher is known for his long term planning skills, and team skills. These traits have helped Fisher change the public relations industry.

According to The Daily Beast, Fisher will be recognized at the 2016 SVUS Red Carpet Awards Ceremony Dinner. Fisher says that business development is important for companies with long term goals for growth. That is why Status Labs is so invested in building brand partnerships. Fisher also says that winning the PR World Awards Business Development Individual of the Year Award is an achievement for the entire team at Status Labs.

Fisher tries to motivate employees by giving them sales goal incentives, performance awards, and even incorporating different community service opportunities into the schedule. These monthly team building events help increase morale.

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Don Ressler’s Contribution to the Development of Startups

About Don Ressler

Don Ressler is a well-known entrepreneur who has significantly contributed towards the growth of a series of startups. Don Ressler is the brain behind the success of Intelligent Beauty and its affiliates. After the acquisition of by Intermix Media 2001, Ressler formed Alena Media together with Adam Goldenberg. The Alena Media made revenues to a tune of hundreds of millions through online adverting services. However, in 2005 Intermix Media resolved and left Ressler and Goldenberg without an option than to explore new opportunities.

With the skills to excel in the growing field of e-commerce and performance advertising, the two decided to form a company that would be operated autonomously. Ressler and Goldenberg gathered several former Alena Media staff and held a brainstorming session and came up with ideas that resulted to the formation of Intelligent Beauty.

Intelligent Beauty is a direct-to-customer brand building business. Its initial offering was DERMSTORE, an online cosmetic marketplace, and skincare.Later on, Intelligent Beauty inaugurated a weight-loss system, SENSA bringing in Bret Brewer as its CEO and Dr. Alan Hirsch as the product developer. Although the company could not release its financial report, both DERMSTORE and SENSA seemed to be highly profitable. After exhausting all funds of Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler in the first two years, Technology Crossover Ventures funded Intelligent Beauty with $43 million.

In 2010, JustFab a subscription e-commerce retailer was launched as Intelligent Beauty’s third brand. In the first two years, JustFab received funding from various companies such as Matrix Partners, Rho Ventures, and Intelligent Beauty. Benefiting from the success of its two years in operation, JustFab expanded its addressable market. Considering that its target audience was the parent, JustFab acquired Fabkids, a children’s fashion subscription services in 2013. In May 2013, JustFab acquired The Fab Shoes, a European fashion e-commerce site. The acquisition of The Fab Shoes brought with it 500, 000 subscribers from Spain and France, adding to the 1.5 million subscribers JustFab had in the UK and Germany.

About JustFab

JustFab is a custom-tailored shopping experience of Goldenberg and Ressler that allows access to stylists and hottest picks. Its headquarters are located in Los Angeles. JustFab combines the luxury of handpicking and convenience of online shopping to its services. The company has a team of style experts’ that helps customers handpick trendy accessories monthly based on their personal style. They offer front-row access to all fashions, including a team of Hollywood stylists, industrial trendsetters, and insiders.



Bob Reina To Change Lives With Talk Fusion

One thing that could be said for Bob Reina, is that he has found something that he is passionate about. With Talk Fusion, he is able to help people connect with each other. He is also able to help with the creation of jobs. Bob Reina is definitely good about helping the entrepreneur with his product. One thing he knows about working for one’s self is that entrepreneurs that are starting out have a bunch of odds stacked against them. They find that it is very hard to get somewhere. Therefore, Bob Reina has looked for ways to address the most crucial part of being an entrepreneur.

When Bob Reina created Talk Fusion, he has addressed the marketing aspect of business. Talk Fusion is particularly focused on the email marketing aspect of business. The product has made it very easy for people to send videos to their recipients so that they can get a better glimpse at the product that is being marketed. For one thing, Talk Fusion has been very helpful when it comes to assisting people in meeting goals. They are able to meet them at a quicker rate as long as they know how to use all of the features for the product.

As with other successful services, Talk Fusion has a 30 day trial for marketers and people who just want to stay in touch with their loved ones. With the 30 day trial, people could see how useful Talk Fusion is. In many cases, they decide that it is worth the investment because they see the difference that it makes in their marketing. Bob Reina has put together something that can really change the lives of people of every walk. Bob is also involved in helping out nonprofits so that they could provide the assistance needed.