Shaygan Kheradpir Appointed New CEO Of Coriant

Optical transport designer, manufacturer and seller firm Coriant has just appointed Shaygan Kheradpir as its new chief executive officer. Shaygan Kheradpir will take over the role of CEO at Coriant from Pat DiPietro. Mr. DiPietro served as the interim CEO at Coriant while the firm was looking for a permanent and experienced CEO to run the company. Pat DiPietro will now return to his previous position at Coriant as vice chairman of the board, and an operating partner at Marlin Equity Partners which fused together several optical design companies to create Coriant.

If the news of Kherapdir’s appointment comes as a surprise, you need to take a closer look. Marlin Equity Partners has been courting Shaygan Kheradpir for over a year now when they took him in as an operating executive at Marlin Equity Partners. Marlin owns and manages Coriant. The optical technology company released an official statement saying they are very confident that Shaygan Kheradpir is the man to fill the role of chief executive officer at Coriant after a lengthy search that lasted for over a year.

Former interim CEO Pat DiPietro says that he believes Shaygan Kheradpir has the experience, drive and technical expertise needed to lead Coriant and take them to the next level. There is no doubt that Marlin Equity Partners, the management company of Coriant and the former CEO have issued a strong vote of confidence for Kheradpir. Now it is up to him to prove that he can deliver and perform at Coriant.

Let’s take a look at some of Shaygan Kheradpir’s previous posts and achievements, so you can judge whether he is fit to lead Coriant yourself. Kheradpir has over 28 years of executive experience under his belt. He has previously worked in high level positions in firms such as General Telephone and Electric, Barclays Bank and Verizon Communications. Notable posts he has held include being the chief information and technical officer at Verizon and the chief operations and technology officer at Barclay’s Bank of England.

Mr. Kheradpir’s greatest achievements is helping to create one of the telecommunications’s industry’s first completely fiber optic networks at Verizon. Mr. Kheradpir was also instrumental in growing Verizon from a regional telephone company to their expansion nationally and later globally. At Baryclay’s Bank of England Shaygan Kheradpir helped reduce operating costs through automation and technology upgrades saving the bank an estimated 4 billion dollars in the process.

Pointers On Investing into Brazilian Market | Igor Cornelsen

Brazil, one of the largest populated countries in the world on is filled with natural beauty, resources, and investment opportunities. Igor Cornelsen is a retired Brazilian banker with decades of experience in investment banking and consultation. When the Brazilian economy was troubled n 2014, it stunted economic growth and had an impact on some of the banks. Fortunately, the top banks in the country, Banco Bradesco and Itau Unibanco on experienced an increase in shares. What may have contributed to the banks success was increased net profits in the third quarter of 2013.

According to PR Newswire (January 6th, 2016), Igor Cornelsen said that the Brazilian banking institutions survived the troubled economy due to current and past knowledge of the market and evaluation of national and international markets. The private banks mainly offered loans to individuals and entities with good to excellent credit ratings. It contributed to banks increased shares of future securities. Mr. Cornelsen also states in the press release that the macro-economy and infrastructure development in Brazil are perplexed. The reason, people with fair to poor credit are subjected to cash spending and no chance for financial planning.

Igor Cornelsen believes the best solution for Brazil is for the Brazilian government to introduce market reforms and fiscal strictness to encourage international investors to invest in security products. If investors see a country’s economy in trouble, it will cause them to be uneasy and unsure about investing into a particular market. There are plenty of opportunities for economic growth in the country, if there was market reforms and stricter trading laws to make investors feel protected. After observation of the 2015 global markets, Mr. Igor Cornelsen discovered there was lack of Brazilian banking knowledge and decided to provide beginner and expert investors with pointers when considering investment securities and products in Brazil.

The first thing investors should do is research the growth or decline in growth of Brazilian banks, including private and state-owned, according to Igor Cornelsen. Secondly, investors should learn current trading policies of the Brazilian government before investing. Mr. Cornelsen said that the ideals of Brazil President, Dilma Roussef leans toward the private sector, which have an effect on the macro-economy. Now that Joaquim Levy is finance ministry, there is the possibility of fiscal reform. The third factor he pointed out was the importance of monitoring Brazil’s trading partner, China.

