The Contribution of Eli Gershkovitch on Canadian Craft Beer

Canada doesn’t come to mind when people think of craft beer. However, this narrative is gradually changing thanks to Canada’s increasing influence in the global beer community. Multi-talented brewmasters are slowly bringing Canada into the limelight by reinventing beer making and developing a wide range of exciting lagers and pilsners.


In 2015, Canadian Craft beer produced approximately 10% of Canada’s beer market. In the past decade, the brewing industry has tremendously grown. Only 88 craft breweries were operational in Canada in 2006. The number increased to roughly 520 by 2015. Located in Burnaby, British Columbia is Steamworks Brewing Company. Its CEO is Eli Gershkovitch. Steamworks Brew Pub became operational in 1995. It began as a craft brewery or microbrewery. Craft breweries make small amounts of beer and compared to corporate breweries; they are much smaller and independently owned. With microbrewery, quality, brewing technique, and flavor are given prominence.

About Eli Gershkovitch


Eli Gershkovitch has immensely contributed in changing the way people globally think about Canadian craft beer (ReleaseFact). Since 1995, Eli Gershkovitch has been cooking up a wide range of wonderful brews in the neighborhood of Gastown. Before presenting a brew to the public, Eli Gershkovitch spends years perfecting it. His 1995 establishment was the first of its kind and incorporated steam-powered brewing. People could only read about steam-powered brewing, but they had never seen an operational steam brewery.


Eli Gershkovitch hasn’t always been a notable brew-meister in Canada. At some point in his life, he attended the university where he graduated with a law degree ( However, Eli Gershkovitch chose to try other things before embarking on his career. He traveled to France to explore the Alps and study art. During this trip, Eli Gershkovitch tried Belgian beer and was fairly impressed. He later traveled to Germany and toured a microbrewery. From his travels, he reconsidered his career decision and began a successful craft brewery.