Glen Wakeman and Launchpad Holdings Help Entrepreneurs Realize Success

Glen Wakeman has worn many hats throughout his distinguished career and some of them are investor, writer, global business executive, and entrepreneur. He’s also spent time mentoring others and teaching the mindset associated with success and productive business habits that elevate performance and careers. Glen Wakeman current endeavor, Launchpad Holdings, is all about increasing the success rate of startups which is often woeful despite innovative ideas.

Wakeman finds that many startups do indeed have a great idea as their basis, but other crucial foundational items may be lacking which ultimately leads to failure ( What he noticed is that the great idea is fleshed out and has been contemplated thoroughly, but other important factors are missing that becomes inimical to the outcome.

Launchpad Holdings is a software program that makes planning a new startup far easier and allows entrepreneurs to have a firm grasp on the business. This helps entrepreneurs develop a solid structure for their ideas and a definite plan to move ahead. The early stages of a new business are critical for the endeavor to take flight and this software can increase the chances of success.

A global vision is something that Wakeman has developed in his career and he has lived in six different countries and been responsible for operations in 30 regions across the world. This international bent has uniquely positioned him to share his insights about transformational business practices, global issues that confront business, and emerging markets to name several.

It is estimated that Glen Wakeman has helped develop over 17,000 staff members and over $15 billion in assets throughout his career. His time spent with GE Capital has enabled him to cultivate an array of skills and knowledge regarding business development and his unique insights are in demand. He has also mentored C-level executives on various business specialties that can help their careers flourish. He has a great passion for business and in particular about innovation and executive development.

Wakeman credits a course in the Spanish language as opening his mind to cultural diversity and helping him understand how others across the globe think. It also whetted his appetite to see more of the world and has contributed to his global success.

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