Bruce Levenson Sells Atlanta Hawks to Buying Group

The Atlanta Hawks have been a team going through a transformation for the better part of the past ten to fifteen years. At one point in time not only were the Hawks a bad team but they were also considered to be a franchise currently going through a rebuild in the front office. Then 2004 came around and with it Bruce Levenson. Levenson purchased the team and provided stability for a franchise that desperately needed it, eventually crafting a roster and a front office group that started to win games consistently. With his rebuild of the Hawks completed Levenson followed a long line of owners who have chosen to sell their teams while still on top.

Antony Ressler, who found success as an investment fund manager, was the guy to show up ready to purchase the Hawks. Ressler is a minority owner of the Milwaukee Brewers but his fascination has always been with the world of the NBA. Ressler had previously tried to purchase the Los Angeles Clippers but he was stymied when then owner Steve Ballmer requested $2 billion for the team. Instead Ressler bid his time and waited for an opportunity, one that the Hawks eventually offered up.

Alongside Antony Ressler is former NBA player Grant Hill and a host of other financial backers who all saw potential in Atlanta. This buying group approached Bruce Levenson and the Hawks and quickly ponied up the $850 million that was being requested. According to, the deal was quickly made and now we are looking at Atlanta once more going into transition. The question from Atlanta hawk fans is simple: does Ressler have what it takes to take the team to the next level? Ressler immediately put out a statement saying that he was proud to be an owner and “honored” to become the “new steward of the Hawks”.