The Contribution of Eli Gershkovitch on Canadian Craft Beer

Canada doesn’t come to mind when people think of craft beer. However, this narrative is gradually changing thanks to Canada’s increasing influence in the global beer community. Multi-talented brewmasters are slowly bringing Canada into the limelight by reinventing beer making and developing a wide range of exciting lagers and pilsners.


In 2015, Canadian Craft beer produced approximately 10% of Canada’s beer market. In the past decade, the brewing industry has tremendously grown. Only 88 craft breweries were operational in Canada in 2006. The number increased to roughly 520 by 2015. Located in Burnaby, British Columbia is Steamworks Brewing Company. Its CEO is Eli Gershkovitch. Steamworks Brew Pub became operational in 1995. It began as a craft brewery or microbrewery. Craft breweries make small amounts of beer and compared to corporate breweries; they are much smaller and independently owned. With microbrewery, quality, brewing technique, and flavor are given prominence.

About Eli Gershkovitch


Eli Gershkovitch has immensely contributed in changing the way people globally think about Canadian craft beer (ReleaseFact). Since 1995, Eli Gershkovitch has been cooking up a wide range of wonderful brews in the neighborhood of Gastown. Before presenting a brew to the public, Eli Gershkovitch spends years perfecting it. His 1995 establishment was the first of its kind and incorporated steam-powered brewing. People could only read about steam-powered brewing, but they had never seen an operational steam brewery.


Eli Gershkovitch hasn’t always been a notable brew-meister in Canada. At some point in his life, he attended the university where he graduated with a law degree ( However, Eli Gershkovitch chose to try other things before embarking on his career. He traveled to France to explore the Alps and study art. During this trip, Eli Gershkovitch tried Belgian beer and was fairly impressed. He later traveled to Germany and toured a microbrewery. From his travels, he reconsidered his career decision and began a successful craft brewery.

Edisoft Inc. is Taking Advantage of Technology Advancement to Develop Appropriate Solutions for Enhancing Supply Chain Performance

A few years back, the measure of on-time performance for the transportation departments was the key performance indicator (KPI). Once measured, the carrier score was then reviewed. While the rails compared their carriers to the scheduled departure times, motor carriers evaluated their performance by their service types.


Uses of data to improve supply chain performance


Currently, shippers have access to more data, which is provided by the Internet of Things (IoT), GPS, and real-time tracking ( Even with the emerging new technologies, some entrepreneurs still rely on the carriers. When it comes to assessing the opportunities for the supply chain performance, the key performance indicator views the metrics and subsequently the trading partners.

International shipments have an average cycle of twenty-one days with one variability while the local ones have four days and one-day variability. Given that international shipments require more trading partners, this has made it possible for international shipments to identify the difference variability. Aside from carrier performance, entrepreneurs are currently devoted to measuring high-end supply chains. The data being reviewed cuts across fields, such as multiple parties, logistics functions, compliance, and international shipments. Examples of the key performance indicator include assessing the performance of a trans-loader, duration on which data is provided for filling and reviewing the landed cost of the merchandise. Data from all parties must be accurately evaluated and completed for appropriate inference to be made. The key performance indicator remains the best practices when it comes to improving carrier performance.


About Edisoft Inc


Edisoft Inc is a tech company whose headquarters is in Toronto. This company is the leading provider of software solutions to customers. This company is committed to helping distributors and manufacturers improve the supply chain performance ( Edisoft is dedicated to delivering automated vendor compliance and supply chain services. This firm has operations in Miami, USA, Toronto, Canada, and Florida.


This company has been in business since 1995. Its mission has always been to provide unmatched EDI solutions that will help grow small businesses. Edisoft is a global service provider that provides services through its subsidiaries such as:


  • Edisoft Merchant
  • Merchant XChange
  • Merchant QuikPAK
  • Merchant XChange

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What You Should Consider When Planning For a Party

Most people consider party planning to be a complicated process especially in the absence of adequate assistance and pre-planned programs. In essence, planning an event or party shouldn’t be as intimidating as most people perceive it to be. By following an organized schedule coupled by early planning, you can rest assured that the entire process should be simple, to say the least. Basically, the first step entails preparing a detailed checklist outlining the number of guests expected. However, such a list should be prepared one month before to ensure adequate preparations are made.


Alternatively, every party symbolizes a certain event from birthdays to weddings and even holidays. In essence, it’s advisable to create a theme that distinguishes this particular event from any other. The theme is also known to set a theme upon which guests can relate to and mingle freely. For instance, birthdays and holidays can be commemorated by serving popular drinks at a designated space or even opt for a brunch theme with various dishes on the menu.


Sending out invites speaks volumes about the nature and magnitude of the party planned by organizers. Nothing is as efficient and classy as sending out mailed invitations to your guests in the build up to the event. Although online invitations have been on the rise, it’s much advisable to stick to the old fashioned method. Based on the creativity needed, you could completely come up with an original concept or focus on a well-designed invitation aimed at bringing the best out of the party. For best results, seek advice from seasoned corporate event planners in NYC.


Since every party is bound to have food, it’s advisable to have simple appetizers that allow guests to sample other flavors. In relation to this, keep the setting as simple as possible while also offering a self-serve bar aimed at promoting diversity and creativity. In case executing such instructions proves to be a tall order, you might want to consult event planning companies for adequate assistance on the way forward.


