Research Validates The Superiority Of Podcast Advertising


In a joint announcement, Norman Pattiz, the chair at PodcastOne, and Tom Webster from Edison Research declared the outcome of a survey conducted to establish the effects of advertising on the leading brands from different product classes. Carried out on both sides of a podcast advertising campaign, this research was an industry pioneer. The results demonstrated an array of positives, with clients showing more interest in goods as well as providing feedback to an aggressive podcast marketing drive. Read more here


The study revealed a whole new set of discoveries, among which a significant rise in knowledge of brands among clients. Before the product promotion, a measly 7% of customers knew of grocery products, but afterward, the number shot up to 60%. The case was the same in the automobile industry, as brand awareness increased by a substantial proportion.


Under the mandate of PodcastOne, Edison Research conducted a survey to determine the influence of podcast ads on marketing. The brands under study were all-encompassing, ranging from household names to new entrants. The research ran for one and a half months, using online questionnaires as a source of data. Judging from the outcome, it is succinct that consumers welcomed this move, as the inclination to purchase goods after the campaign increased incredibly. Also, clients displayed an in-depth understanding of brands, particularly the ones that were hitherto relatively unknown.


Norman Pattiz felt vindicated, saying that it was always his dream to prove that podcast advertising has the upper hand on conventional publicizing methods. He added that the results corroborate with their unique and multilevel approach to product promotion.

Edison’s VP, Tom Webster, expressed gratitude to all parties that participated in the research. He further added that their approach enabled them to carry out extensive studies, which unequivocally verified the superiority of podcast advertising methods over other techniques.

About Norman Pattiz


Norman Pattiz is an esteemed personality in the audio broadcasting industry, accredited with the establishment of Westwood One, the most extensive radio network in the USA. Being a respected authority, Norman sits on the boards of various eminent institutions, such as the University of California and the School of Communication and Journalism at USC Annenberg.


Norman is also a two-term member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors. During his stint, the BBG underwent significant expansion, rolling out services in over twenty countries in the Middle East. As a result of his remarkable achievements, Norman was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009. Later on, he inaugurated PodcastOne, one of the most popular podcast networks to ever grace the American broadcasting space.

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