Sam Tabar Named Chief Operating Officer of FullCycle Energy Fund

It was recently announce that Sam Tabar will assume the role of Chief Operating Officer of FullCycle Energy Fund. All of the company’s management strategy will be provided by Tabar, who is honored to assume this prestigious position. Tabar is diving into the mission of FullCycle Energy Fund to move away from the use of high cost fuels that pollute the environment towards lower costing fuels that are environmentally friendly. It is through a partnership with existing senior management that he will be able to bring this dream into reality, as was reported in a release from PRNewswire.

Much of Taber’s career has been spent managing the financial and budgetary strategies for a number of financial institutions. At Merrill Lynch he was in charge of Capital Strategy. He provided successful introductions of people institutions and willing investors to create successful partnerships. This occurred in foundations, pension funds, endowments and family offices. Tabar was responsible for creating successful teams in the front and back office of the company. He also worked at the Sparx Group, the Asian Pacific’s largest independent fund. Through managing every aspect of the business he was able to steer the company toward success and become one of the most connected business people in Asia.

Tabar is a well rounded individual, who has accumulated a wealth of other experiences outside the realm of financial management. He is a member of the New York State Bar, a graduate of Columbia law School and a Bachelor of Arts from Oxford University, where he graduated with honors. He then worked as an attorney for a time at several different firms before leaving to pursue his love of finance. Tabar has been a private venture capitalist as well. He was in on the ground floor of a company called SheThinx. This is a company that has reinvented the industry for feminine hygiene while simultaneously promoting a social mission to empower women all over the world.  This also inspired Sam to create a GoFundMe that donates all of it’s funds towards AWI.

It seems that FullCycle Energy Fund has found the right man for their job as COO. Since they were founded in 2013, they have owned and financed projects around the world that have completely changed the relationship that humans have with waste. They purchase relevant power plants all over the world and convert them from using traditional fuel sources to MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) based Syngas. This allows the process of power plant operation to be done more efficiently, saving money as well as the environment as well.

Sam Tabor is the type of new age leader that will be able to pull FullCycle Energy Fund into the future of energy. This process is going to be in high demand in both the United States and China and a company with good leadership that can communicate and build connections is going to be able to thrive over the next 5-10 years. FullCycle has made an excellent choice.

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