How EOS Changed the Lip Balm Industry

Less than a decade ago, EOS,, emerged from out of nowhere to take on some of the behemoths competitors in the lip balm market. The lip balm industry was, for a long time, defined by its lack of innovation. Products didn’t change significantly and customers continually bought existing lip balms even if they were uninspired by them. After all, there wasn’t much of an alternative.

When EOS broke through their product offerings were viewed as being fresh, innovative, and appealed directly to the largest buyer of lip balms, women. Previously, niche products weren’t designed for lip balms, and none with crossover appeal that EOS had. The bright and colorful containers that EOS sold in a unique applicator orb, started to soar off the shelves of Costco, Walmart and online on eBay and Amazon, but the information behind the design of this case is even more interesting.

EOS was founded by co-founders who had relevant industry experience and who looked to create a product that their customers could be passionate about. Women, the market segment that they concentrated on, complained about the problem of finding their lip balm in their purse. The standard tubes were easy to lose and hard to find in a cluttered purse. EOS created their applicator orbs as a response to that but made sure to stay away from the jar design that was used by some competitors as being unsanitary.

Beyond that, EOS used organic ingredients that were non-artificial in nature and this added not only to the taste of their lip balms, but also to the quality. EOS lip balm was created in a variety of different flavors that were fun and a far leap away from t standard flavors such as mint and cherry that their competition created. Using higher quality ingredients allowed EO to charge higher prices as Well and the brand emerged had a loyal following of customers.