The Best Feudal Japan Anime



If you are an avid anime watcher you are probably familiar with a subgenre of anime that might be called samurai anime. Over the years various animators and production companies that are based in Japan have chosen to take a stab at delivering their take on what Japan was like during what some might consider the warring states era. The setting for this kind of anime is feudal Japan where the characters and storylines find themselves being driven by or interacting with the fragmented political system in Japan during a time where power was distributed among a number of lords rather than being concentrated in a single ruler.

Oftentimes the audience gets to see the protagonists and other characters traverse the Japanese countryside while visiting farming villages, interacting with roaming warriors and coming into contact with minor gods and demons who are pursuing agendas of their own.


What this kind of anime tends to share is a common setting that places its storyline in feudal Japan and plotlines that arguably mirror the political situation that Japan was experiencing at that particular moment in history. While there are many different anime that deserve to be recognized as the best in the Feudal Japan anime sub-genre, there is probably little doubt that anime like Samurai Champloo, Inuyasha and Hayao Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke should make the shortlist for being the best in the genre.

Inuyasha follows the titular character and his romance anime interest Kagome, a schoolgirl from 20th century Japan, as they go on a quest to find an ancient jewel and fight a demon named Naraku whose quest for power and status as a demon who absorbs other demons, might resemble real warlords in actual feudal Japan who were probably interested in consolidating their power.