Mr. Cornelsen said that monitoring markets of trading partners will provide discernment about the price status of various securities and commodities. Lastly, be aware that Brazil′s currency is over-valued and created a large account deficit, he commented. Igor Cornelsen was born and raised in Brazil and presently resides in South Florida. He is Proprietor at Bainbridge Investments Inc. in the Bahamas.

New Hot Bikinis for Summer!

Kate Hudson’s is releasing a new swimming collection this summer that is sure to have heads rolling. It is all part of her new line that creates fashion and trendy forward gym active wear. Her line already brings sexy and stylish to the gym, and now she is bringing it to the beach. Her line is a big competitor for big brands that focus on athletic wear. One of the example is Nike.

So imagine how her new swim wear collection is going to be! So far Kate’s new line has had nothing but great reviews. There is a great article on Elite Daily that expands more on her new swim line and how affordable it is going to be about Fabletics.

The best part of the swim line is that it going to have a varity of sizes so all sizes can enjoy these sexy stylish swim wear. Above all they are also very affordable for people to enjoy more than just one bikini.

Even if you are just getting a couple of swim suits or decided to get the awesome membership that allows you to get more for your money. It will be great decision that will having you coming back for more.

A Bustle article reported that Fabletics is the new brand that Kate has launched. So far they have nothing but great styles for your everyday sexy gym clothes. Fabletics also brings something new to the table which is a VIP membership. They are currently offering the first set of clothes for under $25 which includes the top and bottoms.

Then after that you can choose to have a membership and that allows you to choose new tops and bottoms each month for no extra cost! The great part of this is that if you do not want to get a new clothes that month you can select the ‘skip month’ option and not pay for that month; which is awesome!

Fabeletics is great company that creates valued products rather than expensive cheap ones. It is the place shop for summer!

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When Beauty Writer Follows WEN Routine, Hair Turns Glossy and Full

If you live under a rock, then you have probably never heard of WEN hair, and that’s alright. Famous stylist Chaz Dean is still picking up fans all over the world who have just started using his no-shampoo method of cleansing and protecting hair. beauty blogger Emily McClure had never tried the WEN system until recently. She had obviously heard all the buzz about it and finally decided to see what a 7-day WEN Hair challenge could do for her fine, limp locks.
Emily chose to purchase on the sephora beauty market the FIG cleansing conditioner. These unique one-bottle hair cleansing solutions eliminate the harsh detergents and chemicals found in regular shampoos, conditioners and styling aids. Mr. Dean believes in a natural, healthy lifestyle, so that is why he developed the WEN cleansing conditioning regimen. In fact, the popular stylist has not used shampoo on himself or clients since 1993.

Emily, being a nighttime shower person, discovered quickly that the Wen Hair by Chaz Dean system adds super body and shine to hair as long as you follow some simple rules. By the way, in her post for, Emily snapped selfies each day in the 7-day WEN challenge to show how the cleanser performed on her medium-long hair.

Emily found that using the cleansing conditioner every morning in the shower would yield the best results. When she attempted to skip a day between washes, or if she mixed up the routine slightly by showering the night before, she found her her tresses become oily and unmanageable.

When she had settled into the 7-day Wen Hair routine, her hair had gloss and bounce, something her friends were quick to notice on Day 6, as she joined them for evening drinks. Her hair had remained in place, had not wilted all those hours, which means the system works when followed properly.

Securus Making Video Visitation Best It’s Ever Been

In a press release last month The Securus Corporation announced that it’s making survey result reveals the strategies for success in correctional institutions regarding their inmate communication. 

Who is the Securus Corporation?

Just for a little background before I begin this rather innovative story. Securus Corporation Is a company that creates the technology necessary for those who are incarcerated or at a distance to communicate by traditional inmate phone calls or video connection technology. They have a strong stake in taking care of inmates and their families and will allow virtual visitations via video. 

You simple create an account and you can text pay as well. You can manage your account in one place. You can communicate via e mail, video or phone. It is an easy management system that anyone can use. No need to be computer or tech savvy.

It seems that more than half of the correctional institutions according to Securus’ survey is looking at their model as a business, but, in a good way. A proactive approach is what they are taking in regard to the positive quality of life and work of the employees, the families of inmates as well as the general well-being, rehabilitation and safety of the inmates. This is an impressive technology that is perfect in my opinion, for their relative scope.

