Jim Hunt of VTA Publications Was Interviewed On Ideamensch


Jim Hunt is the founder of the company, VTA Publications, in the United Kingdom. He is now an entrepreneur and formerly worked in the banking industry. He was recently interviewed on Ideamensch. Below are some of the highlights of the interview.


Mr. Hunt was asked what drove him to create his business. He responded by saying that once he figured out how the big banks work, he felt an urge to reveal his understanding of the financial system. This way, other people can benefit from the financial system and not just the big banks.


The next questions asked were how does an average day play out for him and what does he do to make his day more productive. Mr. Hunt replied that he is most active in the morning. That is when he spends time thinking about marketing ideas and new ways of trading stocks. He said that he likes to start his day off with a workout to get creative juices flowing and to create a positive mood when beginning work. He says he has a light lunch, so it does not drag him to sleep in the afternoon. Work life balance is important says Jim Hunt. He always takes the time out from work to eat dinner with his family.


Ideamensch’s next question was how does you bring ideas to fruition? His answer was that he looks at what the customer is looking, and then comes up with ideas to try and solve it. He does heavy research on the topic and then lets solutions come naturally. Jim says that when ideas come out, he calls it the eurekea moment for him. You can check out the full interview on Ideamensch.


About VTA Publications


VTA Publications is a company founded by financial advisor and stock trader Jim Hunt. The company is based in Kings Lynn, England. It creates online courses for distance learning in the fields of finance and economics. The firm also helps organize seminars in these fields. Courses are created with the input of financial experts with real world experience. VTA Publication can also take care of booking for presentations and seminars. You can see some of the products offered at the company here.