Perry Mandera Explains Why Bills Of Lading Are Essential In The Transportation Industry

For over three decades Perry Mandera has been in the logistics and transportation industry. He founded The Custom Companies, Inc. which is headquartered just outside of Chicago, Illinois. He says that one of the most important things in the industry is a bill of lading (BoL) for customers. His company offers his clients and electronic version which cuts down on unnecessary and wasteful paperwork.

Perry Mandera says that there are three very important purposes for a bill of lading. The first is that it is evidence that there is a contract in place for carriage. Second, it serves as a receipt of goods, and third it is also a document title to the goods that are being transported. They are legally significant, he says, since if there is litigation about the shipping of the goods. He cautions that all BoL absolutely have to be filled out correctly because if they are not the carrier of the goods could be criminally prosecuted.

Because of a bill of lading is a receipt, Perry Mandera says that it serves as proof for the seller of goods that their product is, in fact, being shipped and also that when it was received it was in good condition (BlogWebpedia). The reason this is important is that if a buyer reports that when they received the product it was damaged it can then be traced back to whose fault it is, either the manufactures of the product or the carrier.

Outside of running his business and his family, Perry Mandera is also very interest in giving back to the broader community. He served the citizens of the United States by joining the Marine Corps Reserves in 1975. He served for four years, starting in 1984, as a Republican Ward Committeeman. He now gives back to many charities, particularly those focused on veterans and children.

In addition to providing money to various nonprofits, Perry Mandera has also provided his business experience and leadership abilities ( He has served on the board for a number of nonprofits such as The Walter & Connie Payton Foundation as well as The Jesse White Tumblers, for instance.


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