Securus Making Video Visitation Best It’s Ever Been

In a press release last month The Securus Corporation announced that it’s making survey result reveals the strategies for success in correctional institutions regarding their inmate communication. 

Who is the Securus Corporation?

Just for a little background before I begin this rather innovative story. Securus Corporation Is a company that creates the technology necessary for those who are incarcerated or at a distance to communicate by traditional inmate phone calls or video connection technology. They have a strong stake in taking care of inmates and their families and will allow virtual visitations via video. 

You simple create an account and you can text pay as well. You can manage your account in one place. You can communicate via e mail, video or phone. It is an easy management system that anyone can use. No need to be computer or tech savvy.

It seems that more than half of the correctional institutions according to Securus’ survey is looking at their model as a business, but, in a good way. A proactive approach is what they are taking in regard to the positive quality of life and work of the employees, the families of inmates as well as the general well-being, rehabilitation and safety of the inmates. This is an impressive technology that is perfect in my opinion, for their relative scope.

It seems clear that it’s a near even break between the strategic focus on both the side of updating technology and the expansion of services. Rick Smith or Securus said it in so many words. It’s all about the budgets and the scrutiny they face. It makes sense to me that they would have to target spending in a way that everyone wins. It looks good for companies like Securus to collaborate with these facilities that are eager to use the technology they offer and improve inmate satisfaction. This enables the release of cash flow that is trusted on proven-effective programs. 

The most Favorable Finding

I was impressed by the whopping 66% that stated video visitation was absolutely critical to their overall success and 33% said that tablets were also critical to their overall success. 

The technology of Securus and the goals of these facilities are a perfect marriage with technology that is made for their target and the facility goals that can grow together well into the future. I like technology that outlasts time and circumstance like this.

Securus Technologies is not in any way affiliated with the website for agents called Securus America. It is also not a part of the natural medication for pain relief, Securus.

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