David Osio Ups His Philanthropic Support Globally

David Osio, a businessman, is striving a lot to make a significant difference in the world today via his philanthropic efforts. He is a staunch supporter of art, music, the community and medical research. For over two decades the financial counsel expert, David Osio, has collaborated constantly with various non-profit organizations. These are organizations that seek to better the art, culture and people in the various communities he develops his business. Apart from only growing his financial services, he has also expanded his support to various charitable organizations globally. David has for instance offered support to the MISO (Miami Symphony Orchestra) for the years he had served as an Orchestra Board member. David stated that he supports MISO annually and it is rewarding for him to see the iconic foundations bringing joy to the community for years due to their donations.


Osio has also supported the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation by being the traditional event sponsor of EPK every year. He stresses the importance of every bit regardless of its size to help medical researches for children. David hopes that more people who are fortunate will join hands to make a donation that will make a difference to the important cause. Osio ensures that in every city where his business is located, he continues charitable growth. He offers donations to the UMA Foundation, Wayuu Taya Foundation and Fundana Foundation. He funded the Saludarte Foundation of Art, Miami. Artist Carlos Cruz Diez was the latest exhibition. David has achieved a number of international recognition and awards for his contributions to the needy communities.


About David Osio


David Osio is the founder Davos Financial Group of companies based in Venezuela, founder and CEO. From 1993, he has been in commitment to provide financial advice to an elite group of clientele. He has been able to propel the profitability of his company which has in turn allowed him to position several licensed and independent companies strategically in various major cities in the world like Miami, Geneva, New York and Panama. David is a Law graduate from the Catholic University Andres Bello, Caracas Venezuela. He started his career at Caracas Law firm MGO offering legal advice to Consolidated Bank and Ferro Corporation. He then cleared his specialization degree in International Banking Law at Institute of Higher Administration Studies (IESA) in Caracas. He also studied Management Investment Portfolios at New York Finance Institute.


Apart from financial success, his Group of Companies has strived in maintaining an enduring corporate social responsibility. He has offered support to a number of non-profits involved in the fields of culture and art. Osio is relentlessly leading Davos to greater heights in corporate and social responsibility.

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