How IAP Worldwide is Developing Afghanistan’s Air Traffic Control System

Each nation strives to have an efficient defense mechanism in place. Spread across sea, air and land, such tools are vital in defending States against both internal and external threats. Moreover, they play a crucial role in safeguarding the sovereignty of independent nations on As such, Afghanistan has made a complete overhaul of its air traffic control system. Stationed at the Kabul Air Control Center, the system provides numerous services to its aviation industry.

Since July 12, the system has provided radio-based flight rules, positive control and visual flight rule utilities within the Flight Information Region. Furthermore, the system is non-radar. Readiness Management System (RMS), a subsidiary of IAP Worldwide Services, has been tasked with revamping Afghan’s air traffic control system. To achieve this, RMS has partnered with the U.S in the installation and maintenance of various communication equipment. Furthermore, the company intends to provide staff to the Program’s air traffic controllers & monitor flight rule services.

Such a massive undertaking requires the aid of competent enterprises. Hence, RMS has outsourced support from ManTech Telecommunications and Midwest ATC Services. The latter has provided air traffic controllers, while the former has procured and installed communication system designs in Afghanistan. IAP’s CEO, Al Neffgen, has reiterated the company’s track record of meeting needs of the U.S defense forces. Moreover, their employees have exhibited great proficiency and expertise in solving any challenge in hostile environments.

RMS employees have also played a crucial role in decongesting Afghan’s airspace. It has taken the collaborative effort of local civil employees and foreign workers to pull off such a task successfully. Mr. Dwight Clark, IAP’s Vice President, has hailed the company’s work ethic in improving Afghan’s aviation infrastructure.

Plans to Be Implemented

Through the exercise, Afghanistan can reclaim its former glory as a regional hub in the aviation industry on Cortera. However, it is crucial to expedite the current infrastructural renovations in place. Moreover, Kabul’s ACC intends to accommodate 10,000 high-altitude and 500 low-altitude flights. Such a gesture is aimed at capitalizing on profits worth millions of dollars. Afterward, such proceeds can be used to construct landing routes and maintain the current air traffic control system.

IAP Worldwide Services is a global provider of project management services worldwide. Alternatively, they provide quick response to military deployment, disaster cleanup, power generation and sustainable provisions for disaster relief. The institution focuses on providing top-tier lines of entrepreneurship: base operations, logistics & procurement regulation, technical services and contingency. Headquartered in Florida, the organization has become a dominant player in military deployment.

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