The Traveling Vineyard is a direct sales American company situated in Ipswich, Massachusets that lets its members earn flexible income by doing what they adore, sharing wine with family and friends. It uses a direct-selling platform to promote and enhance the sale of wine.The company was founded in the year 2001 and 2010, Richard Libby purchased and restructured it. The company is comprised of five thousand independent representatives(Wine Guides) who market its products and services.

The products

The Traveling Vineyard prides itself on having twenty-one different types of wine in three distinct categories, namely; white, red, sweet and fizzy. They also sell other accessories such as wine openers, decanters, and chillers.

How traveling vineyard operates

The Success Kit also contains tasting glasses and ten bottles of wine which are purposely meant for the first two tastings. The Wine Guides are supposed to ensure that they make sales of at least seven hundred and fifty dollars from the two wine kits that they receive.

Wine Tastings

These activities are conducted by the Wine Guides who link up with hosts from their social networks. This is done in a bid to carry out, in-house wine tastings for friends, family and sometimes even interested strangers. They supply the host and their guests with particular kinds of wine, with the opportunity to order the ones that they like.


This lucrative trade has seen Wine Guides make approximately fifteen percent to thirty-five percent in commission from monthly sales. They also get a twenty percent discount off wine and earn incentive trips, which are all expense paid, for meeting certain targets such as, getting promoted, hosting events or even sponsoring new members into their teams.

Why it is a viable business opportunity

Americans have a soft spot for wine.

Statistics show that most Americans consume a lot of wine and in the year 2013, it is said that they consumed eight hundred and eighty-two million gallons of wine. One can never go wrong in this niche.

It is an easy way to make money

From the above inference, we can make out that wine is a very popular consumable product. Therefore, it is quite easy to get reorders from clients.


This business opportunity allows Wine Guides to work as much or as little as they like because there are no sales quotas imposed at the end of the month. They can control their work schedules.

Low start up cost

The only amount that a Wine Guide requires to start this business is approximately 200$ which is quite inexpensive.


The above inferences depict that the Traveling Vineyard is a very lucrative trade, as long as a Wine Guide does his/her part by paying the two hundred dollars, hosting as many wine tasting events as they can and ensuring that they make sales from those events.Another merit is that the company ships its products to buyers at their request. Therefore, Wine Guides need not spend so much purchasing equipment and supplies, which saves a lot of costs.Customers also gain from this system because, before they buy wine, they are usually given an opportunity to sample different varieties of wine and settle for the one they like most.