Paul Mampilly Gives Insider Access To His Knowledge Through Profits Unlimited

The Gazette recently published an article titled “Paul Mampilly Shares his Investment Secrets with his 60,000 Newsletter Subscribers” where Erica Smith discusses a leading investment newsletter called Profits Unlimited. The newsletter is written by Paul Mampilly, a noted investor who achieved early success with stocks like Sarepta and Netflix.

Mampilly’s newsletter has gained 60,000 subscribers over the course of one year. The eight-page newsletter focuses on one or two stocks Mampilly highlights from a recommended portfolio. Each newsletter is incredibly detailed and helpful for the audience. Not only does he recommend several stocks, but he provides a comprehensive analysis of why he chooses them. The newsletter also contains a monthly update and trade alerts which tell the readers when to sell.

Mampilly’s philosophy with Profits Unlimited based in education. Unlike other investors who simply do the work for them, Paul Mampilly seeks to teach his readers and empower them with knowledge. They are able to learn how to invest wisely, but he also makes sure that they are responsible for trading their stocks, setting up their brokerage account and even updating their portfolios.

On the website, they are also able to access a members only site that is encrypted to keep member information safe and secure. Many of his subscribers speak highly of his methods because 85% of his choices are continuously profitable.

There is also a team dedicated to helping subscribers if they have any questions. Not only can they help the members with questions, but they can also help them through the overall trading process.

Mampilly publishes the newsletter through Banyan Hill Publishing. On the website he shows prospective members what to expect from becoming a member to the newsletter. Not only will they get access to the newsletter but they will become a part of his knowledgeable inner circle.

Paul Mampilly has had great success as a hedge fund manager and investor. In 2009, he won a prestigious competition held by the Templeton Foundation. There he invested $50 million and made it yield $88 million without sacrificing stocks. This is particularly impressive given the time, which was at one of the worst moments during the recession.

In addition to his newsletter, he was the Founder of Capuchin Consulting. He has been seen on a variety of T.V. networks like CNBC and Bloomberg TV. He began his career at Detsche Bank in 1991 where he managed accounts for those who were just beginning as well as those with millions of dollars to invest.

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