It seems clear that it’s a near even break between the strategic focus on both the side of updating technology and the expansion of services. Rick Smith or Securus said it in so many words. It’s all about the budgets and the scrutiny they face. It makes sense to me that they would have to target spending in a way that everyone wins. It looks good for companies like Securus to collaborate with these facilities that are eager to use the technology they offer and improve inmate satisfaction. This enables the release of cash flow that is trusted on proven-effective programs. 

The most Favorable Finding

I was impressed by the whopping 66% that stated video visitation was absolutely critical to their overall success and 33% said that tablets were also critical to their overall success. 

The technology of Securus and the goals of these facilities are a perfect marriage with technology that is made for their target and the facility goals that can grow together well into the future. I like technology that outlasts time and circumstance like this.

Securus Technologies is not in any way affiliated with the website for agents called Securus America. It is also not a part of the natural medication for pain relief, Securus.

Brad Reifler’s Investment Advice for the Rest of Us

Brad Reifler is an investment advisor. He is also founder and CEO of ForeFront Capital.  A few years ago, he was troubled by a couple of incidents. First, Reifler discovered his daughters’ 529 college savings plan had lost money. Second, he learned that his father -in-law was barred from some investment opportunities by Securities and Exchange Commission rules intended to protect small investors. The world of investing and finance is dominated by institutions and large investors, and often there is little room left for the middle class investor.

In an interview published by Reuters, Brad Reifler offers five investment tips designed to help the middle-class individual make money investing. The first tip is to be careful or prudent. You should always know how much you pay in fees for an investment and what the risks are. Be clear about your investment goals. keep an inventory of assets you have to work with. Second, pay attention to risk. Some investments are very safe, but Brad points out some like Bitcoin are not as safe. Others offer much greater returns, bot only with correspondingly greater risk. Third, don’t put all your money into one investment type like stocks. Create a diversified portfolio to reduce risk. Next, establish a relationship with the person who manages your investments so you can develop trust in her and her expertise. Finally, make sure investment objectives are constant wit achieving long-term goals. When an investment does well, increase your financial committment in that area.

Reifler’s tips aren’t rocket science, most is about the importance of diversification. They summarize what he knows works for the middle-class investor, based on what he has learned since founding Forefront Management Group in 2009. This investment company is geared to and specifically designed for individuals of average means who want help managing investments and building wealth.  Check out Brad’s Wikipedia to really see the path this famous investor took.

Keith Mann’s Commitment to the Community

Growing up as a child I remember always hearing my parents say that they felt there were still some good people in the world. As a kid, those good people were hard for me to find. In the midst of so much violence and turmoil that we always see on television or in news magazines no one appeared to me good in my eyes.

As I got older and became an adult I began to recognize that good people in fact did exist. I began to see that there were people out there who were willing to make a major difference in not only my life but in the lives of all those across the world. One of those amazing people is Keith Mann.

Keith Mann is known for his work in the investment banking industry which specializes in the management of hedge funds. Keith first began his climb to success while working at Dynamic Associates where he managed the Alternative Investment Division.

While Keith Mann has been known for his commitment to the banking industry he recently became known for the scholarship he has launched alongside his wife, Keely Man. Together, the two of them have partnered with Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn, New York.

 Each graduating student was asked to write a 1,000 word essay on how earning a college degree will impact their lives and how it will help them to achieve not only their educational but professional goals. Mann, who is now currently the founder of Dynamic Search Partners wanted to support the Uncommon Schools’ goal which is to prepare low income students to attend and graduate from college.
Keith Mann has truly made a commitment to help not only impact the lives of students but to impact their futures. He and his wife together have decided that if they cannot change the world at least they can change the life one student and that alone will make their commitment worth it.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel Launches GoFundMe Campaign

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a professional dentist at Old Bridge Dental Care, New Jersey. He holds a DDS from New York University College of Dentistry. Also, he holds a BA in Biology and Psychology from Rutgers University. He has achieved honors award from Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine. Furthermore, he has achieved much experience in cosmetic dentistry and lectured dentists on how to serve sleep patients.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the owner and founder of the New Jersey-based dental sleep master’s seminar instructor. Additionally, he has extensive experience in sleep treatment and sleep disorders. Having started his dental practice in the year 1999, he established Old Bridge Dental Care. He managed the center for more than 15 years. Consequently, he earned accolades from the community including the best dentist. Furthermore, Dr. Avi together with other health professionals explored sleep disorders and how to treat them.

