Academy of Art University – Shaping the Fashion Culture

“The next best thing” is the most popular phrase used during New York Fashion Week! Designers long to create the trends that shape culture; while consumers crave style that defines their uniqueness. It’s no surprise that when it comes to exhibiting both things, nobody does it better than: The Academy of Art University! For the 21st time on the runway, recent graduates of the Academy of Art University showed their prestige by launching five womenswear and two menswear collections!

The sky may be the limit, but creativity has none when it comes to liberating style for these designers. Hailun Zhou, MFA Fashion Design, from Qing Dao, China, was one of many that took New York Fashion Week into a new dimension with her galactic design made mainly from Vinyl and PVC.

From the 1950’s to present times, denim fabrics has never lost their momentum! Eden Slezin, MFA Fashion Design, from the Bay Area floored the runway with his organic denim collection. Slezin found a way to keep the momentum going, by creating a contemporary fashion spin on a vintage fabric.

The saying “beauty is pain” is no longer the vice for fashion. Consumers want to wear clothes that are not only stylish, but are comfortable too! Nobody delivered it better than Dina Marie Lam, MFA Fashion Design, from Los Angeles, CA. The passing of her beloved aunt, triggered Lam’s womenswear collection. Through her emotions, she was able to produce clothes that are warm, fashion-forward, and operative.

The impressive list of Academy of Art University designers didn’t stop with these three! Many more new aspiring icons, such as: Carlos Rodriguez from Mexico City, Mexico, Saya Shen from Beijing, China, Joanna Jadallah from Chicago, Illinois, Jelly Shan, born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, Cana Klebanoff, from in Queens, NY, and Ryan Yu, from Shenyang, Liaoning, China gave all attendees a taste of their personalities and perspective of the world through clothing.

All things considered, it makes sense that since 1929 the Academy of Art University has stood firm in their mission: to help students develop their own style to serve the cultural wealth. The work of students continually proves to be exemplary throughout the years! As the university was the first art school to be invited to New York Fashion Week! It can’t be denied that the Academy of Art University has been the frontrunner in shaping the fashion culture!

How Kate Hudson is Leading Fabletics to Conquer New Frontiers in the e-commerce Industry

Fabletics has grown into one of the most popular fashion brands in the United States. This company is committed to providing quality products to its vast clientele. Fabletics operates online and has millions of clients who are mostly female shoppers. This brand offers a combination of professional wear, fashion, and fitness gear. Fabletics is also known for the provision of affordable, functional, and comfortable athleisure.


Fabletics and the reverse showroom strategy


In the last couple of years, Fabletics has been taking on the Amazon, which controls about 20% of the e-commerce fashion industry. Kate Hudson has been focused on growing this million dollar business into the top e-commerce venture. This entrepreneur is employing the reverse showroom technique to ensure that her company takes over the fashion industry. Fabletics has been able to manipulate reverse showroom to its advantage due to the way it runs its operations. This strategy has enabled them to turn browsing into an active endeavor, attracting numerous buyers. By so doing, their clients get to know and view products before purchasing them. Since Fabletics began using reverse showroom strategy, they have attracted about 25 percent new members to their local stores. About 50 percent of the customers who walk into Fabletics’ stores have secured membership with the brand. This company has made it easy for its clients to purchase the products they desire both online and at the local stores. In the last couple of years, Fabletics has been using the reverse showroom technique to boost its sales.


Kate Hudson and Fabletics


Kate Hudson is an actress, entrepreneur, and the director of Fabletics. This Los Angeles born executive has spent a significant part of her life acting while investing in various businesses. She currently works in collaboration with Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler in running the operations of Fabletics. Kate Hudson helped set up Fabletics in July 2013 and has since helped grow this business into the largest seller of women’s sport’s wear. Kate Hudson operates this business as an e-commerce venture under the umbrella of TechStyle Fashion Group. Throughout her tenure with this company, she has facilitated the establishment of more than 22 physical stores. Under Kate Hudson’s management, this company has been able to generate a $235 million worth of revenue since 2013. This businesswoman is passionate about inspiring other women to lead active and healthy lives. For this reason, Kate Hudson ensures that each month, Fabletics provides garments to women. Additionally, she shares her favorite pieces on a monthly basis to enable her clients to select what they fancy.

Fabletics: A Growing Opportunity

Since her iconic role in “Almost Famous,” Kate Hudson has captured the American imagination with her beauty, winning personality and effortless style. The actress’ creative insights has led her to business in Fabletics, an innovative athletic and leisure clothing company. This unique business is proving itself in a competitive market, growing to $250 million in just three years.


Fabletics is an inspirational brand that takes on a unique combination of membership and quality goods, making it one of the top companies to watch out for. Amazon, the leading distributor of the e-commerce fashion, controls at least 20% of the market, but Kate Hudson’s company is quickly making itself out to be a strong contender.


The VIP experience at Fabletics is already winning people over with its streamlined membership opportunities; you can take a fun quiz that assesses your style and preferences, and then Fabletics creates personalized recommendations for you for your lifestyle. Then you can shop to your heart’s content, browsing curated styles especially for you or exploring their gorgeous site on your own.


The Lifestyle Quiz is free and available for anyone to take, it’s a fun way to think about what clothes would best fit your life and what type of gear is the best fit for you.


The Fabletics line features everything from sport bras, leggings, shirts, shorts and even clothes that make for great outerwear and would also look great on a night on the town. You can take these quality pieces on a hike or shopping and still look great while having your clothes perform for you. Whether you love to run or your favorite workout is getting flexible in the yoga studio, Fabletics has the right gear for you. The line specializes in designs for cyclists, runners, yoga enthusiasts, and more, but all their clothes are both functional and beautiful.


