How Town Residential is Gaining Momentum in NYC

Town Residential, a real estate brokerage firm in New York City is getting a lot of attention in their new office building along the Hudson River. This new office space is just one more way for Town Residential to let the city know that they are the fastest growing real estate company in the city. The company is only three years old, but they are now sitting in their tenth outpost, engaging yet another neighborhood where real estate is always booming.


Over the last few years, condos have become more prevalent along the High Line, an elevated park like area that runs along the Hudson. This area is growing rapidly as it lies on the outskirts of Manhattan. Residents are always coming and going, and with condos there is more opportunity for buying, selling, and rental as well. This area, noted as the West Side, runs down to TriBeca. This has been a popular hot spot for many years, but those who want to move to NYC need to entrust finding a new home to a local management company.


This is where Town Residential is able to step in and help residents find their new NYC home, as well as help rental companies find the right property manager. Founder, Andrew Heisberger believes that this newest office location is the big ticket to the massive success of Town Residential in the near future. The fact that the office is such a high traffic area is good business, but the fact that more businesses are also in the district give it more financial security long term.


The new office space is in the meat packing district, a big area along the High Line. This area has been thriving, but it was just one more high end location for Town to really exemplify their brand and the ideal client that they desire to attract to their portfolio. While real estate in the meat packing district is pricey, it’s a smart move for the business that they anticipate.


Town Residential has been in business for the last three years, and they are currently expanding throughout NYC and the outlying areas. They have been working in conjunction with Thor Equities to expand their business in the NYC area, and as a result they are gaining notoriety as the fastest growing real estate company in NYC.


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