George Soros Advances the Liberal Cause

According to, with a net worth over $25 billion, George Soros is in the 1%. You know the 1%. Allegedly they are in it for themselves. They do not care for the little guy. They only seek to make more and more money. Thought certainly some people like that exist in the top 1% of this country, about George Soros he is not that man. His life began in the same way that many of ours do. His home country is Hungary but that was not where his destiny lay. He made his way to London where he pursued an economics degree at the London School of Economics. However, it was not a free ride. He had to pay for that opportunity. He took a low wage job as a waiter and worked his tail off as a railroad porter just to be able to learn how wealth is made. Looking at his net worth, it is easy to believe he learned that lesson quite well.

You would think that being a billionaire would have hardened his heart to the cries of anguish from the little guy. If you thought that, you would be wrong.Soros is a very passionate supporter of the liberal cause as found in the Democratic Party. For years he has donated a vast amount of his money to spreading this cause to the world. According to, in 2004, when John Kerry was running against George W. Bush, Soros gave over $27 million to ensure that George W. Bush did not win the presidency. Through his efforts failed, he returned to the giving scene in 2008 and chose to donate to Obama’s campaign rather than Clinton, even though he had been a longtime supporter of the Clintons.

Once Obama left the president’s office and Hillary Clinton was running for president again, Soros donated to Clinton in an effort to keep business tycoon, Donald Trump, out of the White House. Soros is an openly passion critic of Trump and sees Trump as the poster boy of the conservative movement. Again, according to Politico, in order to give Clinton the presidency, Soros gave her campaign and other democratic candidates over $25 million! The site Politico explains that the hope was to encourage other rich philanthropists to donate to the campaign. It is true that a windfall of money came to Clinton, but it is also true that she did not win the White House.While George Soros is interested in America and what happens in this country, he also has taken great lengths to help the rest of the world overseas. Soros created the Open Society Foundation which has donated $13 billion to causes in other countries.

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