Profile of Twenty Three Layers


Headquartered in NYC, Twenty Three Layers focuses on adopting creative and energetic minds to ensure that every party is a success. Irrespective of the setting, the company is adept at executing tasks with finesse while also keeping in line with company policies.

Cassio Audi Moves From Drumming To The Financial Industry

The financial industry in Brazil has been through some difficult times over the last two decades, but one name has remained constantly impressive throughout the passage of recent years, Cassio Audi. The impressive investment specialist has moved between a range of different investment opportunities that have taken in some of the world’s most impressive financial institutions; no matter how successful he becomes as a financial and investment expert, to many members of the Brazilian heavy metal community, Cassio Audi will always be remembered as the original drummer for the band Viper.

Cassio Audi joined Viper in its first days after founding members Yves and Pit Passarell joined forces with singer Andre Motas to form the first incarnation of a band that would go on to become a major force in the global heavy metal genre. Alongside guitarist Felipe Machad, Cassio Audi and his fellow band members began to obtain a loyal and growing following for their musical performances in live venues across Brazil.

The drummer made his name with Viper creating their initial sound that would be recorded for the first time on their first demo recordings that would be put together and released as “The Killera Sword” soon after their founding in 1985; by 1987, Viper had created enough songs to develop their own sound as a band that would lead to the recording of “Soldiers of Sunrise”, the band’s first studio album. “Soldiers of Sunrise” remains classed as a classic of the heavy metal genre in Brazil because of the musical skills of the young members of Viper at the time of its creation; Cassio Audi continued his career as a musician until 1989 when he departed the band for a career in finance that has continued across almost three decades of success.

For more information follow Cassio Audi on Facebook.

Capital Group Appoints A New Executive

Timothy Armour is the Principal, Director, and Chairman at Capital Research and Management Company. He began working with the company in 1983 through the Associates Program. He began working as a portfolio analyst and eventually worked his way up to Equity Portfolio Manager. He also served as equity Investment Analyst at Capital and was responsible for global telecommunications.

Timothy Armour has been with Capital Group for thirty-three years and has added a wealth of investment experience to the companies resources. He was named as Chairman of the money manager. Timothy Armour’s appointment to chairman comes after the passing of his predecessor James Rothenberg.His new position is of great importance and the company felt that he was the perfect choice for the job because of his extensive inside knowledge of the company. Capital Group oversees $1.25 trillion for their clients.

In recent years, especially after the financial crisis that took place in 2008, investors have been pulling their funds from stock funds to index funds as means of trying to create more stability. The company has, however, maintained its staff in the same capacity as it had previously whereas other companies were getting rid of managers and hiring more sales personnel. Timothy Armour felt that it was important to carry on with business as usual rather than flinching at the changes in the market.

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The firm has been around since 1931 and was founded by Jonathan Bell Lovelace. The company has a unique structure which takes a multi-manager approach to be able to give all aspects of the business the attention that they need. Although this is an unconventional approach it has worked extremely well for them and has led them to incredible growth. In fact. Capital Group is one of the largest financial management firms in the world. They have been trusted by investors for decades to increase their portfolio values and help steer them in the right direction when it comes to creating wealth. Timothy Armour’s appointment to CEO is expected to push the company in the right direction to help create growth and direction for this highly respected company and its clients.

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US Money Reserve, Inc.: The Ultimate Specialist in Legal Tender Forms

Some gold market veterans found the U.S. Money Reserve in 2001. These men saw a great need within the market of combining expert knowledge, premium customer service, and reliable guidance required when purchasing precious metals. As a result, U.S. Money Reserve is now one of the world’s biggest distributors of U.S. and foreign government issued platinum, gold, and silver legal tender products. They have been working with hundreds of thousands of customers who are now highly financially secured because of them.

Based in Austin, Texas, this is a private company with around 51 to 200 employees. Their site is They also earn a reported $50 to $100 million each year in revenue.

U.S. Money Reserve continues to strive in providing the most exceptional gold, platinum, and silver coins on the market that are issued by the U.S. and foreign governments. For several years now, a plethora of clients have trusted in their ability to assist in choosing coins with the highest value. Their skillful team consults with clients on the benefits associated with the purchasing of U.S. and foreign government issued products. Their senior gold specialists assist clients in determining the best selections of precious metal that will achieve their clients’ goals. And as a result, many have chosen U.S. Money Reserve, Inc. because of their commitment to client satisfaction. This company provides resources and support designed to produce a pleasurable buying experience to seasoned and first time buyers.

The president of this company is named Philip Diehl, and he is also the chairman of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA). He was formerly the director of US Mint, and he served as the vice chair of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA) board of directors. US Money Reserve staff also consists of coin research professionals, a customer relations department, an industry leading numismatic expert, sales verification personnel, a compliance and standards department, a business support department, and a shipping and vault department. With these teams working together, US Money Reserve provides high quality bars, bullion, and coins.

Buying legal tender products that are US and foreign government issued has a plethora of advantages. Customers can own tangible assets. They can also receive the coins in the legal tender forms of physical platinum, silver, or gold. Additionally, coins can be delivered to the customer via bank, office, or home.