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Brazil, one of the largest populated countries in the world on crunchbase.com is filled with natural beauty, resources, and investment opportunities. Igor Cornelsen is a retired Brazilian banker with decades of experience in investment banking and consultation. When the Brazilian economy was troubled n 2014, it stunted economic growth and had an impact on some of the banks. Fortunately, the top banks in the country, Banco Bradesco and Itau Unibanco on igorcornelsen.yolasite.com experienced an increase in shares. What may have contributed to the banks success was increased net profits in the third quarter of 2013.

According to PR Newswire (January 6th, 2016), Igor Cornelsen said that the Brazilian banking institutions survived the troubled economy due to current and past knowledge of the market and evaluation of national and international markets. The private banks mainly offered loans to individuals and entities with good to excellent credit ratings. It contributed to banks increased shares of future securities. Mr. Cornelsen also states in the press release that the macro-economy and infrastructure development in Brazil are perplexed. The reason, people with fair to poor credit are subjected to cash spending and no chance for financial planning.

Igor Cornelsen believes the best solution for Brazil is for the Brazilian government to introduce market reforms and fiscal strictness to encourage international investors to invest in security products. If investors see a country’s economy in trouble, it will cause them to be uneasy and unsure about investing into a particular market. There are plenty of opportunities for economic growth in the country, if there was market reforms and stricter trading laws to make investors feel protected. After observation of the 2015 global markets, Mr. Igor Cornelsen discovered there was lack of Brazilian banking knowledge and decided to provide beginner and expert investors with pointers when considering investment securities and products in Brazil.

The first thing investors should do is research the growth or decline in growth of Brazilian banks, including private and state-owned, according to Igor Cornelsen. Secondly, investors should learn current trading policies of the Brazilian government before investing. Mr. Cornelsen said that the ideals of Brazil President, Dilma Roussef leans toward the private sector, which have an effect on the macro-economy. Now that Joaquim Levy is finance ministry, there is the possibility of fiscal reform. The third factor he pointed out was the importance of monitoring Brazil’s trading partner, China.

Mr. Cornelsen said that monitoring markets of trading partners will provide discernment about the price status of various securities and commodities. Lastly, be aware that Brazil′s currency is over-valued and created a large account deficit, he commented. Igor Cornelsen was born and raised in Brazil and presently resides in South Florida. He is Proprietor at Bainbridge Investments Inc. in the Bahamas.

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