Dick and Betsy DeVos Look to Contribute to Educational Improvement

Betsy DeVos has recently had an interview in which she has revealed her intention to help improve the educational system. The core focus of improving the educational system consists of privatizing a students’ choice of where they go to school. This will allow both parents and students the opportunity to decide where to attend school as well as what curriculum to follow. Since the public schools are not living up to many people’s expectations, Betsy believes that providing students with a choice of where to receive their education will provide them with more benefits. She has suggested that students receive vouchers in order to finance their education instead of relying on public schools to provide them with a learning environment.


Betsy DeVos’ husband Dick DeVos has also made a considerable amount of contributions towards education. Dick’s contributions have focused primarily on business in which he regularly provides funds for scholarships. DeVos annually invests millions of dollars to help finance the education of many business students. This funding gives students the money they need in order to improve their educational credentials. By getting a business education, many people will be in position to advance their careers. Along with getting more career opportunities, students with will be able to get top management positions as well. As a result, these business scholarships will help develop the next group of talented business leaders.


While making charitable contributions towards education, Dick DeVos also provides funding for business development. Dick often provides money for programs that help businesses and entrepreneurs. He makes contributions to help a number of entrepreneurs start up their companies. These contributions also help established business get the resources they need in order to expand. The funds help numerous businesses acquire real estate, inventory and equipment to improve their operations. As well as providing funds for getting more inventory and property, the programs help business owners and entrepreneurs become better at running their businesses through additional education and training.


Along with making contributions towards business development and education, Dick also provides funding for arts organizations. Each year he invests his money into helping some artistic entities improve their operations. These funds help improve management through a number of professional development programs. They also help the arts organizations expand their events and offerings to help provide a better overall experience for spectators. DeVos’ philanthropic activities in performing arts also include holding arts contests for artists to showcase their work.

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