Keith Mann’s Charitable Contributions

A recent fundraising event led by Keith Mann, CEO of Dynamic Search Partners, has generated Uncommon Schools of New York an extra $22,000. Donations were made by financial services community members at New York’s Standard Hotel Beer Garden.

“The goal of the Uncommon Schools is to close the achievement gap and prepare millions of low-income students to graduate from college,” claimed Mr. Mann.

Uncommon Schools is a chain of public charter schools in such cities in the northeastern United States as Boston, Newark, Camden, Brooklyn, New York City, Rochester, and Troy. There is no tuition and the schools cater to low-income students.

Dynamic Search Partners is an executive recruitment agency focusing on alternative investments industry such as hedge funds and private equity companies. The agency was established in 2009 by Mr. Mann who’s an expert on hedge fund compensation and staffing. Annually, it places over 200 candidates in companies from the United States, Asia, and Europe.

Keith Mann is recognized for his fundraising and civic activities. In the past, he has shown support for the NYPD after anti-police riots by sending lunch to he 54th Street
precinct. His relative is also a detective on Staten Island.

Together with his wife, he has sponsored Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement where a winner gets $5,000 check to apply to college tuition. The scholarship is open to students at Uncommon Schools who are graduating and looking to enter college. To apply, a 1,000-word essay needs to be written about how getting college education can assist the applicant in professional achievement.

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