Julia Jackson’s Inspiring Story

Julia Jackson serves in the Jackson Family Wines as the proprietor. Jackson Family Wines was established in 1982. It was founded by Julie’s father, Jess Jackson. Currently, the wine company has over thirty different premium wineries. Jackson Family Wines produces other brands apart from the Kendall-Jackson brand. Other famous brands that the wine company produces include La Crema and Anakota.

Julia Jackson’s knowledge and skills of working in a wine company were nurtured by her father since childhood. Julia Jackson was born in 1988. At a young age, her father would involve Julia and her siblings in the picking and sorting of grapes. As they picked the grapes, Jesse Jackson explained to Julia the significance of working hard. Julia Jackson grew up learning from her father. When Julia became of age, she dedicated most of her time in the wineries where she gained experience.

Julia Jackson considers the Chardonnay variety of wine as one of the best wines in Sonoma. Julia states that the Chardonnay variety will go hand-in-hand with Pinot since it is among the best varieties. At the moment, Julia Jackson is an expert in the wine field industry. She can identify the best of wines in terms of quality and taste.

Between 2006 and 2010, Julia was a student at Scripps College. After that, Julia graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art. In 2010, Julia obtained her Summer Certificate from Stanford’s Business School. After graduation, Julia served in the Jackson Family wineries and met a French friend. Her friend invited Julia to France where she obtained knowledge on the French vineyards and sales. Julia also learned how to speak French fluently.

Julia is also a founder of her non-profit organization called Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. The company focuses on recognizing women warriors. Julia’s organization awards $100,000 to non-profit firms that align the program’s morals and values.

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