Kate Hudson’s beauty and strength is inspiring, and her company Fabletics is taking athlesiure to a whole new level. Fabletics is even challenging Amazon as the top distributor of e-commerce fashion, and has quickly risen in the past three years as a notable industry participant.

Find A Way To Revolutionize How You Treat Your Hair

Your hair is very important to you because it can make or break your confidence when you need to feel secure at work, school, or play. The elements can be tough on your hair and you want to find a shampoo and conditioner that will help aid the harsh treatment of the weather. Luckily, Wen by Chaz provides an all day solution to your hair care therapy. You’ll get the protection that you need with all natural ingredients that don’t allow harsh breakage or stripping. In fact, they are reasonably priced for under $40 on Amazon to meet the demands of most budgets.
Imagine using the Wen by Chaz for the first time because that is what one young lady decided to do. She is on a college budget so it meant that she needed an affordable product. She wanted something that would help with her thinning hair and give her stronger hair. She used their strengthening conditioner for a week and was astonished with the results. She noticed that her hair had far less breakage that usual and she loved the aroma. After she washed her hair she felt relaxed and her scalp felt nourished like never before.

Wen by Chaz is used by thousands of men and women each year to grow and strengthen their hair. They wanted a product that didn’t have additives that are known to be damaging to your hair. In fact, they all agree that is was very easy to order Wen by Chaz and have it shipped to their door in under a week. Their hair got the beauty and shine that it needed for a better price than what the competition was offering. Many people have taken their confidence back with their hair with Wen by Chaz. Will you do the same thing to rebuild or revitalize your hair? Learn more about Wen, Check out the Wen official YouTube channel for more information on this amazing brand.


Lime Crime Offers Better Color Choices For Everyone

Lime Crime’s Facebook is the best place for women to go when they want to wear better colors, and every single of them will find something that really works for them. All women deserve to have colors that make them feel good, and they deserve to find something that is as bright as their personality. That is the challenge and the struggle for most women who are tired of the older brands, but now they can come to Lime Crime for help.

The founder is named Doe Deere, and she has created a company that offers colors no one else would sell. She has made it so that the company is vegan, and she lets everyone buy online so that they do not have to go to a makeup counter to get help. This means that a woman can have her makeup show up at her door, and then she will be able to throw those colors on at any time. She will also be able to buy something that is more in line with her lifestyle.

The bright colors that exist at Lime Crime are a testament to all women who are trying to look their best and feel good about the coloring they are using. There is just too much for women to go through when they try the traditional brands, and now they are very happy with the Lime Crime brand because it is very serious about how it presents colors. The bright colors that women wear with Lime Crime were made to help women find something new, and there is even inspiration online that women can use to put their makeup on. Doe Deere has committed to making her brand the most accessible in the industry, and she has made it so that women will all feel their best.  Check out what you can buy on Amazon, or you can follow the Lime Crime Tumblr for more ideas.

Wen by Chaz Hair Care can Improve Your Hair

There are a lot of hair care products that say they can help repair your hair. You may not know what the big deal is when you are looking at hair care products. The good news is there is one product that can help your hair look and feel it’s best.

What Can Wen by Chaz do for You?

There are several things Wen by Chaz [] can do for your hair. The biggest is that it can repair a lot of damage from before to any more you may see happen later on. The hair care products work with your hair and with your styling habits to help repair the things that are not working for your hair. They also help keep the hair as healthy as possible so it can be styled easily and will look it’s best.

Why Wen by Chaz?

The biggest reasons you may want to look at this Sephora hair care kit is so you can fix what may already be damaged with your hair. This can be hard if you are not sure what may be causing your damage. WEN by Chaz is used to repair the damage in your hair by adding back the damaged parts of your hair. This means that it builds the hair and makes it easier to work with.

There are a lot of options in hair care products that can help your hair to look better and feel better. You may have to try different ones so you know that Wen by Chaz is going to be the best one for you. If you aren’t sure about what will be good, you can do some research into Wen by Chaz to see if it’s what you want. Wen is available on Amazon online.


New Hot Bikinis for Summer!

Kate Hudson’s is releasing a new swimming collection this summer that is sure to have heads rolling. It is all part of her new line that creates fashion and trendy forward gym active wear. Her line already brings sexy and stylish to the gym, and now she is bringing it to the beach. Her line is a big competitor for big brands that focus on athletic wear. One of the example is Nike.

So imagine how her new swim wear collection is going to be! So far Kate’s new line has had nothing but great reviews. There is a great article on Elite Daily that expands more on her new swim line and how affordable it is going to be about Fabletics.

The best part of the swim line is that it going to have a varity of sizes so all sizes can enjoy these sexy stylish swim wear. Above all they are also very affordable for people to enjoy more than just one bikini.

Even if you are just getting a couple of swim suits or decided to get the awesome membership that allows you to get more for your money. It will be great decision that will having you coming back for more.

A Bustle article reported that Fabletics is the new brand that Kate has launched. So far they have nothing but great styles for your everyday sexy gym clothes. Fabletics also brings something new to the table which is a VIP membership. They are currently offering the first set of clothes for under $25 which includes the top and bottoms.

Then after that you can choose to have a membership and that allows you to choose new tops and bottoms each month for no extra cost! The great part of this is that if you do not want to get a new clothes that month you can select the ‘skip month’ option and not pay for that month; which is awesome!

Fabeletics is great company that creates valued products rather than expensive cheap ones. It is the place shop for summer!

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