Avi has extended his support towards the launch of an Operation Smile GoFundMe campaign. It provides free surgical procedures to children. Also, it benefits young adults who suffer from cleft palate, cleft lips, and other facial deformities.

Bill and Cathy Magee founded the charitable organization in 1982. Their primary objective was to help children in the Philippines. The organization has over the years been able to build a network around the world. Furthermore, it has been able to get many volunteers from over 80 nations. It has also developed adequacy through training local medical practitioners.

The goal of the operation set at $2000, is to provide every child with hope for a healthier and a brighter tomorrow. Operation Smile works with local professionals, hospitals, and governments. Also, it works with other organizations to create various safe surgical care models and safe procedures. The goal of the operation, therefore, is to develop effective surgical solutions to reach as many children as possible.

Operation Smile conducts medical missions in various parts of the world every year. For a successful mission, they need to import various specialized medical equipment and supplies. Also, they work with local health workers to provide patients proper care in their culture and language.  Additionally, children should always be protected, given hope and best medical care.

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The New Innovations From Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is an innovative company that works in video marketing. That means that Talk Fusion is a company that gives solutions to businesses that communicate through the telephone or through video. Talk Fusion is dedicated to helping businesses grow and to aiding these businesses with their high quality and innovative video technology. Talk Fusion makes its products in order for individuals to communicate and they are able to use this technology in more than 140 different countries. Talk Fusion has been made very popular in countries all around the world.

Talk fusion is the industry leader when it comes to video chats. In Indonesia they ranked number one, in Japan they ranked number 5, and they ranked number 20 in Switzerland. The CEO of Talk Fusion is Bob Reina, and he is dedicated to the success of his company and his product. Talk Fusion is also a company that strives to better the planet, and they donate to global charities each and every year.

Recently Business For Home did an article about Talk Fusion and its popularity around the world.  This product comes in high definition quality and it really stands in a place of its own in the communication world market.

There are individuals in businesses that are anticipating the 30 day free trial launch which is soon to come out. Talk Fusion has some of the highest web rankings, and those rankings have increased over 30,000 positions because of a huge leap in traffic data. This is a huge leap due to page views and also to unique visitors.  The leaders of Talk Fusion are excited about the company’s future. Talk Fusion has had huge results with just one product, so Bob Reina is sure that after launching their free trials, their product will gain even more popularity around the world.

Kyle Bass Has Lost All Integrity

The financial crisis rocked the country to the core. Millions of people lost their jobs and millions of families lost their homes and retirement.  Today, the economy is in better shape, but the recession was caused by people that cared more about their short-term gains than the health of the global economy. Many of these people are now banned from participating in the financial industry, but other risky investors have risen up to take their place. Kyle Bass is one name that people should remember as his risky approach to investing will one day leave his supporters in dire straits.

Kyle Bass was once an unknown name in the financial sector, but in 2006, he made a bold prediction. Kyle looked at the various subprime mortgages and other debt obligations and predicted that we would soon see an economic crash. He performed multiple interviews and spread his bold prediction. Kyle was right, in 2008 a dramatic economic crash arrived. This collapse made him incredibly popular in the financial sphere and his mutual fund, Hayman Capital Managment became incredibly popular. Unfortunately, it seems that Kyle did not take in the lessons from this crisis.

Since 2008, Zero Hedge exposes that Kyle has made numerous bad calls, and because of his constant public appearances these missteps are in public view. The more public appearances Kyle makes, the worse his fund performs. In 2014, the fund dropped by 30% and in just the first quarter of 2015, the fund dropped by 2%.  Clearly, Kyle’s financial advice paid off in 2008, but his performance in the last 8 years has not held up.

Kyle has had a tough run as a fund manager, but his public life has not helped his reputation. Kyle has enjoyed his life in the public view, and his investors should be watching. He has formed an alliance with Argentina’s current leader while everyone else in the industry has avoided her at all costs. Many believe that Bass is being paid off by the Argentinian government to give the government great coverage. Investors should note his willingness to drop his integrity and steer clear of Kyle Bass.

Your money is an important part of your life, and you owe it to yourself to avoid shady dealers. While Kyle has had some success in the past, his current track record is not helping his investor.