Online Reputation Management – The Statistics

Google is rapidly becoming a vital step in the hiring process. Employers and recruiters are now using Google as hiring research tool more than ever before. If you Google search your name, would the information that you find provide valid proof that you are a valuable prospect to the company you are applying to? Hopefully it is considering an online name search is much like a first impression to any company.

Companies actually use online search techniques statistically more than most employees believe. For example, 75% of HR departments must conduct an online research of the candidate applying for hire. Out of the large majority of employers that use Google in the hiring process, 70% have reported rejecting applicants due to information found in the search. On the other hand, 85% say that favorable information found online has led to a hire.

Aside from Google, social media is also a large factor when deciding whether to hire an employee or not. The estimated 60% of employers that do utilize social media in the hiring process report that they scan profiles in search of inappropriate or illegal content and even analyze the applicant’s communication skills presented on the profiles.

If you search your name online and get results that may not be favorable when applying for a job, you are not alone. In fact, nearly 48% of adults who have searched their name online claim that the information found is negative.

The times of passive reputation management are over. Nearly every employer and employee is online which makes the internet a key factor of your reputation. Information founnow being used to make large decisions more than ever and scoring that next big opportunity lies in the hands of your online reputation.