Securus Technologies Efforts in Developing Technological Ways of Preventing Crimes

When it comes to the provision of civil and criminal justice technology, Securus Technologies emerges as one of the best companies that have specialized their skills on this. It particularly provides solutions aimed at improving public safety and quality of investigations. Notable success can be seen in the way it has created systems that are able to solve and prevent different types of crimes together with inmate-on-inmate crimes. Over time, Securus Technologies has received much appreciation from clients who have reaped the benefits of the technologies they provide.


The headquarters of Securus Technologies is situated in Dallas, Texas, and this ideal position enables it to serve above 3,450 corrections, public safety, and law enforcement agencies. The number of inmates served is a huge number of over 1.2 million across North America. On the whole, the services of this company are designed in a manner that tends to ensure that we live in a better world that is safer than before. Other services it provides in line with this include biometric analysis, investigation, incident management, and emergency response.


In 2015, Securus Technologies expanded its operations by signing a definitive Stock Purchase Agreement that saw it acquire JPay Inc. Having a similar line of work as Securus Technologies, JPay is a technology company that is recognized for introducing electronic payments, emails, and other systems that operate in a number of state prisons. The combined effort of the teams from both companies led to the development of high-quality products that are also useful in transitioning the lives of inmates to becoming viable citizens after release.


Since contraband cellphones had a lot of negative impacts, Securus Technologies stands out at the company that managed to control them successfully. Following the release of that service, Securus Managed Access Solutions received more approval from various facilities. Other companies it has partnered with include Harris corporation whereby they came up with Cell Defender Technology.


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