How Kate Hudson is Leading Fabletics to Conquer New Frontiers in the e-commerce Industry

Fabletics has grown into one of the most popular fashion brands in the United States. This company is committed to providing quality products to its vast clientele. Fabletics operates online and has millions of clients who are mostly female shoppers. This brand offers a combination of professional wear, fashion, and fitness gear. Fabletics is also known for the provision of affordable, functional, and comfortable athleisure.


Fabletics and the reverse showroom strategy


In the last couple of years, Fabletics has been taking on the Amazon, which controls about 20% of the e-commerce fashion industry. Kate Hudson has been focused on growing this million dollar business into the top e-commerce venture. This entrepreneur is employing the reverse showroom technique to ensure that her company takes over the fashion industry. Fabletics has been able to manipulate reverse showroom to its advantage due to the way it runs its operations. This strategy has enabled them to turn browsing into an active endeavor, attracting numerous buyers. By so doing, their clients get to know and view products before purchasing them. Since Fabletics began using reverse showroom strategy, they have attracted about 25 percent new members to their local stores. About 50 percent of the customers who walk into Fabletics’ stores have secured membership with the brand. This company has made it easy for its clients to purchase the products they desire both online and at the local stores. In the last couple of years, Fabletics has been using the reverse showroom technique to boost its sales.


Kate Hudson and Fabletics


Kate Hudson is an actress, entrepreneur, and the director of Fabletics. This Los Angeles born executive has spent a significant part of her life acting while investing in various businesses. She currently works in collaboration with Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler in running the operations of Fabletics. Kate Hudson helped set up Fabletics in July 2013 and has since helped grow this business into the largest seller of women’s sport’s wear. Kate Hudson operates this business as an e-commerce venture under the umbrella of TechStyle Fashion Group. Throughout her tenure with this company, she has facilitated the establishment of more than 22 physical stores. Under Kate Hudson’s management, this company has been able to generate a $235 million worth of revenue since 2013. This businesswoman is passionate about inspiring other women to lead active and healthy lives. For this reason, Kate Hudson ensures that each month, Fabletics provides garments to women. Additionally, she shares her favorite pieces on a monthly basis to enable her clients to select what they fancy.

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