Motorsports Interest Entrepreneur Rodrigo Terpins

The off-road motorsports sector is one not often associated with the offspring of successful business people; the more glamorous world of Formula One has seen the heir’s to many fortunes begin successful sporting careers. However, the Brazilian Terpins family has recently seen its own rally enthusiast reach his highest level of success in a sport he became interested in way back in 2002; Rodrigo Terpins embarked on a career in off-road driving which sees him now classed as one of the most important prototypes T1 class drivers in South America.


Both Rodrigo and brother Michel have continued a sporting tradition begun by their father, Jack and his prolonged basketball career. Michel has developed an interest in motorcycle racing while Rodrigo has extended his interest in the rally sector with a partnership with the MEM team he credited his latest success to as he recognized the input of a dedicated crew of technicians working to keep his car on the road. Rodrigo Terpins is following in the footsteps of his brother Michel, who has become one of the top Brazilian off-road rally drivers with a series of victories dating back over a decade.


According to Terra, the sporting success of Rodrigo Terpins has come to the fore with a dedicated period of success in Brazil’s most difficult rally championship taking place across seven stages and more than 2,500 miles. Some of the top drivers and teams in the world make their way to Brazil for the race and find themselves struggling to make an impact on the overall standings, a problem Rodrigo Terpins did not face during this year’s race. The entrepreneur and heir to an impressive real estate business established by Jack Terpins found himself and his team on the podium as one of the top T1 category cars in the race. The 38 competitor field saw Rodrigo Terpins rise to the eighth position by the time the race was over for one of the best results ever achieved by Rodrigo in his motorsports career. For more info, visit