Equities First Holdings: World’s Best Source Of Stocks-Based Loans

Equities First Holdings is one of the surprises of the twenty-first century, turning in spectacular performance just in 14 years of existence. Not many took the company serious when it came up with innovative and viable financing solutions to the problems created by global economic meltdown. The founder, Al Christy, Jr., was quick to see the good that will be done by introducing stocks-based loans to business persons and organization world over.

It is now obvious that the conventional credit-based loans from banks and other lending institutions have failed to arrest the financial hazards facing the business world. Organizations operating with this type of loans are finding it difficult making ends meet as the interest rates are simply outrageous leaving them with little or nothing as profits. Even the loans, most times, are not forthcoming. The banks keep tightening the lending criteria demanding for huge collateral that are beyond most business men and women.

The coming of Equities First Holdings was thus a blessing in every way. The company operates as a global entity with little or no respect for national boundaries. Anybody from any country can transact business with EFH. Individuals and organizations that are in dire need of working capitals now have a viable alternative. With some amount of stocks you become qualify for the loans. The interest rates are negligible, in the region of 3 to 4 percent, something that will not post any challenge. The fixed nature of the interest rate will in no small measure provide some level of certainty all through the period of the loans.

Stocks-based loans from Equities First Holdings are generally non-recourse in nature. This is good for the borrower because business returns may nose-dive, leaving the owner disappointed and unable to pay back. EFH has decided to take the larger share of the risk in such a case by allowing the borrower walk away only forfeiting the stocks use as collateral.Equities First Holdings has proven to be the best source of loans by demanding minimal and fixed interest rates and bearing much of the risk in the event the borrower default in paying back.