How Securus Technologies Headed by CEO Richard Smith Has Transformed American Prisons

Behind every great and successful company and venture, there must be an even more exceptional CEO. Most of the times, it’s easy for us to overlook the critical role the CEO plays in business. People get blinded by the amazing services and products they get to enjoy dealing with the fantastic company. Only a few select CEO’s can rise above this. The Steve Jobs and the Bill Gates, you name them. This feature presentation is a business leader who drives a company which touches on the lives of 3 out of 5 inmates in the US. Richard Smith or Rick if you so prefer, the accomplished CEO running the for-profit prison technologies providing services provider, Securus Technologies.

About Securus Technologies

The company has continued to grow at an impressive steady rate since it got started back in 1986. Starting out with a solo office operated in Austin, Texas, the firm has now expanded to have permanent offices in Carrolton and Georgia, Atlanta. Today, the establishments have formal contracts to serve close to 3,400 prison facilities. Securus presence can be felt in 48 leading correctional facilities in the country. The company currently employs up to 1300 professionals from various fields like software engineering, marketing executives, legal experts and other vital ground support crew. The organization is 100% compliant rules and regulation enacted by the SAS 70 and in the Sarbanes-Oxley Acts. The outfit boasts of one of the best-funded R&D department in the entire prison technologies industry. Their reported financial statements show them having spent well over $160 in acquiring new technologies and patents to facilitate their set objectives as a business.

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Services and Products offered

Securus has significantly eased the communication process between inmates and their loved ones outside. The firm makes it possible for inmates behind bars to keep constant tabs with their attorneys and business partners in the free world. To achieve this daunting task the company came up with a solution which works as follows. The family of the prisoner signs up for an account on the official web page of the for-profit prison calling firm. They fill in their details, and they top up with funds. There are various packages which all cost differently. The premium package allows either party, the inmate or their contacts on the outside, to place video calls, audio calls, leave voicemail’s when unavailable and even texting. Check out the site to learn more about the program they currently offer to customers.  Read more on

About Rick Smith

Rick Smith has stayed at the helm of Securus for the last nine years and still counting. He was the replacement for the then outgoing CEO and Chairman of the Securus Technologies board, Richard Falcone. Mr. Smith is the holder of an MBA from the University of Rochester, and he also holds an Engineering degree from the esteemed State University of New York at Buffalo. Rick Smith pursued his engineering degree Master’s program at the same institute.

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