Josh Smith and His Dream

If indeed the clothes do not make the man, then there must be something which does. Perhaps, it is his dreams for the future that have to do with his personal growth and the wellbeing of society, which marks the measure. If indeed this is the case, then Reno, Nevada’s Josh Smith is a man who has a plan, a purpose, and a master design for one of the greatest Nations on planet.

Smith’s ideas are so big that not only in time will they change the life of every man woman and child but they are sure to be a world-class standard. What do you get when you mix a heart of gold, a business mind and two capable hands? Well, the answer is Josh Smith, but the real story is just how he gets it done in what he believes in. By the way Smith’s dream is nothing more than a little endeavor of putting a greenhouse in natural producing greens and other vegetables in every United State School from coast to coast by the year 2025 no less.

If ever there were a Cause worthy of a moment of every good citizens time, the CEO and co-founder of Modular Greenhouses has it in mind. Of course, such a benevolent calling comes from the mind of a true artist who still uses his drawing techniques when drafting a solution to mankind’s needs. Smith is a master of channeling inspiration, handling multitasking as a technique in achieving weekly goals, and staying energized throughout the week. The secret to his success is truly caring and being involved in every single project that comes across as way and always giving 100 percent.

Smith is a big fan of growing produce at home and the new trend of three-dimensional printing. Interestingly enough, he sees the institution of college as being absolute and replaceable by the information available online today and in the future. He doesn’t mind sharing the fact that he would tell his former self to enjoy the ride more than focus on the destination, when it comes to reaching personal and professional success. He also recommends the “War of Art” by Steven Pressfield for a little bit of light reading.

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