Securus Technologies – A For-Profit Technology Company

Securus Technologies is a for-profit technology company that was established in 1986. The company’s headquarter is located in Dallas and it also has regional offices, which are located in Georgia, Texas, Allen, and Carrollton. Currently, Securus Technologies has more than 1000 employees and 2600 contracts under its name. In 2016, Securus Technologies invested over six hundred million dollars in technologies and acquisition of patents. Also, Securus Technologies managed to acquire Syscon Justice Systems in 2007.

Regarding the types of products, Securus Technologies recently presented a coordination that can be used to control contraband telephones and cell phones. Because of its services and products, Securus Technologies had received approval to do business with more than five correctional facilities in the United States of America. In 2016, Securus partnered with the Harris Corporation in the business of Cell Defender technology. Furthermore, the company introduced the technology of Wireless Containment Solution in 2017. The technology is used to prevent the connection of contraband cellphones from the networks of mobile phones.

According to the customers of the company, Securus Technologies offers good technology, economy, and customer service. Besides, Securus Technologies Company has product capabilities, robust calling platforms, scalability, and IT Resources. Furthermore, consumers prefer Securus Technologies over GTL (Global Tel Link) because of its integrity. The company is honest and open with its business dealings. In that case, Securus Technologies Company cannot offer to pay illegal payments to win business deals.

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