David Osio in Helping Communities Across the Globe

The successful businessman and chief executive officer of Davos Financial Group David Osio continues to make considerable contributions to non-profit organizations that support communities, the arts and the scientific community.

For many years, Osio and Davos Financial Group and its independent businesses have been helping local communities through music, the arts, and the scientific communities. Osio, a man who believes in social responsibility, supports non-profit organizations locally and internationally. As a resident of Miami, he was for several years a board member of the Miami Symphony Orchestra, and he has also donated a lot of money to this organization. According to Osio, he is an unusual supporter of the Miami Symphony Orchestra, and he is glad that this foundation still exists. It brings a lot of joy to many Floridians.

After having a long and prominent trajectory in banking, management, and law, he founded Davos Financial Group in 1993. Osio has been able to successfully lead the direction of the company thanks to his work experience and knowledge in finances and law. Davos Financial Group has been able to expand considerable internationally. Osio has established independent and licensed businesses in the United States and Switzerland. Osio also tries to contribute charitably as much as possible in every community that he operates.

Osio supports many international organizations, such as the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation, which he has been supporting for years. Osio is a strong supporter of the scientific and medical community. He personally wishes that more people could contribute to the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation since supporting medical research for children is very important. Osio is also a strong supporter of the arts. He has funded the Saludarte Foundation of Art in Miami, institution which many times has starred prominent artists. Osio has received many awards, such as the Medal of Honor of the United States Congress and the 2014 Miami Award Winner.

Osio is from Venezuela, and he is one of the most prominent businessman of this country. Before he founded Davos Financial Group, he worked for MGO, one of the most prestigious law firms in Caracas. At this firm, he dealt with many important clients, such as Ferro Corporation and Consolodated Bank. Osio studied law at the Catholic University of Andres Bello. Then, he pursued advanced studies at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Administration. At this university, he studied international banking law. Osio has also worked for a couple of prestigious financial firms from Miami, which target the Latino community in regards to alternative investments.

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