Sinfully Beautiful Results with Makari’s Skin Lightener and Brightener Formulas

Glistening, glowing, luminous skin is the desire of all women today; and many women wish to see undesirable pigmentation or age spots fade into the background. Think you can’t get the answer to both wishes in one fell swoop? Think again! Makari de Suisse has developed a full line of cutting edge products designed to both make your skin swoon-worthy dewy as well as causing those dark spots to fade into oblivion. Makari’s best selling item is the skin whitening cream.

Makari means “beautiful” in Swahili and for the past ten years its Swiss made products have left women from all cultures around the world beaming about the results of using them. Free of harmful chemicals, Makari’s skin care products rely on organic plant extracts and even…dare we say it?…luxurious caviar extracts. Yes, caviar, as in an indulgence of the rich and famous. However, you don’t have to be rich or famous to indulge in these products.

Start your morning with the Clarifying Whitening Exfoliating Antiseptic Soap, full of mulberry extract and citric acid to naturally begin to work on hyperpigmentation and blemishes. Follow with the skin lightening Purifying and Cleansing Toner, which also contains mulberry extract. Mulberry extract is excellent for blemishes and the Toner’s aloe vera leaves skin feeling refreshed. From there, move to the Exclusive Toning Serum 2. This formula contains a proprietary ingredient, Organiclarine, designed to lighten skin using natural products. The serum blends into the skin so smoothly, you’ll swear you’re not wearing any product on your face, let alone one as hard working as the Exclusive Toning Serum 2.

Do you have normal to oily skin? Makari has got you covered. The next step in your beauty routine is the Day Treatment Cream with its high lightening agent content. Normal to dry skin? You’ll benefit from the ultra-rich Caviar Face Cream. Just one use will leave you sold on its ability to correct skin discolorations while leaving the skin feeling silky smooth.

Repeat these steps at night, replacing the Day Treatment Cream and Caviar Face Cream with the Night Treatment Cream, designed to enhance the ability to lighten dark patches without irritating the skin.

Whatever your skin type, wherever you live, Makari’s skin care line can help you achieve your desired results in lightening and brightening your complexion.