Marc Sparks iReport

Marc Sparks believes a good presentation is important to selling a business idea. This applies to a venture capitalist or any business person. The presentation needs thought and planning for succed.

He suggests making a point with every visual that you use in a presentation. Don’t use graphics or photos that waste time and make no point. Use data to show a need or tell a real story. Back up your idea with data and numbers that show the importance of product or service you are selling. Keep the presentation simple but make it effective.

According to Disqus comments, Marc Sparks says don’t design a complicated presentation when selling an idea. Complicated presentations lose the interest of the investors. In the presentation, have your entire team present and be proud of your product or service. Demonstrate your passion, and professionalism during the presentation.

Mark Sparks is a successful entrepreneur that graduated from high school in Austin Texas in 1975. Since that time, he has been a principal force in dozens of successful businesses and startups.

Marc Sparks is the owner of Timber Creek Capital, LP a private equity firm that helps new businesses organize plans and generate revenue. He teaches new business owners to design a plan or model and find the resources to ensure success. He has three companies in his facility and offers plenty of time to clients to plan their businesses.

He believes that a collaborative work environment is only 25% conducive to success. The location of the business is another factor in success. Do not cut corners on the locations of your business where you and your staff will work every day he says. Because he has started many successful businesses he knows what is needed to succeed.

In his book They Can’t Eat You he writes about the success and failures of starting businesses.  He take on companies offering them mentorship and access to banking, marketing, capital, and office space.

He is a philanthropist, that back Habitat For Humanity a organization that builds housing for families in need and Sparky Kids that donates laptops to at risk kids through the American Can! Academy.

Thicker Hair From Using Wen

Shiny thick hair is something we all crave and want. That tends to be a difficult end result to acquire with many products. WEN is a product that promises these results and delivers. The product has many different formulas on in their line to acquire the perfect shine and softness that will turn heads time and again.

The Wen line of products are devoid of harsh sulfates. These sulfates strip hair of its natural oils and leave it heavy and dull. Wen products are also not worked into a lather when they are used. Their formulas are gently massaged into the scalp and roots of hair and then massaged into the strands. Left in for a short period of time while in the shower, WEN products on bring out the shine and fullness that most want to have a perfect hair day every day.

As reported on Bustle the use of Wen should be every day. Since there are no sulfates to strip the hair of its natural oils, hair can seem to be oily or stringy if not tended to each morning. The report also points out to maximize benefit from the product morning use is best.

He moved up the ranks and soon became owner of the salon. During this time he also worked with a major company developing hair care products. After moving the salon he bought to Hollywood, he began work on the Wen line of products.

The Wen hair care system is effective. It offers a great end result that will last throughout the day. It also aids in reducing loss of hair while washing which may also attribute to the feeling of hair being thicker’.